Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Food for Thought: "We cannot bow before globalisation. The state must recover its margin of manoeuvre," says Johannes Müller, number three on the N.P.D. (National Democratic Party of Germany), electoral list. "German corporate investment must go to Germany first, and we must repatriate German industrial production."
"Nationalist party takes the fight off the streets and into parliament" Financial Times, 9th September, 2004

It is beyond me how a Labour Government dedicated to the almost complete abandonment of British sovereignty; to the effective break-up of the United Kingdom as a clear single entity, and which in reality loathes anything remotely associated with nationalism has the audacity to speak of reclaiming Britishness and our national flag from the far right.
Letter to The Times, 22nd July, 2004

The question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence - whether much that is glorious - whether all that is profound - does not spring from disease of thought - from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.

There is no great genius without some touch of madness.
Moral Essays On Tranquillity of the Mind(2)

Published in 2 Parts - Part 1

A Hornet's Nest Of Political Confusion And Contradictions

Note carefully the above references and quotations; not least the last two. Forget conventional party politics. What we write here transcends simplistic, entrenched party political positions. We are attempting to probe reality; the true world around us. Forget the sources we quote for the same reasons of pre-emptive prejudice. Think only of the truth and integrity of what these sources actually convey. We all of us continue to witness brutality and genocide in the Middle East and selective geopolitical concerns for, and reaction to, equally serious scenarios elsewhere. The vast majority simply accept, if not condone this and are resigned to live with it. Forget, too, the ritually promoted concept of historical "Right-Wing" Imperialism, or of Capitalism as a solely Right-Wing preserve. The United Kingdom has been ruled for the last 7 years by a Left-Wing, International Socialist Governments of so-called "New" Labour; government ostensibly by ordinary people, of ordinary people for ordinary people. It is also a Government that went to war, on blatantly falsified evidence, against a Nation of ordinary people. Mark well, too, the naive, provocative, cultural stupidity of United States President George W. Bush when he invoked the term "Crusade".

That these were ordinary people in another land, regardless of their religion, is irrelevant as well as a political "inconvenience" for orthodox western political thought. One man and his personal iniquities, Saddam Hussein, was the target. The devastation wrought by comparable, concurrent iniquities inflicted on ordinary people by 12 years of insanely draconian sanctions imposed by the Western Powers; ostensibly by the United Nations, but essentially the United States and United Kingdom, has been deliberately veiled from ordinary people in the West. One man, Saddam Hussein, has now been removed from power for good. But what has been "good" about the continuing oppression of 24,000,000 Iraqi people thereafter, ordinary people who simply want their country and its natural resources back with the chance to rebuild their devastated infrastructure themselves rather than under asset-stripping Haliburton contracts? A country in which massive American military power continues indiscriminately to smash down Iraqi nationalist resistance now united across the religious divide - conveniently defined as "terrorism" or "insurgency" - in the same way as America's Israeli mentor continues to do with diplomatic impunity in the Occupied Territories of Palestine?

Closer to home, we have written many times of a world of "poverty amidst plenty", the observation of The Earl of Tankerville during the 1930s(3). Under the people's Government of New Labour the rich continue to get rich as the wealth and power that goes with this move off-shore, the poor continue to get poorer, and the mass of the Middle Classes get blamed and targeted. Lord Hewart of Bury, Lord Chief Justice of England from 1922 to 1940, wrote as early as 1929 in The New Despotism(4) that the right of people to govern themselves was being increasingly subsumed by growing bureaucracy, and the autocracy of ministerial rule through statutory, enabling legislation. That our edition of Lord Hewart's book should have been published in New York suggests that he was potentially encompassing a much wider audience. Controlled - selective and distorted - coverage of the current conflict in Iraq, especially in the United States, and increasingly restrictive legislation on the pretext of a perceived "Terrorist" threat, is contemporary evidence of how the public ethos, or psyche, has become one of growing diversion from the reality of the progressive consolidation of power over the minds of the people, and therefore their freedom to think and act for themselves. Our great employers and suppliers, the manufacturing corporations; major airlines afflicted by the current scenario of engineered military conflict and "terrorism", may collapse, may come and go. Generally, however, we witness the "two steps forward, one step backward" of progressive global consolidation. But once again we have to state that "Money" and its "creation" are the essential stimulant and lubricant which give the system as a whole its lifeblood. In just over 300 years since the Tonnage Act of 1694, through the World Revolution of Karl Marx and Frederic Engels in the Nineteenth Century, the Power of Money continued to be consolidated, as private property and inheritance that brought independence for the individual began to be targeted. The mechanisms of Money Power were developed during the Twentieth Century and gathered enormous centralising momentum as the Third Millennium approached. Think again of the analogy of lifeblood. This is generated and regenerated according to the natural needs of the human body as it grows and is sustained. What would happen if the volume and regulation of this lifeblood became independent of the needs of the body; in fact, developed a life of its own? Here are some extracts from what Graham Seargeant, Financial Editor of The Times, wrote on 13th August, 2004, under the heading "Top banks are the new global hooligans":

