The Gay Kiwi Fruit Parliament By Ron Dyson

     Cheer up Aussies, at least you are not New Zealanders! Life is not all bad:

“Based on current polling, the number of LGBTQI+ MPs in New Zealand's 120-seat House of Representatives is predicted to swell to a world-leading 7.5 per cent after September's election. New Zealanders are poised to elect the 'gayest parliament in the world' in September, vaulting the South Pacific nation past the world-leading United Kingdom for representation. The current 'rainbow caucus' say there's still plenty to do for LGBTQI+ Kiwis, even after same-sex marriage's legislation and great strides in ending discrimination against the queer community. There are currently seven out-and-proud MPs in New Zealand's 120-seat House of Representatives. That will swell to nine on the basis of current polling, and up to 11 should the Greens increase their vote on election day; 19 September.”

     The most important thing though is that our great feminist leader will leave aborted babies born alive to just die. Hey, how is that for Black Lives Matter, because some of these babies are going to be black? Who is jumping up and down about that?

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has joined 80 other politicians in voting against an attempt to require health professionals to give medical help to babies born alive after ‘failed’ abortions. The Care of child born after abortion amendment was brought forward by the MP for Tamaki, Simon O’Connor at the committee stage of the Abortion Legislation Bill. The vote was lost 37 votes to 80. The amendment would have required, that if a baby was born alive following a failed abortion, a qualified health practitioner or any other health practitioner present at the time the child is born, would have a duty to provide the child with appropriate medical care and treatment. It would have also required the medical care and treatment of a child born as a result of a failed abortion to be no different than the duty to provide medical care and treatment to a child born other than as a result of an abortion. Data from the few other countries where there are similar extreme abortion laws to the one proposed in New Zealand shows that it is likely that many more babies will be born alive following abortions, as it will in practice allow abortion for any reason between 20-weeks and birth – when unborn children are much more likely to survive a ‘failed’ abortion.”

     I am afraid I no longer, “dig a pony,” about the land of The Lord of the Rings.



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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