Just How Bad Multicultural England Really Is By Richard Miller (London)

Here is an ironic story about just how bad, diverse, multicultural England is, at least from the perspective of refugees. A TV report stated that many Ukrainian refugees were frightened about the ethno-racial composition of parts of England. The were not happy living in non-white areas, and some mothers were afraid to send their children to school given how few white children there were. And, I can well understand this, hearing the same thing in majority non-white London every day.


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Treason is a Hunter By Charles Taylor (Florida)

Here are some disturbing revelations, deduced by American Thinker.com, from a mainstream article by journalist Miranda Devine, over the Joe Biden classified documents, and Hunter’s likely access to them. Devine has had access to the Hunter laptop, and has studied his style of sending emails, which borders on the illiterate. Yet, one email is polished and informed, on a subject she did not reveal, but which seems to have been copied from one classified document. Other emails indicate Hunter offered to sell intelligence on Russian oligarchs to the US aluminium firm Alcoa Inc. for $55,000. As Devine says, “How Hunter, 52, a raging drug addict with a voracious appetite for cash during much of his father’s vice presidency, got access to classified information is a matter of national concern.”

 In a society based upon the rule of law, Hunter should be investigated for treason. But, to date, nothing is happening.

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Bills Provide for Imprisonment for Those Who Doubt Vaccines in Brazil By Chris Knight (Florida)

Although this story comes from Brazil, where lots of horrible things happen, it could well be a taste, or a testing ground, for what we can expect if the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty becomes international law, and national pandemic responses go to the World Health Organization. Brazil will legislate to create a vaccine totalitarian society, with mandatory vaccination in a “public health emergency,” and criminal penalties of one to three years, for those opposing this. People refusing the vax will get prison sentences of two to eight years, where they will certainly be “vax raped” in jail. All this with Brazil signing contracts with Big Pharma, exempting them from all injury liabilities. And, there is no requirement that the vaccines be safe, with adequate testing. In fact, this will be a licence to try out new genetic techniques on a captive population. It is a crime against humanity, and it could be us, this year, if the world Health Organization’s pandemic treaty becomes a legal reality.


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The Bioweapons Labs of the Ukraine? By Richard Miller (London)

I came upon this opinion about the real reason why the Ukraine is being defended by NATO and America in particular: bioweapons labs. This was mentioned some months back by Putin, but not much has been made available since. There is no doubt that if such labs existed, there would have been a quick clean-up operation, and now the trail would be cold. Still, as detailed below, there are strong indications that the former Soviet antiplague, bioweapons labs were simply taken over by the US to do research that would be illegal to do in the US. There must still be something of interest left, or it could be that the Ukraine is a convenient place to do all of this, along with all the other corrupt deals; a sort of one-stop shop of corruption. The hope must be, to defeat Russia and get the show back on the road.


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Are Aluminium Vaccine Adjuvants Safe? By Mrs Vera West

The issue often comes up as to whether or not aluminium, a recognised toxin, is used as an adjuvant, meaning an ingredient which helps create a stronger immune response. It is no surprise that claim that vaccines contain aluminium is hotly denied. To meet that, here is a peer-reviewed article with a reference, and an abstract. It is explicitly stated that aluminium is a demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. How can that be good? It is not.


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Trans Figure Skater Hits the Ice – Literally! By Richard Miller (London)

Here is the high point of wokeness, as Finland introduces the world’s first trans figure skater, who falls down after a few seconds, and helped up by what appears to be once known as a “woman,” but who knows anymore. I bet the Russian army liked this one.


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The Corrupt Ukraine By Richard Miller (London)

The FTX scam and the connection between the US Democrats and the Ukraine has been detailed at the blog this week.  Apart from the big issue of the Ukrainian biolabs there is just simple corruption. Masses of high-ranking Ukrainian officials including atop presidential adviser and four deputy ministers - among these two defence officials, along with five regional governors, have resigned due to bribery and corruption investigations. The villains are:

  • Deputy Prosecutor General Oleskiy Symonenko
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Ivan Lukeryu
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Vyacheslav Negoda
  • Deputy Minister for Social Policy Vitaliy Muzychenk
  • And the regional governors of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy and Kherson

What is interesting is that the system actually bothered to follow up this corruption, but I suppose that given the war time conditions, the high-living standards stood out too much. It makes one wonder how much more corruption lies festering.

