One Wife is Surely More than Enough By Mrs Vera West

     I know enough about the male mind, from raising a family of sons,  to know how they think about sex, the deep thoughts that they dare not share with us women, but maybe with other “boys” in the locker room, or in the pub. In secret, some men may have a sympathy to polygamy, as a fantasy, while, of course, the practice is common to Muslim culture, and is occurring in the West, off the books, in increasing amounts due to Islamic immigration:

     The above article is of note, as it makes the case that polygamy as a widespread social institution will lead to many young men not having a wife at all, and sexual frustration will be channelled into violence, usually terrorism.  Polygamy is not an exclusive Muslim phenomenon, as these articles detail:

“Two leaders of a fundamentalist group who between them have 29 wives and 160 children were sentenced to house arrest on Tuesday after being convicted of polygamy. Winston Blackmore, 61, was found guilty last year of having 24 wives while James Oler, 53, was found guilty of having five wives. Blackmore has 149 kids, the Star Vancouver reported. Blackmore’s six-month conditional sentence, to be served under house arrest, allows him to go to work and deal with medical emergencies. Oler’s term is three months of house arrest. Both face 12 months of probation. Blackmore was also ordered to perform 150 hours of community service work, while Oler must do 75 hours. British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Sheri Ann Donegan said while both men were hard-working and otherwise law-abiding, a discharge by the court would have not been appropriate, given the gravity of their offenses. Some of the men’s wives, for example, were as young as 15 when they were married. “He’s made it clear that no sentence will deter him from practicing his faith,” the judge said of Blackmore. “The concept of remorse is foreign to him in this context.” Blackmore has defended polygamy to reporters in the past but had trouble naming all of his wives in court, even forgetting one of their names, AFP reported.”

     That is the problem with polygamy: nothing prevents it from going to this extreme where a husband cannot even remember his wife’s name! All of the great faiths must see that as a moral problem. However, that is the slippery slope that the West, especially countries like multicult, pluralist Australia are now on. If same sex marriages are justified because people should not be restrained about who they “love,” then there is nothing preventing polygamy, and it is inevitable that we will soon see this legalised in the West, as the West becomes increasingly Islamised: 



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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