She Just Can’t Get Enough … Migrants By Richard Miller

     Like an East German communist robot, Merkel wants even more migrants, because the only thing which exists in the evaluative universe of the EU is migrants. Nothing else exists or matters, just migrants, who created the EU  world in the beginning, according to her new World Order theology:

“Angela Merkel has warned that the migrant crisis could be “make or break” for the European Union, hours ahead of a crucial summit on migration. The German chancellor, already under fire, spoke in front of a rowdy parliament in an attempt to win over conservative critics within her own coalition government who have threatened to bring her down. “Europe faces many challenges, but that of migration could become the make-or-break one for the EU,” she told the Bundestag. “Either we manage it, so others in Africa believe that we are guided by values and believe in multilateralism, not unilateralism, or nobody will believe any longer in the system of values that has made us strong. That’s why it’s so important.”

     Did I exaggerate in comparing Merkel’s position to basic theology? I think not. East German communist energy is now transformed into the desperate need to demographically swamp Europe to bring in a Muslim Marxist utopia. Extraterrestrial anthropologists, studying all of this must be amazed that the human sheeple put up with so much for so long. Apathy, laziness and stupidity, are the real keys to human history.



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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