On August 2nd a trader employed by Citigroup, the world's largest banking enterprise, staged a coup that he will doubtless talk about for many years to come. Over a two minute period, he blitzed other traders in the eurozone government bond market with a plethora of sales totalling more than £7,000,000,000. Prices plunged. He then bought back about 40 per cent of the stock at lower prices. This vignette, which you might have missed if you popped out for a cup of tea, cost the rival traders an estimated £9,000,000. . . . The M.T.S. electronic exchange, on which the bonds are usually traded, changed the rules to limit the level of such short-term trading. Does it matter to anyone else? Savers, and anxious members of pension schemes may be shocked. It is hardly novel, however, to think of stock markets as casinos. Speculative coups are as old as markets. . . . The legendary Nathan Rothschild regularly staged coups on the London Stock Exchange. His technique was to build up large positions secretly, by using a wide network of brokers, before he struck. . . . From traders playing computer games with other people's money to top-level operators organising pointless takeovers to generate fees, those awfully nice, useful investment banks have quietly become the overmighty subjects of the global community.

Philosophical And Practical "Fault Planes" In The Global Scenario

That the lowly individual contemplating a 90 per cent reduction in a retirement pension when the pension fund into which that individual has paid all his life collapses, or the mortgager suddenly faced with negative equity on a property, are not even "Mickey Mouse" factors in this scenario. How many city traders or directors of banks have been imprisoned for this longstanding legalised robbery? The United Kingdom Treasury and the City of London have been closely interlinked during many years of government by both political parties, and are linked in turn to the massive trade in "Money" on a global scale. In our February edition of On Target we wrote of this corrupt financial scenario in the context of the closure some 14 years ago of a local hospital as part of a regional book-balancing exercise. This important hospital had served a catchment of some 38,000 people and the closure had severe penalties for those dependent on it. The local Member of Parliament initiated what can only be seen as a largely cosmetic campaign to restore improved medical "facilities". We write this because neither he nor the Treasury Minister through whom he processed the suggestion were to be drawn on the principle of seigniorage, the right of a government to issue it own funds to meet the costs rather than resort to public borrowing, even though this principle has the support of a number of M.Ps. in the form of an Early Day Motion(5). Meanwhile, under the part-privatisation of the Health Services; the Public Finance Initiative (P.F.I.), devised by the "New" Labour Government, financial institutions are making massive profits, if necessary closing vital hospital facilities to ensure these profits.

The crux of these conflicts of interest between ordinary people and the increasing globalisation of manufacturing and financial power in the hands of an international oligarchy and their functionaries, is that of the Nation; the Nation State. As long as people can retain a common culture and tradition, they have a common identity and are able to exist as a powerful, cohesive and motivated force against this process. Thus it is possible for us to understand the true, diversionary purpose of Multiculturalism and mass population movements that underlie the veneer of Liberal-Left idealism, and that are exercised through Political Correctness, restrictive Human Rights legislation and other constraints on public expression and freedoms. We have frequently pointed out that International Socialism is the essence of this erosion of national identity. We have also observed on the frenzied reaction of the predominantly International Socialist constituents of the European Union at the slightest suspicion of so-called "Fascist" or "Right-Wing successes in such countries as Austria or the Netherlands. The British Conservative Party of traditional values and free enterprise is now trapped in this artificial, arguably media-massaged vacuum. These contradictions arose when the Financial Times reported "Far-right set for further advances as S.P.D. falters" (7th August, 2004). Where is the logic of a "neo-Nazi" or "Far-Right" cachet when it is the National Democratic Party (N.P.D.), which defends the interests of ordinary people in a world of commercial blackmail; of manufacture scrambled across national boundaries, of imported labour and out sourced jobs?

"We cannot bow before globalisation. The state must recover its margins of manoeuvre," says Johannes Müller, number three on the N.P.D. electoral list. "German corporate investment must go to Germany first, and we must repatriate German industrial production."

