The Breakup of America Etc. By Chris Knight

     All of this reporting on political correctness sure gives one a big thirst, which is why I now have a jug of lemon-flavoured water with me while I drag my feet through the great desert on the internet. Item: 

“Democrats are transforming into the party of the diverse, educated, cosmopolitan class. Meanwhile, the Republican Party attracts all who reject this multi-culti bugman ethos. A line has been drawn between the traditional family and the childless urbanite, whose values and interests are diametrically opposed. On one side is the heartland voter who values cohesive community, security, and individual responsibility, and relishes hard work and overcoming challenges. He feels a connection to his hometown and his people, and he exists to create a better future for his children. On the other side is the urban-dwelling voter who is hyper-focused on deracinated popular culture, atomized individualism, indulgent hedonism, getting rich, and avoidance of conflict and controversy. He feels no allegiance to his community; he exists solely to consume.”

     The same division exists in Australia, only both major parties push the same globalist line on almost everything, free trade, immigration, white demographic displacement, you name it. Some alternative does exist in One Nation, but Pauline, as seen recently with her buddy-buddy section with Tony Abbott, seems to have weakened from the early days, even though she should be hitting harder than before. She just does not get it, unlike someone such as Graeme Campbell who knew that we are facing doomsday, but whose career was finished by One Nation standing a candidate against him. Also remember this:

     Pauline still does not get it, and will take many more  years to educate on all the issues. But, until others step up to the plate, that is the best true blue Aussies have.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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