October, 2018
Cinnamon Magic By Mrs Vera West
How Can We Help China Buy Up Even More of Australia?! By Peter West
Contact Senator Fraser Anning as Well By James Reed
“Social Credit” Chinese Style By Michael Ferguson
Coming Soon: Quotas for Gay and Indigenous … Democracy has Ended By James Reed
Has the Riemann Hypothesis Been Finally Solved? By Brian Simpson
Deep State Mud Throwing; Bring Out the Porno Stars! By Chris knight
Rounding Up, and Killing Bees By Brian Simpson
Killing Babies after Botched Abortions By Mrs Vera West
Surprise; The Libs are Up to No Good! By Bruce Bennett
Make Antifa Pay By Peter Ewer
Sweden: Race Suicide, Not with a Bang or a Whimper, but a Laugh By Richard Miller
China’s Genocide? Why are the Australian Progressives Not Getting Angry about China’s Treatment of the Muslim Uighurs? By James Reed
Race: The Universal Solvent By Chris Knight
The Left Chatterers; Homophobic if it Suits Them! By Charles Taylor
Freedom, Just Dies By James Reed
Meet Macron the Manly By Richard Miller
Evidence that Brett Kavanaugh Is Really Genghis Khan! By Charles Taylor
Nasty Pasty Cosmopolitanism By Richard Miller
If Gender is Fluid, then Why isn’t Women’s Stories? By Mrs Vera West