January, 2020
Letter to The Editor - If in the UK a "huge disparity" exists between private and public schools, then redress the balance to a fairer ratio
Letter to The Editor - If artists and patrons could be kinder to right-wing views, a centre-right government might return the favour
Clintel = “No Climate Emergency” By Viv Forbes
Man-made Wildfires in Australia By Viv Forbes
Republicans Now Seek to Bypass People’s Voice
Letter to The Editor - The "constitutional recognition" situation could be laughed off as Gilbertian if it were not also a sinister assault on our hitherto successful political order
More Water Bombers? No - Fight Fire with Fire
Letter to The Editor - The European Union of jailing Holocaust revisionists is an affront to the principle of free speech
Brexit Done – Now for Clexit By Viv Forbes
Letter to The Editor - Life will be safer and more pleasant if their nations readopt a sensible conservatism
National Parks are Bushfire Havens By Viv Forbes
Letter to The Editor - Perhaps we need to review our whole philosophical orientation
Letter to The Editor - The government has hitherto, in this context, shirked its duty to govern for all living Australians
Letter to The Editor - She is not a "foreign monarch" but Queen of Australia in her own right
Letter to The Editor - The bitterness and sorrow of human life is acknowledged
Letter to The Editor - Quality of culture easily trumps longevity of tenure
Letter to The Editor - Let 2020 be a year when Australia returns to its traditional roots
Letter to The Editor - A renewed sacred movement of reform within Christianity might work wonders
Letter to The Editor - Constitutional amendment is not needed at all "to ensure indigenous voices are heard."
Time for Climate Sense By Viv Forbes