The New Rules of Medicine: The Hypocritical Oath By Chris Knight (Florida)

In a witty post, leading Covid critic Steve Kirsch details the new rules of medicine, that in the age of Covid, have replaced the once noble Hippocratic oath with the Hypocritical oath, as detailed below.


“Due to the unprecedented number of deaths due to COVID-19, the following changes to science and medicine shall apply until further notice. It’s for the greater good:

  1. Doctors should always follow the guidance of the CDC and NIH, even when it is wrong.
  2. Any doctor who contradicts what the CDC or NIH say shall have their license to practice medicine revoked.
  3. The CDC, FDA, and NIH are always right. So is the IDSA. However, in the event of a disagreement, the CDC always wins.
  4. Unless you are an infectious disease specialist, your opinion on infectious diseases does not matter because you are not qualified to render an opinion.
  5. Ivermectin doesn’t work. There will always be “insufficient evidence” to recommend it, no matter how much evidence there is.
  6. Peer-reviewed published systematic reviews and meta-analyses are now considered to be “insufficient evidence” even if there are multiple ones (like there are for ivermectin).
  7. Early treatments for COVID using cheap repurposed drugs don’t work, no matter what the evidence says. The fact that George Fareed and Brian Tyson were able to treat 10,000 COVID patients without a single death was just due to good luck.
  8. If you see something that contradicts the narrative, don’t say anything. This is known as the “See something, say nothing” policy. This is particularly important for doctors who are seeing massive numbers of deaths from the vaccine.
  9. The vaccines don’t work, but just tell people who get COVID after being vaccinated that it would have been so much worse if they weren’t vaccinated. This works every time. Nobody questions you how you know it.
  10. For the elderly, there is no all-cause mortality data showing a benefit, but who needs data? Just recommend it. We’ll get the data later, trust us. OK, well maybe we’ll get the data later. But data doesn’t matter which is why we aren’t even collecting it. Why bother? After all, nobody is asking for it except one guyand we had MIT thoroughly gaslight him.
  11. Medical journals are prohibited from publishing papers that go against the narrative. Sometime, mistakes happen, and a counter-narrative paper gets published like the Rose-McCullough paper on myocarditiswhich had a very incriminating graphic. We had the publisher of the journal pull the paper. Here’s the original. See the graph on page 18? Nobody should see that so we had the paper pulled. We’ve been telling people it’s “a slightly elevated risk” that you’ll get myocarditis from the COVID vaccines. This paper makes us look like we lied to people. So the paper has to be suppressed.