Perhaps we should rise and say the same to British Governments of the M.G.- Rover Car Company, the sole surviving nationally owned company producing what are acknowledged to be generally an excellent range of vehicles, but a company hampered by lack of investment; as the only major manufacturer left after other once-proud marques have been sold off to foreign ownership. But perhaps we should go back to the address by Professor Arnold Toynbee, of the Royal Institute for International Affairs for the seed-corn of this process. His words, in 1931, and published in The Social Crediter fifty years afterwards in 1981, were that there was a covert policy to destroy the sovereignty and independence of the Nation State. Then, in 1947, the Design for Freedom Committee of 24 leading public figures, including 10 Members of Parliament, produced Design for Europe(6). In this we read the first signs of the internationalisation of trade, and Anglo-American integration with Europe, with the caveat that the people "must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked, . . . " Too many distinguished authorities have exposed this conspiracy for it to be ignored. To name but two, the late C. Gordon Tether lost his post as the "Lombard" columnist of the Financial Times when he exposed the Bilderberg Group, and the plot for European integration(7). Secondly, we have the momentous 1,348-page Tragedy and Hope from Professor Carroll Quigley, himself a self-confessed insider(8).


We have written of "those who rule the world behind the scenes"(9), so it is not without interest, en passant, that Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, a descendant of Nathan Rothschild, is a member of the Bilderberg Group. The foundation of the European Union, or Community, with the diversion of a prospective European Economic Community - from "E.E.C." to "E.C." - along the way, is undoubtedly a part of the process of consolidation in which the United States played a leading role in the post-1939-45 War years(10)(11). In conversation with a person with considerable experience of the "corridors" of Whitehall and Westminster, it was suggested that the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, on 11th September, 2004, was a huge diversionary exercise. But a diversion from what? We examined the destruction of the World Trade Centre in four successive editions of On Target(12). Many questions appear to remain unanswered to this day. We are aware of no meaningful inquiry, and of no unequivocal, definitive evidence or explanation for the disaster. Press coverage beloved of British Sunday broadsheets has remained speculative and as substantial as wet blotting paper. "Diversion" is a well enough understood dictionary term. As "Diversiya" it was also a carefully detailed element of Soviet Politico-Military Doctrine geared to the destabilisation, the weakening of an opponent. Diversion in this sense may be argued as having Social, Logistical and Technological components that contribute to the achievement of an ultimate operational objective. The destruction of the World Trade Centre September 11th could have been initiated to divert attention from, or progress, some greater strategic aim of which we might not yet be aware.

We should also take account of the World Revolution, to destroy the Existing Order. Despite the formal collapse of Soviet Communism, with its continuity in the work of Marx and Engels, we know that the teaching of the Eighteenth Century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78), runs like a virus, however subconsciously or subliminally, from the French Revolution of 1789 through society today(13):

Rousseau is best known for his contributions to political philosophy, with his Social Contract (1762), being generally regarded as his masterpiece. In that he argues for a version of sovereignty of the whole citizen body over itself, expressing its legislative intent through the general will, which is supposed to apply to all equally because it comes from all alike. The general will tends to promote liberty and equality, in Rousseau's view, and it both arises from and promotes a spirit of fraternity. . . . One of Rousseau's most memorable epigrams, "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains", comes from the Social Contract and has been a rallying-cry for revolutionaries and reformers ever since. Another central thought in Rousseau's work is that man is by nature good, but he is corrupted and depraved by society.

If we are to take all possible factors into account we must also consider the spiritual dimension. The readership of On Target includes subscribers of the three principle faiths; Islam, Christianity and Judaism. We therefore avoid unnecessary controversy, especially, for example, with Atheists or Humanists who deny the existence of a superior Being, with the fundamental challenge that ultimate faith must include the definition of Infinity in terms of space and time. There is no answer. However, anyone who has encountered those who have been associated with satanic possession or been acquainted with the supernatural experiences of Dr Kenneth McAll who, with his wife was a missionary doctor in Japanese-occupied China, will recognise the existence of the transcendental forces of Good and Evil regardless of religious faith(14). On a more earthly level, a certain species of engineers and scientists manifests enormous intelligence and professional intensity whilst concurrently lacking basic common sense in the real environment of life around them. In uniform in the Armed Forces, such individuals have been humorously referred to as the "men in white coats who work in padded cells". There is more than a grain of truth in this. According to Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Roberts, United States Army, retired, a "Mattoid" is defined in Webster's Encyclopaedic Unabridged Dictionary of The English Language as "A person of abnormal mentality bordering on insanity". In the August, 2004 edition of his Newsletter, Bulletin - Committee To Restore The Constitution, Lieutenant Colonel Roberts reproduced the following article with the byline: "It is appallingly clear that America the beautiful has fallen into the hands of political madmen!". The article was taken from his The Anatomy Of A Revolution of 1968; a self-documented research study to trace the origins of World Revolution from Adam Weishaupt to David Rockefeller, and vital to understanding forces underlying United States social, economic and political convulsions.

