Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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Freedom Potentials Podcast

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Freedom Potentials

  Introduction to Freedom Potentials   Drive for World Control  
1 - Preparing for Service 2 - Freedom and Service 3 - Problem Identification 4 - Crown, Law and Constitution 5 - The Australian Situation 1
6 - Essential Concepts 1 & 2 7 - The Australian Situation 2 8 - Voter's Veto -
The Citizen's Right to Say NO
9 - Application of Principles 10 - Education and Local Government
11 - Options for Action 12 - Economic Basics 13 - Economic Freedom Potentials 1 14 - Democratising Money 15 - What Has to be Done
16 - Why All This is Possible? 17 - Economic Freedom Potentials 2 18 - Do it Yourself Money 19 - Political Action 20 - Damage Control

Mark Anderson

Paradise Denied 1 Paradise Denied 2 Paradise Denied 3    
The Great Reset 1        

Wallace & Robert Klinck

The Final Treason 1 The Final Treason 2 The Final Treason 3 The Final Treason 4 The Final Treason 5
The Final Treason 6 The Final Treason 7 The Final Treason 8 The Final Treason 9 The Final Treason 10
The Final Treason 11 The Final Treason 12      

ED Butler

Has Keynesian Economics Failed
ED Butler
The Causes of War
CH Douglas
Releasing Reality
ED Butler
Planned Surrender of Australia
ED Butler
Advanced Social Credit Lecture 1 1978
ED Butler
The Pedigree of Ideas
ED Butler
Root of All Evil
ED Butler
Uphold the Torch of Freedom
ED Butler
The anti-League Campaign
ED Butler
Advanced Social Credit Lecture 2 1978
ED Butler
The Money Trick
ED Butler
  The Douglas Impact on Australia
ED Butler
Memories of the Early Years
ED Butler
Advanced Social Credit Lecture 3 1978
ED Butler

Jeremy Lee

Debt for Equity Swaps
Jeremy Lee
Building the World State Through Financial Debt - Jeremy Lee Australia in Financial Crisis
Jeremy Lee
Retell The Story
Jeremy Lee
Rebuilding The Great South Land
J Lee
State of the Crisis
Jeremy Lee
How Can the Whole World Be in Debt
Jeremy Lee
Australia's Prospects
Jeremy Lee
Land Rights in Victoria
G McDonald - J Lee
Stop the ID Card
Jeremy Lee
Strategic Threat to Australia
Jeremy Lee
New World Order and Global Debt
Jeremy Lee

Frances Hutchinson

1. Your Money OR Your Life - F Hutchinson 2. Economics - F Hutchinson 3. An African Education - F Hutchinson 4. The New Home Economics - F Hutchinson
  5. Institutions - F Hutchinson 6. The Theory of The Leisure Class - F Hutchinson 7. Galileo and Flat Earth Economics - F Hutchinson 8. The Wages System - F Hutchinson
  9. The Flat Earth Economics of the Circular Flow - F Hutchinson 10. The Money Economy and the Real Economy - F Hutchinson 11. Money, Banking and the Real Economy - F Hutchinson 12. Finance, Government and the Law - F Hutchinson
  13. A Sense for Place and Community - F Hutchinson 14. From Common Law to Central Government - F Hutchinson 15. Indigenous Agricultural Revolution - F Hutchinson 16. Reclaiming The Shire - F Hutchinson

Miscellaneous Podcasts

A Botanist at Bay - G Dobbs Compulsory Immunisation      


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