Degenerate of the Year Award! By Peter West

     This may get my vote for degenerate of the year award, bringing together a unique combination of all of the high point scoring categories of filth, such as the ultra-young, near-baby paedophilia stuff, mixed with the pinnacle of political correctness:

“A co-founder of a sexual violence awareness group, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, has been arrested on charges of child pornography and attempting to sexually exploit children as young as two years old. Joel Davis, who helped found Youth to End Sexual Violence and was chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, was arrested Tuesday in Manhattan on charges of enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, and possession, receipt and distribution of child pornography. Davis reportedly exchanged text messages with undercover law enforcement officers for several weeks in June, in which he stated that he was sexually interested in children of all ages (“0+”) and sent the officers sexually explicit photographs of infants and toddlers, including photographs in which they were engaged in sexual activity with adults. He also discussed his intention to engage in sexual activity with the nine-year-old daughter of the undercover officer and with the purported two-year-old daughter of the undercover officer’s girlfriend.”

     These sorts of stories are utterly shocking, yet are not unexpected, indicating that society is in moral freefall. It is most likely that the upper levels of the ruling elite would exhibit other depraved behaviour as a type of entry ticket. Here is some material from even mainstream sources indicating that the system, at least the US,  is rotten to the core:



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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