The Mattoid Syndrome

Our people are exploited and terrorized by coercive domestic policy at home; our sons are betrayed in "no win" military adventures abroad; and our national honour and integrity are compromised all over the globe. An increasing number of United States citizens, seeking recovery of national reason, recommend and endorse a public examination of this strategy of defeat. They believe, as you believe, that the peril of political madness can be ignored only on pain of extinction of the State. Americans must, they warn, isolate the psychology of those who promote rebellion and inspire a study of the anatomy of revolution. One of these alarmed Americans is David O. Woodbury, author of 23 books of science, who said in the Manchester Union Leader, "We are confronted by a horde of mad-men. Mad in the same sense that Hitler was mad a fact which the whole world accepts. Mad in the sense that their conduct, their aspiration, their reasoning, their actions are those of minds out of control, irrational, unsound, blown by a hurricane of wilful insistence upon principles that civilization has proved over and over again to be specious and often degenerate." (15) It is also apparent that insanity has recruited a vast apparatus of propaganda and employs a diabolical cleverness in posing as the protector and benefactor of mankind while actually furthering nihilistic objectives. [Nihilism: the rejection of all religious and moral principles; denial of all reality; the overturn of all existing institutions of society in order to build it up anew on different principles].

Contemporary history, in fact, convincingly suggests that those who head the Federal Government are manipulated by mattoids by men of unbalanced and dangerous brilliance. These hidden exploiters of the United States power structure apply an inverted psycho eugenic science as a weapon against the people. They have, seemingly, perfected a sophisticated and systematised plan, incorporating brainwashing and genetic prostitution, to achieve Soviet style control over the American social order. To escape the dolorous fate of yesterday's people, Americans can dispel this doctrine of darkness by disseminating definitive intelligence and by adopting corrective political action. Power entrenched mattoids can only be overthrown by an informed and indignant electorate. It is proposed that the psychopathic malignancy threatening the American civilization be examined in depth and the knowledge gained thereby be applied with surgical finality. Let us begin by defining the nature of the foe: The Mattoid. Sociologist Max Nordau has identified three classifications of the mattoid. "A mattoid or half fool," Nordau said, "who is full of organic feelings of dislike, generalises his subjective state into a system of pessimism, of 'Weltschmertz' weariness of life. Another, in whom a loveless egoism dominates all thought and feeling, so that the whole exterior world seems to him hostile, organises his anti social instincts into the theory of anarchism. A third, who suffers from moral insensibility, so that no bond of sympathy links him with his fellow man or with any living thing, and who is obsessed by vanity amounting to megalomania, preaches a doctrine of the Superman, who is to know no consideration and no compassion, be bound by no moral principle, but 'live his own life' without regard for others."

"When these half fools, as often happens, speak an excited language," said Nordau, "when their imaginations, unbridled by logic or understanding, supplies them with odd, startling fancies and surprising associations and images their writings make a strong impression on thought in the cultivated circles of their times." (16) Irrational political decisions at policy making levels force upon perceptive Americans the conclusion that an invisible government of men "unbridled by logic or understanding" has acquired ultimate power and influence in the United States. Furthermore, the image building manipulations of these mattoids favour the development of similar attitudes in others and give thousands perhaps millions of normally well balanced persons the courage to overtly engage in absurd or infamous acts. "Through the influence of the teachings of degenerate half fools," Nordau continued, "conditions arise which do not, like the cases of insanity and crime, admit of expression in figures, but can nevertheless in the end be defined through their political and social effects. We gradually observe a general loosening of morality, a disappearance of logic from thought and action, a morbid irritability and vacillation of public opinion, a relaxation of character. Offences are treated with a frivolous or sentimental indulgence which encourages rascals of all kinds. People lose the power of moral indignation, and accustom themselves to despise it as something banal, unadvanced, inelegant, unintelligent. Deeds that would formerly have disqualified a man for ever from public life are no longer an obstacle in his career, so that suspicious and tainted personalities find it possible to rise to responsible positions. [May we cite the failure to resign, and reinstatement of certain British "New" Labour politicians here? - Ed.]. Nobody is shocked by the most absurd proposals, measures, and fashions, and folly rules in legislation, administration, domestic and foreign politics . Everybody harps upon his 'rights' and rebels against every limitation of his arbitrary desires by law or custom. Everybody tries to escape from the compulsion of discipline and shake off the burden of duty." (17)

Published fifty six years ago, Nordau's commentary, The Degeneration of Classes and Peoples, is a shocking prophecy of the mattoid directed malaise besetting America today. The destructive social doctrines of our own time, attractive on the surface but basically subversive, are essentially the product of unsound reasoning by unsound brains. Sociologist Nordau ably analysed the enormous harm done by such individuals preaching negative dogma. They lead astray vast numbers of average people whose intelligence is not high enough to protect them against clever fallacies clothed in emotional appeal, and they arouse the degenerate elements and primitive types in society. In his book, The Revolt Against Civilization, Lothrop Stoddard indicts these political madmen and suggests the manner in which protectors of the American civilization may meet the challenge of our day. Stoddard observed, "Construction and destruction, progress and regress, evolution and revolution, are alike the work of dynamic minorities. Numerically small, talented élites create and advance high civilizations; while Jacobin France and Bolshevik Russia prove how a small but ruthless revolutionary faction can wreck a social order and tyrannize a great population". "Of course," he said, "these dynamic groups are composed primarily of leaders they are the officers' corps of much larger armies which mobilize instinctively when crises arise."(18) America need not become a land of 'yesterday's people'. Transform 'spectatorship' to 'participation' in the patriotic struggle to restore, defend and preserve freedoms of person and property guaranteed to you by the Constitution of the United States. Join citizen initiated, State legislative action to outlaw the men and the system engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow the Constitution and erect a United Nations "New World Order" on ruins of the Republic.


