Londonistan: Christian Churches Close but Islamic Call to Prayer Heard by All! By Richard Miller

     Of course, it is symbolic of the future of the UK, looking ahead a few years, something the white capitalist would find inconceivable, operating in a paradigm where all that counts are the money-grubbing markets of today.

“A London suburb totalling a mere 15 square miles in size and with a population of less than 300,000 people has granted permission for the first time to nine mosques to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan.
The news was published earlier this month in an article in The Metro, which included a video of the “Adhan” being chanted above from the roof of a mosque in Waltham Forest. Waltham Forest is one London’s 32 boroughs, each of which has its own elected local council. Clare Coghill, the leader of Waltham Forest Council, said that the Adhan being broadcast was “an alternative form of connection” for Muslims, with mosques currently closed along with all other places of worship in the U.K. as part of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. “Ramadan is normally a time for the Muslim community to come together to pray and break their fast,” she said. “Like many aspects of all our lives, this has been affected by Covid-19 and the requirement to remain socially distant. As an alternative form of connection during this special month, the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques contacted the council to request that as an alternative to congregating they announce a short call to prayer at a number of mosques adapted to remind worshippers to stay at home,” she continued. “The council considered the request as it would with any religious or faith group looking to responsibly worship during this difficult time. Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim community.” The Adhan will be broadcast each day at sunset, with an additional broadcast each Friday. The words in the Adhan state: “Allah is the greatest. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Come to prayer. Come to salvation.” Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the senior Catholic cleric in the U.K., marked the beginning of Ramadan by joining a host of religious leaders in an interfaith event titled “Ramadan at Home,” organised by the Naz Legacy.”

     It’s just multicultural diversity, and its exciting, vibrant, vibrating.

“The British government has announced that it will finally publish a report on the “characteristics” of offenders in grooming gangs, following pressure from voters and MPs after accusations the Home Office tried to bury the report from the public under the guise of providing a “safe space” for lawmakers to consider policy. In July 2018, former Home Secretary Sajid Javid had commissioned a report into the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of grooming gang rapists who have abused victims on an “industrial” scale in cities like Rotherham, Rochdale, and Telford since the 1970s. The phenomenon has been reported on multiple occasions to involve the dynamic of Muslim, Pakistani-heritage rapists targeting mostly white, working-class underage girls. The pattern was corroborated by a 2017 report by the counter-extremism think tank, the Quilliam Foundation, which found that 84 per cent of those convicted since 2005 for group-based child sexual exploitation were of south Asian heritage with the victims being “almost exclusively white girls”. Later reports revealed that British Sikh girls were also being targetted for exploitation and rape. However, in February 2020, the Johnson administration and the Home Office, now run by Priti Patel, said that it would not release the results of the government report, insisting it was not in the “public interest” and that to do so would deprive ministers of a “safe space” to consider policy in private. After an outcry from anti-rape gang campaigners, more than 125,000 people signed a petition calling for the findings to be released. In late April, more than 50 days after the petition reached the 100,000-mark, Boris Johnson’s government rejected the demand for a full parliamentary debate on the matter. The 2014 Jay inquiry had found that despite the mass rape of young girls, local authorities and police had ignored the crisis for decades over fears of being labelled racist or inflaming tensions within migrant communities.”

     It is just life in a big city. Much like terrorism.



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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