The Utter Joy of a Trans Cultural War By Mrs Vera West

     Here is the latest in the gender agenda, which some are now describing as “trans cultural wars,” with protests against a feminist professor who only a few years ago would have been seen as totally politically correct, but now those like her are regarded by some powerful vocal groups as transphobic for defending biologically based sex distinctions. Here is feminist Suzanne Moore summarising the problem, and what a problem it is for feminism and Leftism in general:

“The radical insight of feminism is that gender is a social construct – that girls and women are not fated to be feminine, that boys and men don’t have to be masculine. But we have gone through the looking-glass and are being told that sex is a construct. It is said that sex is merely assigned at birth, rather than being a material fact – actually, though, sex is recognisable in the womb (which is what enables foetal sex selection). Sex is not a feeling. Female is a biological classification that applies to all living species. If you produce large immobile gametes, you are female. Even if you are a frog. This is not complicated, nor is there a spectrum, although there are small numbers of intersex people who should absolutely be supported. Female oppression is innately connected to our ability to reproduce. Women have made progress by talking about biology, menstruation, childbirth and menopause. We won’t now have our bodies or voices written out of the script. The materiality of having a female body may mean rape or it may mean childbirth – but we still seek liberation from gender. In some transgender ideology, we are told the opposite: gender is material and therefore can be possessed by whoever claims it, and it is sex as a category that is a social construction. Thus, sex-based rights, protected in law, can be done away with.”

“OUTRAGE has erupted after a history professor was banned from speaking at an Oxford feminist festival following accusations of links to transphobic views. Oxford University Professor of Modern History Selina Todd was due to give a speech at an event at Exeter College yesterday commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ruskin College's inaugural Women's Liberation Conference. However, it is understood she was asked by organisers not to speak on Friday night. Ms Todd took to social media to announce the cancellation and claimed it was because of her connection with the group Woman's Place UK, which some have said promotes transphobic views. A video posted online shows furious audience members at yesterday's event demanding to know why Ms Todd was 'silenced' and BBC journalist Samira Ahmed, who did speak at the festival, reportedly said she was unhappy about the decision.”

     As one can imagine this has led to a major mud fight within Leftoid circle; here are some of the posts if one can stomach it:

     The gruesome details need not detain us any longer, but it is good to see the Left imploding, in various areas apart from all this, which has taken an extraordinary amount of time for numerous doctrines so unnatural and irrational to self-destruct. But, implode they will. It was never possible to defeat Leftism head on and turn back the tide, because there is a Spenglerian inevitability about the decline and fall of the West. As Spengler (1880-1936) observed in The Decline of the West (1918), organisms such as the West which get so decadent from numerous ideologies, cannot survive in the wild, that is under the state of nature, losing their vital essence, and a return to the wild is what the future holds.



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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