The Foggy Path Of Revolution And Illusions Of Democracy

We are still not clear about the true path, the signs and portents of World Revolution; or what this has achieved in practice for ordinary people. In the United Kingdom the Conservative Party remains fatally mystified, as do virtually all political commentators and self-appointed experts - the "talking heads" of the Media. Warnings about the real internal threat from Communism in the early post-war decades by experts such as former intelligence officer diplomat George Young have largely been tactically obscured by specious allegations of "Right"-Wing association(19). We have largely lost the contemporary knowledge and observations of the crucial 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, with the pragmatic writing of top-flight journalists and analysts like Henry Wickham Steed, Malcolm Muggeridge, Douglas Reed, General Fuller, Ivor Benson, and others, whom the establishment prefers not to acknowledge today(20). Two important articles appeared in The Times in 1989, the bi-centenary of the French Revolution. "So where's the revolution?" by Edward Mortimer carried, significantly, caricatures of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, François Mitterrand and Neil Kinnock. Mortimer wrote of the eventual dichotomy between the Second, Socialist International and the Third Communist International; the Comintern. Of these three differing schools of Socialist thought, he wrote:

The Germans [the Social Democratic Party, S.P.D. - Ed.] acted as guardians of Marxists orthodoxy, which meant preserving social democracy as a "revolutionary" force (ie., rejecting any form of collaboration with bourgeois parties or the bourgeois state), but a highly organised and disciplined one, strongly opposed to any anarchistic or insurrectionary tendencies that might give the bourgeoisie a pretext for repression and violence. (Emphasis added)

Thus we have the term "Social Democracy" as part of the world-wide Socialist construction. Mortimer also quoted Marx's daughter, Eleanor, as writing about the "international brotherhood of the working class". This, of course, was not what the Revolution was about, any more than we see under the "New" Labour Government today; the Proletariat were simply the vehicle to Power. We must also remember that Socialism leached into the United States during visits by Eleanor Marx and others during the 1880s, and that Joseph Pogany, Hungarian agent of the Communist International, entered the United States illegally in 1922 and, using several aliases, helped to set up various Socialist agencies there, such as the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.)(21). As "John Pepper" Pogany also wrote that "The Negro question in America must be treated in its relation to the liberation struggle of the proletariat against American imperialism"(22) Hence we see how genuine race issues could be exploited as part of the wider whole of International Socialist Revolution. Roger Scruton writing in The Times of 10th July, 1989, identified a clear path between Rousseau, Robespierre, a Jacobin leader during the French Revolution, and on to Karl Marx, when he pointed out the sense of frustration for the ideals and fantasies of the revolutionary confronted with the realities of the world at large. Scruton echoed Rousseau and Marx with a glimpse of the state as the "universal Lord", and trends we may see in the International Socialist bureaucracy of today:

Christianity was replaced with a creed which was more suited to this new obedience, a creed which did not insist so embarrassingly on the fact that the individual is answerable for his soul to God alone, and is the property of the earthly master - not even of the state. The Revolution therefore sought to rid the bonds between people of their ancient sanctity, and at the same time to involve the state, as a mystical presence, in all the deepest ties and aspirations. It is to the Revolution that we owe the new kind of "civil marriage", . . . as well as the idea that children belong neither to their parents, but to the state. . . . Revolutionary sentimentality ensures, however, that the goal remains unreal. While passionate in the pursuit of liberty, the revolutionaries destroyed all the institutions through which liberty is defined. (Emphasis added)

We can identify the unbroken thread of Godless World Revolution running through society from the 18th century philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It should be possible to understand how issues in which there may be a grain of justification, even compelling reasons of social justice, such as race or mass population movements, becomes vulnerable to underlying or even subconscious exploitation for revolutionary ends. The ultimate purpose of Revolution, that of Power, becomes more apparent when one relates an absence of the same revolutionary zeal to selective military and economic exploitation on a global scale. We may reel the story forward to the mechanisms of political Correctness today. Thus we may see the implications of what it is Politically Correct to teach, or the control of religious worship, in schools on both sides of the Atlantic. We must go back to Marxism-Leninism and the correct observation and interpretation of Marxist-Leninist Doctrine. In a single term, we are talking about "Control Freakery", which is not a million miles away from the mechanisms exercised by "New" Labour Governments. We have taken the following extracts from a treatise by Dr Frank Ellis. For continuity and ease of reading we have omitted distinctions between various sources where these occur within the text. Lenin had devised "Partiinost". For our purposes this can be taken as ideological identification with the Party. We have added emphasis as necessary (23):

