Albanese Government Set to Let World Health Organization Rule Australia! By James Reed

The Albanese government for the globo commos are set to hand Australia’s health sovereignty to the World Health Organization, with puppet prime minister Albanese about to sign the World Health Organization International Health Regulation amendments. “Health” is defined so broadly that many aspects of social life not normally associated with health will fall under the WHO black magic. Expect mandatory vaccinations with whatever gunk Big Pharma decides to pump into the population for its profits. 

The protest day for this is today, but I still think the letter writing strategies outlined below at should be done. It is fortunate that New Zealand’s new tri-party coalition government will implement a “NIT” (“National Interest Test”), which will test whether any policies pushed by organisations like the UN and WHO, serve the New Zealand national interest. Australia very much needs to follow this lead. The body that administers the test should be distinct from the major parties.

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Zero Net: Australian National Suicide By James Reed

Mr Viv Forbes has done great work deconstructing the insanities behind the climate change alarmist zero net mania, with its move to abandon fossil fuels, go all-out on renewables and embrace numerous other aspects of the theatre of the absurd, such as eating bugs and slugs. Below, Mr Forbes says that if the Left and environmentalists really want zero net, they should go all the way and embrace a whole range other zero nets. For a start, how about zero net immigration, zero net tourism, zero net growth of welfare, and all woke projects which only go to increase carbon emissions? I would add, certainly finishing off the international student education/migration scam would do more for carbon elimination, if that is what one wants, than all the dreams about renewables and bug eating.

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AUKUS and the Nuclear Hypocrisy of Communist China By James Reed

Communist China is engaged in a massive nuclear proliferation program. China at present has an estimated 410 nuclear warheads as of January 2023, an increase of around 60 warheads from 2022. However, China’s nuclear proliferation program is now underway, and the U.S. Department of Defense has projected that China could possess around 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035. Yet recently China has objected strongly to the AUKUS agreement between the US, UK and Australia, where it seems that Australia acquiring nuclear submarines would give this country a nuclear capacity. For China that is nuclear proliferation. Talk about hypocrisy, but that is how they play the game. As climate princess Great would say: “how dare you”!

Australia needs to acquire full nuclear weapon capacity, and should have done this instead of the populate or perish mania of the post-World War II era, since what counts today in warfare is technology, not grunters, especially in an age of AI and robotics.

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Before the Shooting Starts: China’s Game of “Chicken” By Tom North

If the truth be known, China is already testing the waters for a kinetic engagement with Australia, as China is actively engaged in cyber-attacks upon Australia. Last week there was the sonic attack upon Australian navy divers, which the cowardly Biden, sorry, Albo government took on the chin, too scared, and too socialist, to object. Communist China has, apart from the ongoing harassment of Taiwan, conducted “risky behaviours” against Australian, Canadian, Philippine and US vessels and aircraft, including the use of water cannons, lasers and harassment manoeuvres.

As noted in the commentary below, it is only a matter of time before someone from our side gets tired of this game of oriental chicken and fires back. Then it will be on.

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Making the Irish into a Minority: The Great Replacement By Patrick O’Grady (Ireland)

Across the West, all migration-based nations face the replacement of the original White populations. The US will have a White minority in about 10 years, with many cities now majority non-white. The UK already has a majority non-white London, and other cites as well. Ireland is no exception. The government’s Project Ireland 2040, anticipates a population increase of one million over that period, if not more, given the present mass immigration levels. This planning indicates that the elites have already told the governments what will be done whatever side gets power. And while the White Irish population is declining, Project Ireland 2040 will not be promoting any increase in the native birth-rate. The people will be coming from Africa, Asia and the Middle east. It will really be the Great Replacement:

“The ‘Project Ireland 2040’ also brings up another possibly interesting issue. The Irish population is around five million. Of these five million, around 80 percent – four million – are indigenous Irish. Even if the indigenous population remains stable, then, of the six million people who (the Irish Government predicts) will be living in Ireland by 2040, around two million – one in three ‘Irish’ – will be an immigrant, mostly from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. However, were the indigenous population to decline because of the falling birth rate and a long history of native Irish emigrating to the U.K. and other English-speaking countries in search of new opportunities, then by 2040 more than one in three ‘Irish’ would be foreign born.”

