Woke Political Correctness as a Form of Cucked Mate Selection for Extra Racial Degeneracy! By Brian Simpson

     I have often wondered about where all of this politically correct bs among whites comes from. Here is a hypothesis that the Left, often men, do it to get mates, blue-haired feminists, it is like the feathers of the peacock male, which is what Charles Darwin called sexual section:

“We found that students tend to treat each other’s political orientations as proxies for personality traits. Conservatism is read off as indicating an ambitious, self-invested personality who will excel at provisioning his mate. Liberalism is read as indicating a caring, empathetic personality who will excel at child care and relationship-building. They may have solved the mystery of why young men trend more “conservative” than young women.
Miller also learned through personal experience that being an evolutionist imposes a sexual handicap when attempting to date female academics (probably his first mistake right there): These brilliant and otherwise open-minded women showed a visceral disgust at evolutionary reasoning applied in any way to the study of human nature. They assumed evolutionary psychology was morally equivalent to Nazi eugenics. I learned that if I didn’t signal my defense of the Blank Slate doctrine, nothing else I did counted for anything. Women, instinctively concerned with their reputations, are everywhere the enforcers of society’s standards. More particularly, young—and therefore sexually desirable—women lack or (at best) have not yet developed the ability to think critically about what they have been taught. In an ultramontanist Catholic society, therefore, the girls are all ultramontanist Catholics; in a cultural Marxist society, they are cultural Marxists. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell notes that young women are the most enthusiastic supporters of Ingsoc. To give the devil his due, this means there is some truth to left-wing mockery of nationalists as sexually frustrated young men; but as Miller points out, most successful revolutions have been the work of sexually frustrated young men. Once successful, they do not remain frustrated for long. The reason “virtue signaling” has become a term of mockery, obviously, is that it tends to be extremely superficial and often hypocritical.

The ubiquity of sanctimonious cheap talk is what first repelled this writer about the political left as a young man. But not all signaling behavior is cheap; the peacock’s tail takes a lot of energy to produce. Miller offers as examples of more reliable, hard to fake virtue signaling “volunteering for months on political campaigns, making large, verifiable donations to causes, or giving up a lucrative medical practice to work for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.” (He tends to assume moral behavior must be altruistic; I disagree, but that is a subject for another essay.) Miller warns us not to despise such costly “virtue signaling” because it “is the best foundation for human morality toward strangers that we could reasonably expect from a process as blind as evolution.” He mentions that much romantic comedy involves gradual revelation of character through unfakeable signaling elicited by the plot. One only wishes those Columbia coeds had had as much sense as peahens, and insisted on more substantial signals than stated devotion to the liberal cause du jour. Most of this review has focused on the first two essays in the collection, but the book offers much else. The central piece is a 61-page theoretical paper entitled “Sexual Selection for Moral Virtues,” to which it would be impossible to do justice here. Also, of interest is an unconventional critique of campus speech codes on the basis of “neurological diversity.” The point is that many of the most brilliant academic minds belong to neurologically atypical men who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum; they are systematizers, not empathizers. Cultural Marxist commissars operate on the assumption that everyone is capable of their own exquisite sensitivity to “microaggressions.” In fact, science nerds with Asperger’s Syndrome could never achieve this even if they wanted to. There even exists a questionnaire for identifying such people: they are the ones who agree with statements such as “It is hard for me to see why some things upset people so much,” and “I can’t always see why someone should have felt offended by a remark.” Miller points out that people with mental disorders such as Asperger’s qualify as “disabled” under the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. This would give them grounds for a “disparate impact” lawsuit against speech codes which are formally neutral yet harder for them to follow than other people. Of course, my own preferred solution would be to kick the speech code enforcers out of the universities and sow the ground with salt behind them, then proceed in the same spirit with both disparate impact and ADA. But perhaps under present circumstances Miller’s strategy would be more practical.’

     That pc bs is all about obtaining sex in a liberal Left environment makes a lot of sense and explains fully the male feminists, who go over the top in self-debasement.



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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