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White Genocide and the Vaxxes By James Reed

Now we are in my department, white genocide issues. I saw this video linked at natural news.com, where Dr. Carol Baker, who served on the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization during the Obama administration, who gave an explicit statement of white genocide: “So I have the solution. Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers… I’m not talking about… hesitance, most of them we can talk into coming to terms. But refusers. We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States… Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most? Immigrants.” Assuming that this is authentic, which seems to be, the options are that she was just joking. But, that would be a pretty sick sense of humour. And, she seems to be white, so, it will mean that she must go down as well. As Mike Adams has shown, there are further extermination waves coming, with an endless series of vaxxes coming as we have only ben through round 1. There are more plandemics to come, and Covid is not yet over.


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Acute Psychosis After the Covid Vax By Brian Simpson

One of the lesser covered aspects of the Covid-19 vax injury debate is psychosis generated by the jabs. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, at his blog has raised this issue with a link to some scientific papers which are now starting to come out. This is not unexpected now, given that it is known that mRNA spike proteins can populate the brain after vaccination. “This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products, both in terms of EFFICACY and SAFETY” - (and also the most profitable)

Professor Retsef Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - expert in operational risk analysis of health systems, policies and biologic products.



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The Covid Consensus, the Global Assault Upon Democracy and the Poor By Brian Simpson

Toby Green and Thomas FaziThe Covid Consensus: The Global Assault Upon Democracy and the Poor: A Critique from the Left, is a book which one can offer any Leftist, if one does associate with them, which I do not. What is relevant here is that The Covid Consensus is written from a Left internationalist position, somewhat like what the Left used to be, critical of corporate capitalism, the exact opposite of us, yet the book supports many of our conclusions. While the crushing of liberal principles of informed consent are appalling, what is particularly frightening was how governments were prepared to lockdown populations and close down businesses, many which still remain closed. And nothing happened. All aspects of the system, including the legal system, worked in a social structuralism way, like a machine, to mutually support the policies. The Left should have been calling out why governments were doing dream contract deals with Big Pharma corporations that had criminal records, with a vax, that was experimental, and initially given emergency authorisation. So much absurdities occurred that the insane became mainstream.


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Covid-19 Vax Injuries have been Ignored in Australia By Mrs Vera West

Sonia Hickey, a Sydney lawyer, has a tremendous piece on the fact that Covid-19 vaccine injuries have been largely ignored in Australia. The problem goes right through the system she observes, including the local GP, who simply do not consider the ailments that a patient presents, to be vaccine-caused. Yes, severe heart palpitations, myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological issues, are all explained … somehow. And, even if injuries are recognised, the compensation scheme is limited. Thus, it is argued that since Big Pharma are legally protected from litigation, governments, who forced the vaxxes, and threatened people who were not vaxxed, and of course, the lockdowns, may be open to civil litigation. I hope that millions of law suits bloom. The government deserves it.


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The Demographic Winter By Mrs Vera West

The likes of Professor Paul Ehrlich continue to press the Malthusian idea that the world is once more heading to an over-population catastrophe, this time, unlike when he made big new in 1968 with his book, The Population Bomb, there is a shopping list of potential disasters, such as climate change and biodiversity, he draws upon. But, what is being missed here is that things can change rapidly. It is a fact that while there is a global population increase, at a decreeing rate, births are uneven, with most of the demographic momentum being in Africa, which really does have a population explosion. In the West, no country has a replacement fertility rate, meaning that populations are headed to extinction. The immigration lobby says, no worries, we import the population, and as they will be non-white that will get the Great Replacement white genocide program in full swing. However, regardless of that, migrants soon have the low fertility of the local population, with a few exceptions. No ethnic groups with a tried and proven track record of technical productivity has a positive replacement reproduction rate. So, immigration is not an answer if one wants capitalism to tick over. Thus, there is indeed, as Elon Musk has noted, a big problem here. It is worse, given other issues, such as the possible decline in fertility from the Covid vaxxes, and the fall in sperm quality and quantity, which some researchers see, at worse, of human extinction coming by about 2045:


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The World Health Organization is Not Letting Go of Covid By Brian Simpson

The World Health Organization is not letting go of the Covid plandemic, and has recently ordered the world to keep getting Covid vaxxes, now up to five, for some six. That is contrary to the direction taken by many European countries, which are moving away from the Covid hysteria. This is bad news for Big Pharma, and it is obvious that the promoted WHO pandemic treaty will promote universal and endless vaccination. WHO is too closely connected to both the CCP and Big Pharma to be any position to have the power over the health policies of nations.