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White Lung Syndrome By Chris Knight

Previously there were reports in China of children becoming seriously ill with what has now come to be called, “White Lung Disease,” caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae. In the past this caused only a mild lung infection, but what is circulating now is virulent, and thought to be resistant to many antibiotics. The infectious agent has now spread to both Europe and the United states, and here we in the US are seeing hundreds of very sick children. But in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research reported that 80 out of every 100,000 children aged between five and 14 were diagnosed with the respiratory issue last week.

This is taking the same path that Covid took in the beginning, only this time, people are getting seriously ill. And unlike Covid, this time it is children rather than the elderly. It is possible that this is yet another bug that escaped, or was tossed out the back of a CCP bioweapons lab; we do not yet know. But, as with Covid, it would be wise now to get prepared, as the authorities will go back to lockdowns if they panic, and they panic at the drop of a hat, or test tube.

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Army Spied on Covid Critics By Richard Miller (London)

This situation of government spying on citizens occurred in the United States under the Biden regime. Now it has been revealed that a special secret UK army unit spied on British citizen who were critics of the government’s Covid mandate lockdown policies.  This was a special military information warfare unit, using “non-lethal engagement and legitimate non-military levers as a means to adapt behaviours of adversaries.” The information that was gathered was then used by the government to counter criticisms.

What is disturbing in this was that a military organisation essentially conducted information warfare against civilians. It certainly violates liberal democrat conventions that the military is not to conduct operations against civilians of any sort of political nature. It shows how evil the government has become, being really the enemy of the people. Right across the West we really do have occupied governments.

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The Australian Tragedy of the Commons By James Reed

The October 2023 figure for temporary via holders, who no doubt if non-white, which most are, will soon be permanent, since no-one leaves this sucker nation: 2,664, 523. As Malcom Roberts added, “2.7 MILLION extra people to feed & house competing with Australians for food & housing.”

Just wait until Australia hits 150 million, then with open borders the entire human race of 8 + billion. Even then the globalist elites would be complaining that we need more immigration and would desperately be sending messages into deep space for slimy green aliens to come and populate or perish us.

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Sweden is a Living Refutation of Multiculturalism By Richard Miller (London)

As indicated by the extract below, which has Swedish journalist Ivar Arpi with  Brendan O’Neill on the latest episode of The Brendan O’Neill Show, it seems that there is a slow awakening by some segments of the Swedish chattering class, that while Sweden set out to show the world that it was a woke moral super power, what has been done by its so-called non-discriminatory immigration policy, is to begin to dissolve itself.


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Ned Kelly Emeralds Now Released Thanks to the High Court Ruling By Paul Walker

The High Court of Australia, in its wisdom, decided some weeks back in its NZYQ case, that illegals held in indefinite detention, may who have committed serious crimes, and who cannot be deported, must be released into the community. The decision did not, contrary to speculation, order that the keys to the city be handed to the illegals, just the freedom to walk the streets, be they former criminals or not.

Now, the lower courts are following precedent, and court authority, and the Federal Court has just released an Iranian asylum-seeker who had been held in detention for a decade, known as “Ned Kelly Emeralds.” Opposition immigration spokesman Dan Tehan said: “The government’s lawyer told the court on 23 November that the plaintiff was seeking to ‘ride on the coat-tails of the recent order’ of the High Court,” he said. “There is now a real and live risk that this is beginning to undermine our border protection regime. There is a real risk that more people in detention will be released.”

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Digital ID Bill Passes First of Three Stages By James Reed

Malcolm Roberts reports from the parliamentary front lines in this globalist warfare, that the Digital ID Bill has now been introduced into parliament, and has passed the first of its required three stages. One Nation and other independents are doing great work opposing this piece of Maoist tyranny that is geared to destroy what remains of any free speech on the internet, forcing the platforms to self-censor, a very nasty form of in-your-face-censorship.

People need to send a personal letter to their federal member, and in their own words tell him/her that this Bill should be rejected for the below reasons. There is such a frantic push now to put in place the New World Order that it is somewhat hard to keep track of all the things we need to protest against!