Knowledge and truth, argues Lenin, are a product of one's class. In fact, what is called objective knowledge is a part of the bourgeois conspiracy to retain power and control so that the working classes can be exploited. In non-Marxist thought truth and knowledge are merely bourgeois biases. . . . Taking his lead from Lenin, Kunitsyn, in his analysis of partiinost, repeatedly emphasises the correctness of Leninist teachings. Thus, he refers to "the correctness of the chosen path". Various supporters of the Bolsheviks are upbraided for being "unable correctly" to understand Bolshevism. . . . Colleagues who make ideological mistakes need to be the focus of "correct work", and problems of culture are to be resolved in "a correct Leninist way". . . . The ideology of class makes possible a powerful new mechanism for interpreting the world, scientific socialism no less. Science and scientific method, as it had evolved since Newton, could not escape the need for a correct understanding of the world, one that was congenial to Marxism-Leninism. Where science clashed with Marxist-Leninist ideology, as it frequently did in the course of the twentieth century, then scientists were expected to confess "errors" and recant or were arrested. . . . Liberated from the burden of proof, Lenin and his successors were allowed to claim superior insight. The consequences were profound. By insisting on party unity at all costs and instilling fear of factionalism, Lenin made serious intellectual discussion impossible. . . . Consistent with the creation of a revolutionary élite to guide the masses, great emphasis in Lenin's writings is attached to ensuring that the right people work in the party press, that they be thoroughly well versed in Leninist thought and they have an intuitive understanding of what is Politically-Ideologically Correct. . . . By the time of Lenin's death in 1924, and certainly no later than the end of the 1920s, the concept of correctness was pervasive in ideology, politics, psychiatry, education, literature, history, jurisprudence, culture and economics. To be politically correct meant to be consistent with, not deviating from, the party line on any given issue. . . . Socialist realism demanded that artists depict the world as it ought to be not as it was. Again, this principle has been thoroughly grasped by feminists and appears to be the holy of holies among practitioners in our contemporary broadcast and print media. It is, too, as any interested American parent can confirm, crucial in the production and marketing of contemporary textbooks, many abandoning any pretence of historical accuracy in the name of "balance" and "fairness". Likewise affirmative action and equal opportunities programmes are predicated on a theoretical template that owes little to empirical data and human behaviour. . . . [The] intention is to use language as a weapon. In this scenario language is not primarily used to communicate ideas but rather to signal the speaker's willingness to submit to the politically correct register (gay, for example, in place of homosexual or gender in place of sex). Language is power not for the masses but for the party intellectuals who are to instruct us on correct usage. Contemporary political correctness pursues the same policy by dominating public discourse and creating a climate of fear such that "incorrect" opinion is declared illegitimate, extreme or racist and so on.

The message contained in these few extracts should be plain. We should also recognise how the Doctrine of the Revolution is being applied in everyday life. Certain references are to the United States, although they apply equally in the United Kingdom. One tends automatically to regard America as the land of the free, but it is apparent that the Marxist-Leninist "virus" infused by Eleanor Marx, Joseph Pogany and others has corrupted the American psyche, however subtly. In the following extracts from the original article, we witness the same revolutionary virus in the corridors of Westminster. Emphasis has been addded where necessary.

How Labour Ministers Lie About The World And Their Opponents
By Peter Oborne, The Spectator, 21st August, 2004

