Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Food for Thought: Iraq 1991 - 2001 - Lest We Forget Lest We Forget - Tommy Gould, V.C., 1914-2001.
Tommy Gould, who has died aged 86, won the Victoria Cross, the only Jewish recipient of the Second World War, while serving in the Submarine Thresher in February, 1942 . . . who, at great personal risk, crawled through the outer casing of his stricken submarine to remove two unexploded bombs.
The Daily Telegraph, 7th December, 2001.


Published in 2 Parts - Part 2 Section B


The Story So Far
Since the fateful events of the 11th September, 2001, in the United States, principally the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, in New York, we have looked at specific aspects of the situation rather than follow the herd in the rush to identify the tragedy with the Islamic cause and the emotional panacea of "Terrorism" - whatever that term may mean.

In the first instance it is clear that control over the world's diminishing oil resources is vital to sustain Godless Materialism - the rampant consumerism of the Western way of life led and epitomised by the United States. This is enshrined in the "Siamese twins"of political imperative that brooks no national autonomy where these resources are concerned, in a deadly combination with commercialism; International Finance-Capitalism controlled by an International Elite, the Global Power Brokers with their army of functionaries and parasitic beneficiaries(60).

In the October, 2001 edition of On Target, we took our examination a stage further by considering the world as it is being shaped by the progressive Centralisation of Power, and the key role of the State of Israel in this scenario. In this we have the advantage of our contacts with some of those involved during the formative post-Cold War years of declining Soviet Power and the infusion during the 1980s of subversive Zionist-K.G.B. oriented influences within the administrations of Presidents Reagan and Bush Snr. Without question these remain active today.

We considered the highly selective value placed on human life, according to the designs of the Global Power Brokers behind the United States dominated "International Community". In doing so one has a better perspective of the expendability of thousands and even millions of innocent lives deliberately sacrificed directly or indirectly, by design or default of the Global Elite, according to these interests and priorities. Thus doubt has to be cast on the all-too-rapid attribution of complicity of Islamic organisations in the events of the 11th September, 2001(61).

In our November edition we continued the process of self-scrutiny as essential to understanding those forces working to render populations in the West susceptible and amenable to the Globalisation process. We considered in detail the Science of Diversion, the "Diversiya" of Soviet Military Doctrine, by which a range of specific measures, equally applicable in "Peace" as in "War", is employed to weaken and destabilise an adversary. This, of course, may cut both ways, as we have seen in the massive Diversionary Attack on the World Trade Centre in September last, as an icon of International Finance-Capitalism, and the destabilising effects of Political Correctness (P.C.), on our own Armed Forces.

Domestically, we may recognise the tactics for the Centralisation of Power in the International Fabian Socialist drive for European federalism and the creation of a major Power bloc in this process of global consolidation. Under cover of the current emergency we are seeing measures against perceived "Terrorism" that in fact will probably lead conveniently to permanent restrictions on our traditional freedoms. In the same way we are witnessing further measures in the same direction for the continuation of the planned destruction of British Agriculture, and the introduction of a single European currency, the Euro(62).

Grass roots perceptions of political "Left" and "Right" have long been irrelevant. The problem of Nationhood and the Nation State is in truth not the aggressive advocation of what have come to be tactically vilified as extreme "Right" Wing principles, but the defence of National traditions and culture against the Internationalist onslaught. In this the British Conservative Party has displayed its naïveté and so its vulnerability by allowing itself to be marginalised in the mainstream press by allusions to "Racism" and political "Extremism", and by the use of a calculated Diversionary Attack through the Searchlight magazine; itself working to a hidden agenda and a promoter of an inverse form of racial hatred, with the use of "Agitation", "Propaganda" and "Provocation" - formal elements of "Diversiya" straight from the pages of Soviet Military Doctrine as laid down in The Diversionary Service!(63)(64)!

Setting Out The Stall For The Era Of Post-Communist Power

To relate to the present situation, its causes and effects, we must understand what the West; namely the unchallenged Power of the United States, is "all about". On the 26th June, 1976, the retiring Commander, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Alexander Haig, wrote an illuminating letter in confidence to the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (N.A.T.O.), His Excellency Joseph M.A.H. Luns, about the future deployment of nuclear weapons. The following are relevant extracts:

We will never be able to put into effect our joint plans in this vital area unless quite exceptional efforts are made to check European tendencies toward neutralism, pacifism and unilateralism. . . . We should constantly bear in mind the necessity of continuously directing attention to the Soviet military threat and of further activizing our collaboration with the mass media. If argument, persuasion and impacting the media fail, we are left with no alternative but to jolt the faint-hearted in Europe through the creation of situations, country by country as deemed necessary to convince them where their interests lie.

