Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
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Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


by Barry Turner
Report from U.K. correspondent: Barry Turner, of British "On Target":

Like the 9-11 tragedy, the "smoke" is still clearing here in the U.K., but the weekend papers have added a bit. As expected the weekend press has "divided like the Red Sea" - according to their philosophical positions (no doubt of their owners). Con Coughlin of the Telegraph - becoming, it seems, more and more politically pro-Blair & Co. - links Osama bin Laden to Iraq and the London incident.
This is a deliberate distortion of known truths and omits to mention who created Osama bin Laden in the first place.
The Independent on Sunday was far more rational and contained two excellent pieces by Alan Watkins and Dilip Hiro. The latter makes it quite clear that considering the ignorant desecration inflicted on Islamic culture, the WMD lies etc., there should be no surprise about "pay-back time". Watkins takes a softer line, but does refer to a TV interview of Home Secretary Clarke, in which Clarke makes the same attempt at linking the London bombings to Osama bin Laden, as does Coughlin; again, knowing perfectly well bin Laden is a creature of America.
To connect 9-11 directly with London of course side-steps Western guilt over Iraq and will become the official line as Watkins points out.
This is no time to point out that this has been an everyday occurrence for equally innocent people in Iraq. There is, of course, the way in which the people here have reacted, Blitz-style. And the tragedy has been handled as well as could be expected by Police and rescue services. This is the immediate concern separate from the political angles. Much capital is being made of the Blitz angle, maybe rightly, but it does deflect attention from ideas of "pay-back".
Almost inevitably, George Galloway stuck his neck out in Parliament and drove home the point about what the West has done to Palestine and Iraq and the inevitable retribution. It was hardly the right time whilst emotions are running so high and the country is united in grief, but it has to be said sooner or later.

John Pilger wrote an excellent piece on Iraq-G8 in this week's New Statesman. He could be interesting if he writes next week on this latest. I don't know how he is regarded in Australia, but a few months ago even the Telegraph TV critic had to agree with him generally on global issues.

There are signs of attempts to spin Blair in the Churchillian image; the latest reported of the Spanish press this morning. As a poseur he's tailor-made for the role, head down, lips pursed in grief, and he can certainly bullshit some of the people as usual with his oratory, but certainly not inspire them.

My own opinion, having met numerous war heroes, is that put Toady into uniform, face him with battelfield decisions or bullets, and he'd be among the first to mess his pants!

It was also hinted in the Sunday Telegraph that public opinion swings back behind the war in Iraq; the instant poll in a highly emotional situation. So much for public opinion.