One of the key reasons why New Labour has been successful for so long is its ability to destroy or marginalise opponents. The techniques used are ruthless. Those who challenge government orthodoxy are smeared, discredited and rubbished as liars. Their motives are questioned and their characters assassinated. Normally, in the quotidian frenzy of political debate, there is no time to examine how ministers construct their arguments. Life moves on, the smears and falsehoods remain hanging in the air. . . . The last week has provided two interesting case studies. One involves the claim made by Denis MacShane, Minister for Europe, that Tory Eurosceptics are guilty of fostering racism. The second concerns the Schools Minister David Miliband's eye catching assertion that A level standards are as high as ever. First Miliband. It is interesting to note that he kicked off his speech last Tuesday not by making a reasoned argument, but by questioning the good faith of his opponents. He accused those who argue that A level standards have fallen of wanting "to defend the old order of things", and of putting up "barriers of birth not merit" to the rise of hard working pupils from all over the country. Miliband's method of argument is disgraceful. The wave of protests against low standards in Britain's schools had not come from the tiny section of British society supposing it still exists in any meaningful way which continues to depend on so called "barriers of birth". The complaints about failing standards in schools have come from other quarters; employers, universities, and some of the examiners themselves. An important series of articles in The Economist has shown how a growing number of universities now regard A levels as such a worthless measure of achievement that they are searching for other methods of assessing potential students. In medical and veterinary science, six of the top faculties in Britain now select through a special biomedical admissions test. Eight law schools are now following suit with a legal aptitude test. Other universities have simply given up on A levels as a method of sorting out bright students. Leeds Metropolitan and Huddersfield Universities, which have 20 applicants for each physiotherapy place, just choose successful applicants randomly from those with the right grades. Miliband believes that this oversupply reflects a heroic improvement in teaching standards in the last 20 years. All the evidence suggests the exact opposite.

This week a pamphlet published by the Bow Group showed that nine out of ten academics believe A levels have been devalued. A remarkable recent survey by Coventry University showed that those with a B grade in mathematics have the same or possibly worse capacity as those who actually failed the exam in 1991. Reports from employers echo these concerns. The Economist has revealed how the Ministry of Defence has been obliged to start a large remedial mathematics programme after it emerged that soldiers with a C pass at G.C.S.E. are often baffled by common fractions. Listen to this from the Engineering Council: "There is strong evidence from diagnostic tests of a steady decline over the past decade of fluency in basic mathematical skills and of the level of mathematical preparation of students accepted on to degree courses". One could go on and on. It is intellectually dishonest of Miliband to ignore the massive amount of evidence showing that A level standards have fallen sharply in the last 20 years, and utterly shameless to misrepresent those who point this out as defenders of social privilege. Miliband's refusal to acknowledge there is a problem can only lead directly to false policy prescriptions, and in the long term do great damage. His speech in complete defiance of independent research, academic opinion and common sense. I don't think that Miliband is consciously lying. My guess is he has very little understanding of the world outside Whitehall. He is an intellectual who lives a tidy, well ordered life dedicated to targets and statistics, animated in part by a sub Marxist ideology of central control. In his tightly defined world, standards go up and up, and anyone who claims otherwise is a myth maker, a reactionary and a liar.

The case of Denis MacShane, Europe Minister, is similar in certain respects, but more flagrant. MacShane too operates by trashing the characters and misrepresenting the motives of his opponents. Two weeks ago, during the course of an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mac-Shane insinuated that Eurosceptic newspapers and some Tory politicians were encouraging racism. Later he went on the Today Programme to enlarge on his proposition. He called for a "fact based" debate. Then he denounced the Eurosceptic press for telling monstrous lies and myths about Europe, citing in particular the case of one newspaper which had described Eastern European immigrants as a "murderous horde". MacShane told Ed Stourton, the Today programme interviewer, that this sort of thing must stop. Afterwards I consulted a database to discover which newspaper had used inflammatory language in this shameful and probably illegal way. Nothing came up, so I rang the Foreign Office News Department, which promised to get back with an answer. Five minutes later, to my surprise, MacShane himself came on the line. When I asked about the "murderous horde", MacShane became vague, changing the subject by citing other stories, one by The Sun journalist George Pascoe Watson and another by Ed Heathcoat Amory in the Daily Mail, which he alleged to be false. I informed MacShane that I would warn these journalists that he was blackening their reputations behind their backs, then continued to press him about his "murderous horde". MacShane started to wriggle, eventually denying that he had ever used the phrase. "I never said it", he insisted.

Once our conversation was over, I listened again to a tape of MacShane's Today Programme interview. This is what he said: "You remember in the Winter there was all this hysteria about people from Poland and Hungary coming into the country. They were described in one of our papers as a murderous horde a murderous horde. These are nurses and hospital workers from Poland. They are European citizens. They are paying taxes here. When is somebody going to stand up to that kind of language?" Millions of people were listening to that Today Programme interview. They heard a senior Government Minister make a charge of extreme gravity. He repeated it twice. Listeners were entitled to assume that he was telling the truth. In fact he had made up the quote. Government Ministers nowadays talk a great deal about the need to recapture public trust in politics. But they themselves feel free to smear their opponents and distort the truth. It is a horrible way of conducting public debate. In their different ways David Miliband and Denis MacShane are bringing democratic politics into contempt.

