Time for a Woman President: Ann Coulter By Mrs Vera West

     While JFK and Clinton were sex maniacs in the White House, Trump is being roasted by the desperate Dumocrats for having an encounter with a porno actress. Yes, we know he did, but that is just what powerful men with heaps of money, and time on their hands, do for entertainment. And, he has never pretended to be a Christian. It is all disgusting, but politics and big business is disgusting too, and that sort of stuff goes on while we speak. Just look at Hollywood, and that is by the Left:

     Nevertheless, it may be time for a female president, and I have long admired firebrand journalist/lawyer, Ann Coulter. She is stronger than the Trump that went into the election, she has written best-selling books about all the issues that concern us, and she is far smarter than Trump. There will be no porno scandals with her. Also, she will not back down. She constantly destroys liberals in debates. Yes, Ann Coulter for president 2020. And, here is her latest lashing out at Trump:



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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