  1. “Misinformation” is defined any information that contradicts the current mainstream narrative, even if it is true.
  2. You are not allowed to spread “misinformation” online anymore or we’ll take away your license. You are also not allowed to make comments that are not in your area of expertise. So if you find excess deaths in VAERS, shut up about it and stay in your lane. The UK is in the process of making this standard medical practice as well.
  3. Never agree to debate any “misinformation spreaders;” they are evil people. In particular, if Steve Kirsch contacts you for a scientific debate, ignore it no matter how much he is offering. It won’t end well. Our collective reputations are worth more than any money he is offering. If the truth gets out, we are all screwed for decades.
  4. Expert opinion, formerly the lowest level of evidence, is now at the top of evidence-based medicine if and only if the experts are from a government agency like the CDC.
  5. You don’t need any clinical evidence to prescribe a drug or vaccine if the CDC says it is safe. As NEJM Editor Eric Rubin has said, “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”
  6. Always trust the drug companies and their clinical trials, even when there is clear fraud. Also, if the drug company claims that the deaths weren’t related to the drug, no evidence is required. The FDA should never ask if the proper tests were done during the autopsy. Heck, who needs an autopsy? Those are old fashioned.
  7. There is no stopping condition for COVID vaccines. Doesn’t matter how many people are killed by the vaccine itself. It only matters how many COVID lives we may theoretically save.
  8. Risk benefit analyses should not look at all-cause mortality anymore. That is a distraction. What’s important is only the relative risk reduction, RRR.
  9. Fraud never happens in clinical trials run by big pharma, even when it does.
  10. Whistleblowers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  11. If you work for the mainstream media, never acknowledge that there are differing opinions to the government narrative.
  12. When science and politics disagree, politics always wins.
  13. Any scientist who disobeys these rules will have their NIH funding cut off. Forever.
  14. Vaccines only need to be tested for a few months to be deemed safe.
  15. If it looks like the vaccine works, always make sure everyone in the placebo group gets the vaccine when the trial is over. Who needs a comparison group after 6 months? After all, we really don’t want to let people find out that the drug was only marginally effective with the initial variant and not effective for later variants. So getting rid of the control group is fine. They will trust us.
  16. When doing a vaccine study, if people get really sick from the drug, just kick them out of the trial. You no longer have to count them as an adverse event. This just experimental error. You don’t want this data to pollute the effectiveness data.
  17. The unvaccinated are a clear danger to public health of the vaccinated. There is even a thoroughly discredited study by our friend Professor Fisman showing this. You are to avoid reading any of the many articles and comments that discredit the Fisman study.
  18. There is no need to wait for data on pregnant women and birth rates before recommending a new vaccine for pregnant women.
  19. Kids are at severe risk for COVID, even when they aren’t. This is especially true for young kids. It’s about keeping them safe from dying from COVID, even if there are no deaths in healthy kids from COVID. So what if the risk benefit analysis shows the vaccines will kill 100 kids for every kid we might save? The focus is solely on saving kids from dying from COVID. If a child dies from a cardiac, clotting, or brain hemorrhage issue from the vaccine, those don’t count. Those are just anecdotes.
  20. If you aren’t sure about what you are allowed to say, try posting it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube. If you get censored, stop saying it.
  21. A doctor’s first duty is to keep his/her job, not to serve patients.
  22. Autopsies are discouraged. The vaccine is safe so there is no reason to check to see if this caused the death.
  23. For anything unusual (like dramatic drops in live births, increase in stillbirths, excess cardiac ambulance calls, etc), just assure the public that the CDC is looking into it.
  24. There are no vaccine injured. These people are just under a lot of stress.
  25. Never measure D-dimer or troponin levels after the COVID vaccine. Why would you want to do that? It’s a waste of time.
  26. Informed consent means you were informed that you were going to be vaccinated and consented to it willingly. There is no need to reveal all the side-effects and risk of death; that would just scare people.
  27. If you work in a hospital, always follow what the hospital says. You will be compensated on your ability to follow hospital protocol, no matter how many of your patients die unnecessarily. The hospital administrators know best.
  28. You need to be fully vaccinated with the latest booster. If you are, there is no need to take a COVID test, even if you are feeling sick. Patient safety is #1.
  29. When one of your patients dies from a vaccine injury, never ever mention the vaccine. It’s just an “unexpected death.”
  30. People who think the vaccines are unsafe are simply mentally unfit. Avoid them or suggest psychiatric help.
  31. If a patient says they are vaccine injured, tell them you can’t treat them.
  32. If anyone asks about adverse vaccine reactions say that there is no proof of causation.
  33. If anyone points out the huge spike in death reports in VAERS, tell them VAERS is voluntary reporting and thus unreliable and walk away as quickly as you can.
  34. Online newspapers that report what is really going on like The Epoch Timesand The Daily Exposeshould be censored and deplatformed. Payment companies like Stripe and PayPal should refuse to do business with them.
  35. Do not watch this video where Tucker Carlson points out“Would you allow people who disagree with you to talk? If you wouldn’t, you are a tyrant.” That is misinformation. The new rules are clear: Do not allow anyone who disagrees with you to talk. Also, you certainly don’t want to give them a platform to spread their views either. That’s why debates must be avoided.
  36. Never log adverse reactions or deaths on VAERS. They can’t be vaccine related so all you are doing is wasting everyone’s time and alarming people. It also gives misinformation spreaders material to use.
  37. If you work at the CDC and find data that goes against the narrative, don’t let anyone know about it. This is important because negative data can be used by misinformation spreaders to create vaccine hesitancy.
  38. If a patient dies with COVID, it’s a COVID death, even if COVID didn’t cause the death.
  39. Always wear a mask when seeing patients. You want everyone to know you follow “best practices.”
  40. The COVID vaccines shall be mandatedeven when there is no scientific proof that mandates have a societal all-cause mortality benefit. Who needs data when you have a decision from Tony Fauci? If you have all-cause mortality data that shows that people who got the vaccine died at a higher rate than the unvaccinated, you are required to hide it. The medical journals won’t publish it anyway.
  41. Do not include any COVID vaccination date on the death record. This way, nobody will find out that vaccinated people are dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. Clever, isn’t it?
  42. Successful comedians who attempt to use humor to break the mass formation such as J.P. Sears, must be deplatformed. Humor is one of the most successful ways to reach people and change their minds and break the mass formation. These comedians should be identified and censored and their channels labelled as “violating our community standards.”
  43. Do not listen to UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad. He wrote an op-ed in April 2020 entitled “Scientists who express different views on Covid-19 should be heard, not demonized.” Prasad is wrong. Do the opposite. Demonize them and make sure they are not allowed to be heard. In particular, try to pass laws like they are doing in California, to ensure that doctors cannot speak out against the narrative. That is what any civilized society does: controls the narrative and suppresses free speech.
  44. Prasad also called out President Biden’s new Ministry of Truthas the worst idea ever. Again, he’s wrong. It’s the best idea ever. Why? Because we said so.
  45. We will provide huge monetary incentives to hospitals and nursing homes for categorizing deaths as COVID-19 deaths, even if the patient didn’t die from COVID-19. This keeps the public in fear which we need for them to be willing to follow any ridiculous directives we order such as mandatory vaccination, facecoverings, social distancing, and lockdowns (which have never been proven to work, but they don’t know that).
  46. There is no science behind the 6 foot rule since the virus is transmitted as an aerosol which can stay in the air for hours and days. If anyone asks for the science behind the 6 foot rule, just look at them like they are stupid, shake your head, and walk away. Never admit there is no science behind this rule or we’ll all look really stupid.
  47. People are not considered vaccinated until 2 weeks after their last shot. So if they die after the shot, but before the two weeks, the death must be counted as an “unvaccinated death.”
  48. In the monthly CDC tracking of deaths, the reason there is no column for deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccine because these vaccines are safe.
  49. There shall be no objectionsto these new rules from anyone, especially scientific leaders. In particular, no Dean of Science in the US, including MIT Dean of Science Nergis Mavalvala, shall speak out about the changes except to endorse them.




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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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