Tracking The Deadly Virus Of Revolution

With the pedigree of the Second International, and continuity of the Ideological Struggle through the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt-am-Main, in Germany(24), we may safely assume that Socialists such as David Milibrand and Denis MacShane have assimilated the Socialist philosophy and methodology. Unlike political activists from Southern Africa, for example, we are not aware of formal training on any scale in Marxism-Leninism at establishments behind the Iron Curtain. On the other hand, little publicity was given to a continuum of official collaboration through-out the Cold war period between the British and Eastern Bloc Governments. This was recorded in a series of Government Command Papers. The fields of collaboration included Science, Technology, Education, Culture (including the Media) and Industry. It is very likely that among those who participated in these exchanges were students who later went on to occupy official positions; not least in Politics. Such activities were easy meat for the waiting K.G.B. and the G.R.U. (Soviet Military Intelligence). George Young likewise detailed the Left-Wing activities and affiliations of politically active students and others in the United Kingdom(25). Dr Ellis described the continuity of the World Revolution following the formal collapse of Soviet Communism very well(26):

To conclude I offer an allegory. It is pessimistic and belongs to the genre of low-budget horror films. Imagine a giant arachnid, defeated and mortally wounded, which in its death throes, manages to ejaculate a stream of spores. The victor, savouring his hard won triumph, fails to see that the spores have landed on his body. If not decontaminated they will begin the process of his metamorphosis into the very monster he has just vanquished.

We should consider the Spectator article in the form of a template over the relevant parts of the text, which have been highlighted. In this way we should be able to interpret the words of the two Ministers. That opponents might be "smeared" or "discredited" is a denunciation of those who take an incorrect position. That Milibrand went on to question "the good faith of his opponents" simply reiterated the denunciation. When he accuses his opponents of defending the "old order of things" it is to state the correct position; this position being that A-level standards have not fallen regardless of a wealth of "scientific" evidence to the contrary. In other words, it is The Economist, the universities, the Engineering Council and other critics that are in error, because they challenge the correct position. "Barriers of birth not merit" is the correct Marxist-Leninist position on the class system. This is the correct position notwithstanding the apparently subjective nature of Milibrand's statement, and regardless of any evidence to the contrary; in any case that is not the point! Naturally there would have been no "problem" as far as Milibrand was concerened because his was the correct position. That over-supply indicates an "heroic improvement in teaching standards", in Milibrand's words, simply reflects the correct position. Few, except the politically motivated, who have studied the politicised turbulence within the profession and the politicised control of Education would readily agree. Conflict over standards and between ideals of independent, grammar and state schooling are elements of the Ideological Struggle. However, to suggest "intellectual dishonesty" or shamelessness; to suggest that Milibrand was not "consciously lying" or has "very little understanding" may be a literally true observation. But if the interpretation of Milibrand's statements is valid, this is a total misconception; Milibrand could have known exactly what he was about in Marxists-Leninist terms.

In the case of Denis McShane, what he may have said or not said is irrelevant in Marxist-Leninist terms. The truth is that which accords with the interests of Marxism-Leninism. The "murderous horde" story might well have been fabricated had this served the correct Marxist-Leninist position. Neither Milibrand or McShane would have "felt free" in their actions. Nor would either man be "bringing democratic politics into contempt" in the accepted sense. On the other hand, had such a move served some deeper diversionary purpose, they would have conspired to this end. Interpreted in Marxist-Leninist terms their words and actions would have been exactly in accordance with Marxist-Leninist Doctrine.

If either Milibrand or MacShane were to be challenged on the basis of these assessments, neither would be likely to concede the truth. It is quite possible that they would have taken the line they did instinctively, especially with their strong Left-Wing backgrounds. We must not over-look the "virus" factor. Although limited generally, Marxism had taken root in the South Wales coalfields by the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and was strong during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-38. In the 1920s a handful had attended the Lenin School, in Moscow. Hywel Francis also recorded a "continuous tradition of Marxist education" in the Rhondda Valley, and the Communist Party of Great Britain (C.P.G.B.), was very active in the region(27). During the conflict with the Government of Margaret Thatcher in the mid-1980s, the National Union of Mine-workers (N.U.M.), was heavily influenced by Communists. This dispute, albeit with considerable justification for the concerns of the miners, that were validated by subsequent developments, was conducted on the basis of the Armed Struggle. A Communist tactic, too, had always been that a Communist conclave would take place prior to a formal trades union meeting, to decide the line to be taken. In Education, we have the example of Sir Cyril Burt, originator of the 11-plus examination and knighted by a Labour Government. Unfortunately for Burt, his position on Education had become incorrect, and in 1979 he was subjected to a vicious character assassination, employing false evidence, by the B.B.C. This was no different in principle to a formal Soviet Communist denunciation. Had this taken place in the Soviet Union in the Stalinist 1930s or 1940s, Burt would probably have been executed after a "show" trial. A decade later, he might have been sent to a psychiatric hospital (The Sunday Telegraph, 2nd August, 1987, and The Times, 15th February, 1992). Can we ignore the elusive thread of continuity indicated by the article in The Spectator?

(To be continued)


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