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Defend Cash! Stop the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)! By James Reed

The CitizenGo petition is now available for signing at the link in the Nation First link below. It requests Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Reserve Bank Governor Michele Bullock to abandon any plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Australia, and to preserve cash. The reasons for doing this are many, all revolving around the protection of both privacy and freedom.

The Optus outage earlier in the month led to chaos with people not being able to make non-cash transactions, and stores having signs up “Cash Only.” That should be a stark warning, if anything, that a fully digital economy will be vulnerable. The Optus outage was not due to hacking it seems, but hacking and cyber-terrorism, sponsored by communist China, is on the increase, as a lead up to what Chinas intends to do in World War III. Recently Israel, a highly sophisticated IT society, suffered major outages from hackers. If it could happen there, it will happen here in Australia as well.

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Mass Immigration Kills Australia’s Productivity By James Reed, continues its economic critique of Australia’s present mass immigration program. Apart from the social misery that this unprecedented influx of people is causing at all levels, there has been a case made that two decades of high immigration has harmed Australia’s productivity growth and standard of living. Infrastructure, housing, and business investment has not kept pace with the population surge. According to economist Gerard Minack, “Australia’s economic performance in the decade before the pandemic was, on many measures, the worst in 60 years.” “Per capita GDP growth was low, productivity growth tepid, real wages were stagnant, and housing increasingly unaffordable. There were many reasons for the mess, but the most important was a giant capital-to-labour switch: Australia relied on increasing labour supply, rather than increasing investment, to drive growth.”

“Australia’s population-led growth model was a demonstrable failure in the 15 years prior to the pandemic. Remarkably, the country now seems to be doubling down on the same strategy. The result, unsurprisingly, is likely to be more of the same.”

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The Next Level of the Australian Rental Crisis By James Reed

The rental crisis in Australia is revealing whole new levels of misery for the ordinary Australians now struggling to get a place to keep the sun and rain off his/her head. Private analytics company PropTrack has analysed the forecast cost of renting a property for 10 years compared to purchasing one with a 20 per cent deposit, adding  stamp duty and rates. It was found that rents were rising so rapidly, especially at the lower end of the market dominated by low-income earners, that one third of properties nationally were cheaper to buy than rent.

According to University of Sydney housing analyst Professor Nicole Gurran, "This is a depressing set of data.” "The good news here may be for investors because they may be able to negative gear. But there is no good news for first home buyers because prices haven't dropped. And while they're trying to save for a deposit, they're facing higher rents.

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The Problem of Bill Gates By Brian Simpson

There is a new book out by Tim Schwab (no relation to the World Economic Forum guru by the same surname), entitled, The Bill Gates Problem: Reckoning with the Myth of the Good Billionaire. We have covered the issue of leading globalist Bill Gates extensively at the blog. We have noted his pushing of the Covid vaxxes during the plandemic, and after, and his prior investments in the vaccine business. His moves to be a climate change guru, and the advocation of the elimination of meat eating, at least for us ordinary people, not for him though, as he is said to be a big red meat eater, is met by his business promotion of artificial meat, and illusion to save the planet. All of these twists and turns merely serve to increase the profits of Bill Gates.

The book by Tim Schwab, which goes into this Gates debunking and more, has stimulated others in the mainstream media to begin a critique of Bill Gates, all with the common theme of how he uses “philanthropy to exercise enormous political power without accountability.” The Naked Emperor blog sums it up well: “Gates is still exactly who he was at Microsoft: a bully and monopolist, convinced of his own righteousness and intent on imposing his ideas, his solutions, and his leadership on everyone else. At the core, he is not a selfless philanthropist but a power broker, a clever engineer who has innovated a way to turn extreme wealth into immense political influence—and who has made us believe we should applaud his acquisition of power, not challenge it.”