The current Secretary General of N.A.T.O. is Lord George Robertson, significantly a member of the Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (R.I.I.A.). In 1976 Sir Edward Heath, when Prime Minister, had set the scene for the integration of the United Kingdom in a federal Europe, so also setting the scene for the end of the Nation State.

By 1990 the Soviet Union, in serious political and economic difficulties, was finished as an effective global military power to leave the United States unchallenged and the huge, mainly United States, Military-Industrial Armaments complex at risk after it had been justified and sustained by 40 years of the Cold War. The new philosophy became that of the market and "Intelligence" now to be based on Open Source Information (O.S.I.).

In a letter dated 17th June, 1993, Robert D. Steele, President of Open Source Solutions Inc., wrote that Vice President Al Gore intended to put up to $1,000,000,000 each year out of National Foreign Intelligence Programme funds into a National Information Initiative (N.I.I.). These extracts from an annex to Steele's letter explained the objectives under the heading "The Collision Of Intelligence And Information" (emphasis added):
Suddenly, confronted by the disappearance of the monolithic Soviet threat, which has justified multi-billion dollar intelligence budgets since the National Security Act of 1947 created the Central Intelligence Agency and related capabilities, the intelligence community has rediscovered unclassified public information, or in its jargon, "open source intelligence" or OSCINT. . . .
Coinciding with the intelligence community's discovery of the utility of unclassified information are changed perspectives within the business world, where managers are finding that "competitive intelligence" is not only essential to their survival, but that they must also monitor demographic and economic trends, environmental costs, and many other complex issues which bear on profit margins.

Intelligence by its very nature cannot be "open" and, in the context of national security has a strictly military connotation. However, Intelligence, as it were, nevertheless went into the "market" as indicated by a leaflet for the Intelligence Newsletter indicated in 1992 (emphasis added):
We must also concern ourselves with the questions that the intelligence agencies themselves focus upon. That means we pay particular attention to the rise of fundamentalist movements in the Middle East and North Africa; nuclear, ballistic missile, chemical or germ warfare proliferation; the transfer of technology (export control systems, identification of dual technology, monitoring of "high risk" countries, etc.); and competition between U.S. and European defence suppliers for major arms contracts in the Middle East and Far East. The economic, political and strategic stakes are such that information on what happens behind the scenes in the scramble for contracts can be invaluable.
Further evidence on the way the contemporary world was being shaped by the unchallenged Power of the United States was contained in a Paper, "Inside The Pentagon", dated 2nd June, 1993. This dealt with a Report from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (C.S.I.S.), on the Military Technical Revolution (M.T.R.)

These extracts show exactly the way the wind was blowing:
Precision has revolutionised warfare by dramatically reducing the collateral damage of war and by making the threat of the use of force a key foreign policy instrument. "This fact carried dramatic implications for the use of force as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy," the report says. . . . As the United States pursues information dominance, potential Third World foes will at the same time pursue ways to foil those advances, he said [Dan Goure, Deputy Director for C.S.I.S. politico-military affairs].
Already, dozens of less developed countries are seeking satellite intelligence, either by their own launches or by buying images from Third World countries, he said.

Chemical and biological weapons represent an option for a technically limited adversary to confound more advanced forces, and could become the Third World's response to the M.T.R. Goure said.

The will of the people, expressed in the form of a "Democracy", a free system of electoral representation, has long been a parody in leading Western countries. Exceptions are arguably smaller Nations such as Switzerland, where the people do at least enjoy the checks and balances of the Referendum. In practice "Democracy" means that perhaps two or three major political parties with little to choose between them do exactly as they please once elected to office, in accordance with the objectives of a Ruling Elite. This Elite is integrated with the debt-usury system of "money" creation by the private banking system, and its numbers directly or indirectly control the Mass Communications Media, thus filtering and shaping the flow of information to the general public.

We now come to fact and fiction in the case of the Balkans, a region with a long history of bitter internecine strife, and now effectively under the "occupation" of the so-called "International Community".

Following the collapse of the Soviet Russian Communist regime, the federal Communist State of Yugoslavia began to disintegrate in turn from 1991, as a result of which Slovenia and Croatia eventually seceded from the union. In 1995 a vicious power struggle was taking place in Bosnia Herzegovina between Croats, Moslems a