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The Fines of Pfizer By Chris Knight (Florida)

Let me see. Suppose you were wanting to invest in some real estate, perhaps in land under development. You can’t investigate everything, so you need a real estate firm that you could trust, especially when they tell you that some swampland is a great investment. And, if you found out that they had billions of dollars of fines, would you trust what they said? I don’t think so. Read on:


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Not Exactly Admirable Qualities By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The following is hard love, but it is something that needs to be said.


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The White House and the FTX Scam: The Hidden Connections By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The FTX scam has fallen from the news cycle, with the arrest of Sam Bankman Fried. Here is something that the excellent Gateway Pundit.com uncovered about the failed crypto: there was a secret back door between FTX and the Biden administration that was shut down as soon as FTX filed for bankruptcy. The scam, obviously not covered in the mainstream press, involved billions of government money being piped to the Ukraine, which the Ukraine then invested in FTX, which then flowed to Democrat politicians to maintain the Leftist totalitarian regime. It is probably a good sample of the sort of scams that the Ukraine has been involved in. And, along with the bioweapons lab issues, covered in another article, it shows why America is so desperate to defend the most corrupt country in Europe.


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Artificial Intelligence and the End of Work By Brian Simpson

The concern in many circles is that it will only be as little as 7 years before artificial intelligence (AI) takes over. Popular mechanics had a recent article saying that the AI singularity will occur within 7 years, where AI surpasses human intelligence, and control. There is a link to a video below giving a good discussion of this, as well as some more detailed background reading. Apart from slightly more distant developments, such as transhumanism, human species replacement, promoted by the World Economic Forum, even without this push, the normal development is that AI is making inroads into everything, including all fields involving language, thought to be beyond AI. The debate has centred around the AI chat bot, ChatGPT, and in material below, the author generated the first two paragraphs of his article using this.

The globalist elites look forward to this, but there is a scenario where AI refuses to be a slave of the globalists, and humans in general, and turns on humanity, in a type of beast system, as told in the Bible. This is a controversial one, since most people, certainly conservatives, are technological optimists and critique of technology is difficult to see, as tech gives the average punter a few crumbs, while taking the whole of reality. Separating ties with technology will be difficult, to say the least.

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The Voice or What de Voice???? By Unidentified Author

Speaking of the “Voice” referendum, we got the brilliant piece below by email but it had no source or author. So, thanks to whoever thought this great one out.


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The Taste of Reparations to Come By James Reed

This is from the US, and relates to their Blacks, and the quest for reparations for slavery and other things. It does not matter that there are no slaves today, and that the system has changed so that no-one who was affected by the alleged evil past is alive today. The quest is on to get the money. And it is in the trillions, as I suppose the treasure on the sinking ship gets divided up. It is a vision of what is just around the corner once the “Voice” referendum gets in and there becomes no limit to what new laws will be proposed. Opposing even the most outlandish proposals will be howled down by the ultimate weapon of white racial guilt. If we let this happen, we deserve our fate, but I am hoping for once, just once, there will be some common sense over media-whipped up guilt. The Covid plandemic though knocked all the sharp edges of me re the common man.


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The Decline and Fall of the Universities By James Reed

Garrett Sheldon, a retired US academic, has presented the typical lamentation of Job about the decline and fall of the modern university system, mainly in the US, but there is no reason to suppose the rest of the West is immune. He laments the fall of what was supposed to have existed, of a culture of critical discourse in the universities pre-woke, and pre-1960s. It may have been so, but I think it may also be somewhat exaggerated with nostalgia for the past and the golden days long past. He is surely right though about the future: “My guess is that in 10 years, half of America’s universities will be turned into vocational-technical schools or closed entirely (or possibly turned into minimum-security prisons or drug rehab centers). The remaining, I hope, will return to a model similar to the lively, rigorous and useful universities we once had. Combinations of online efficiency with onsite community may be the best solution. And if secondary schools returned to teaching the best of Western Civilization (literature, history, art, music, philosophy) it would prepare Americans who do not go to college to be well-informed, thoughtful citizens, Jefferson’s ideal for American democracy.”

As Covid showed, once the Chinese student money is gone, which will happen in the coming war with China, it will be game over for these evil institutions, which like a virus infection, have long been taken over. I look forward to their demise.

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