The Hypocrisy of the Left By John Steele

     This Hogg guy has been jumping up and down about “bad guns,” and the need to save the children, and other warm and fuzzy stuff. But, Natural has dug up this on him: 

“Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg — see daily news coverage at — has been caught in a Reddit post celebrating the death of billions of people from mosquito-borne disease, an InfoWars investigation has now found. Mosquitoes “kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment,” Hogg stated in a Reddit post from late 2017, confirming that Hogg is not merely a foul-mouthed bully of legal firearms owners, but actually despises humanity and celebrates the mass killing of billions of people. Like many indoctrinated youth, Hogg has been taught by the globalist-run public school system that human beings are bad and must be eliminated through depopulation schemes in order to “save the climate.”

     Could this be true? I went to the sites to see the lad in action, and yes, he does say all of that:

     Logically, that statement is indirect conflict with the image that has been created of the gun banning students as great humanitarians. But, the Left is not known for consistency, just doing whatever is politically expedient at the time, to get to their socialist goal.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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