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Hyper-Progressive Cancers and the Covid Vax By Brian Simpson

This is an issue that we in Australia should be concerned with: the rise of hyper-progressive, and aggressive cancers. In Australia there has been a highly statistically significant rise in reported cancer deaths of 7 percent, which precisely corresponds to the Covid vax rollout time frame. Normally, cancer tends to be relatively slow growing (with some notable exceptional aggressive cancers), so the rise of these aggressive cancers is a deep concern. But health authorities and the federal government seemingly are not interested in pursuing a Covid vax cause to this. The really big question is if the cancers are vax caused, will there continue to be an increase in these cancers in the future?


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ChatGPT, Even Better at Bunk than Professional Columnists! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It seems that not a day goes by where AI such as ChatGPT are not proclaimed to be able to do a job that humans do, maybe even better. The latest, for at least for today, is that ChatGPT can give better advice than professional columnists. If by this it is meant the agony columnists in the papers, or now, online sites of the mainstream medias, then I think the bar is being set very low indeed. But, given ChatGPT’s access to the internet and knowledge, we should not be surprised at this result. While it could be argued that a certain degree of empathy is need to give personal advice, probably most humans doing this job do not have much of this anyway, so that is not much of a problem for ChatGPT!

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The Flight of Fertility By Mrs Vera West

The baby crash, that women are not producing enough babies to keep populations from verging to a long-term crash, has been discussed as a problem in the West since the late 1960s.  However now, with the economic development of East Asia, it has emerged as a problem for those societies as well. Japan was the first to be hit by this issue, but now communist China, Taiwan and South Korea, wealthy nations, are facing the same problem of the crash of births. Thus, Taiwan has spent over $ 3 billion to increase the birth rate, doing all the things that academics writing about this topic have canvassed as “solutions,” such as paid parental leave, tax breaks, more childcare centres, but none of this is working. All these measures have been tried in other affluent countries and still women do not want to have children, or enough children. According to Professor Trent MacNamara, “Even the richest, savviest, most committed governments have struggled to find policies that produce sustained bumps in fertility.” “If such policies were discoverable, I think someone would have discovered them.” The recent history of these failed policies is detailed in the extract below.

While no doubt the present economic conditions, the housing crisis and cost of living crisis are contemporary factors which will lower birth rates even more than in more prosperous time, the demographic facts are that birth rates have fallen beginning in relatively good times, so adverse economic conditions cannot be a complete explanation of the decline of births. The short of the long is that the affluence of modernity has created “better” things for women to do with their time.

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Gender Pay Gap Illusions By Mrs Vera West

One of the big things of professional feminists, such as former prime minister Julia Gillard, is the so-called gender pay gap. This is a statistical construction, whereby if one examines the pay levels of men and women in various businesses and corporations, and even across fields, it is found that men earn more than women. The feminists like to fudge on this one, implying that something illegal is going on here, but legal equal pay for the same work for the sexes has existed for decades now, so that pseudo-explanation collapses pretty quickly and really is just a cheap shot to get the troops with blue hair stirred up.

It is admitted by the chattering class, that there are structural reasons for the gap, such as the existence of gender dominated industries, with child care being dominated by women, but paying less than highly dangerous work in mines using explosives, that women tend to not want to do. One may suppose that the socialists would want women to do the dirty dangerous jobs, and men to do more in the child care industry, or what is more likely, for men to not have jobs at all, and fall into unemployment and suicide, especially if White, so that they can be replaced by migrants, preferably migrant women.

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Sugar and Cancer By Mrs Vera West

It was Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, who in the 1930s discovered that while both normal cells and cancer cells require sugar, they have different metabolic pathways. Normal cells convert glucose into energy by aerobic respiration, but cancer cells obtain energy through glycolysis instead of using oxygen. This leads to cancer cells consuming sugar at a rate 200 times faster than normal cells. The idea then, that sugar feeds cancer cells, has been well confirmed experimentally, as detailed below at a great article from the Epoch Times. Nations that in the past had low rates of sugar consumption, such as Taiwan, typically had low cancer rates compared to America, but when a modern American level of sugar consumption occurred, the cancer rates reached US levels.

There are many ways sugar can fuel cancer, such as from obesity, by altering the metabolism, producing inflammatory responses in the body producing DNA and cell damage, and by altering the gut environment and disrupting the ecology of gut bacteria.

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