September, 2017
Letter to The Reverend
How to Defeat the Same Sex Marriage Agenda: Multicultural Australia to the Rescue By Mrs Vera West
Women’s Rights to Dismembered Abortions By Mrs Vera West
Anti-White Racists Trip Over Their Own DNA Bootlaces By Brian Simpson
The Pope’s Great Psychology Adventure By Peter Ewer
Trump Has Always Been Under “House Arrest” By Charles Taylor
The Death of Hollywood? Yiiipppeeee! By James Reed
All the Fun of the Decline: 4-foot Swords and Collapsing Multicult Narratives By Peter West
100 Trillion Asians? Go Harvey Go! By Tom North
Why the Fascination with the Zombie Apocalypse? By John Steele
Why Feminists Love Islam and Hate the West: Against Jordan Peterson, in a Friendly Way By Mrs Vera West
The Dirty Left By Mrs Vera West
AI: The Dissenting View By Brian Simpson
Going the Full Bowie: That’s not a knife. That’s a knife! By John Steele
George Soros: Terrorist? By Charles Taylor
Anyone for White Genocide? By Tom North
Letter to The Editor - I Wonder if He Has Replied?
Decking DACCA By Chris Knight
A Slippery Slope to Moral Panic: Refuting the Martin Niemöller Argument By Charles Taylor
Problems in Vaccination Paradise By Mrs Vera West