Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


Christ was a realist: the greatest realist that ever lived by my definition of Realism, which is a concern with the immediate present, with facts as they are. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," said Christ, and that to my mind is an eminently realistic statement. It was Idealism that shoved Heaven up into the sky, and that has persistently postponed human blessedness to any time and place except here and now; when just here and now are all that we really possess to work on… The Christian task, as I see it, is to attain the right attitude towards life, to understand and carry out its laws as disclosed. What follows, follows; and it is just here that faith comes into operation. It seems to me an astonishingly foolish mistake; and one very frequently made, to confuse faith with blind belief; they are in no way related.
Faith might be defined as an unshakeable understanding that obedience to a known law must produce correct results…
The Social Credit faith is of that nature, and, so too is the truly Christian, and it is with that quality of faith that we need to inspire society."

- Social Credit and the Christian Ethic Norman F. Webb, 1937.

Pastor Danny Nalliah of "Catch the Fire Ministries," presented an exciting and challenging address to his audience at the League's October seminar held in Albury, New South Wales. Pastor Nalliah outlined the background to the 2004 court case and the decision handed down in May this year in which he was convicted, under the Victorian "Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001,"along with his fellow pastor Daniel Scot. During the address Pastor Nalliah also outlined the penalties the judge had attached to the conviction. The decision is being appealed.

In December, 2004 Judge Michael Higgins of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) had found that Catch the Fire Ministries and pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot had vilified Muslims:
· At a seminar in 2002
· In a newsletter
· And in a website article.
The judge found that Mr Daniel Scot had made fun of Muslims in a way that was "hostile, demeaning and derogatory", and that his conduct was not for a genuinely religious purpose or in the public interest (which the Act makes exempt).

The penalties Judge Higgins handed down included:
· A public apology to the Islamic Council of Victoria.
· That Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah be sanctioned from speaking on issue's regarding Islam. They have previously spoken on Islam throughout Australia.
· They must publish a formal apology to the Islamic Council of Victoria in several Melbourne newspapers at a personal cost of $67,000. The apology must include various aspects of the Judge's verdict.
· And Catch the Fire Ministries to display the verdict on the front page of its website for one year.
"We have objected to all the above and have now taken the case to the Court of Appeal and have been granted leave to appeal," he explained.

A more recent VCAT finding:
It was most interesting to read the recent Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal findings in the case between the paedophile witch and the Salvation Army. Judge Morris (President of the VCAT) threw this case out on the grounds that according to the specifics of the vilification law, it's legal to vilify a religion but not a person.
What does this mean?
There appears to be inconsistent judgments between Justice Morris and Judge Higgins in VCAT. In our opinion Judge Higgins was mistaken in his ruling against Catch the Fire Ministries and that is why we have taken the matter on appeal. The pastors have vowed to unceasingly endeavour to pursue their right to freedom of speech in a democratic society.

Irredeemable bias:
According to the documents filed with the Supreme Court the judge in Victoria's first religious hatred case showed "irredeemable bias" and "idiosyncratic and erroneous opinions".
The application, which claims the act is unconstitutional, also lists 16 grounds, including the jurisdiction of the judge, errors in the act and errors by Judge Higgins.
Lawyers for Catch the Fire Ministries and the two pastors have asked the court to find the act invalid or to quash the decision or hear the case again.
The application for a judicial review is not an appeal, but if successful would have the same effect. It claims VCAT lacked jurisdiction because Judge Higgins said he could not rule on whether the act was constitutional, a federal matter and an important part of the defence.
It also lists 106 claimed errors by the judge, ranging from "irredeemable bias" against Mr Scot and denial of natural justice to misunderstanding the nature of religious conviction. It says Judge Higgins imposed "an irrelevant religious orthodoxy of (his) own creation". The application says Judge Higgins indicated during the hearing that he would not make findings about Islamic doctrine but abandoned that course, using his "own unventilated views" and "idiosyncratic and erroneous opinions" to judge the credit of the pastors.

Pastor Danny's background:
Pastor Daniel, better known as "Evangelist Danny," was born in Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka in 1964. At the age of twelve he knew that the Lord had called him into ministry, when Pastor Frank Houston (from Australia) prophesied over him in Colombo in 1976, but he did not take it up seriously.
At a very young age he started playing for a band and spent 6 years in Night Clubs and Hotels across Sri Lanka as a drummer. Pas. Danny said, "My Mum never gave up on me, she kept praying for my salvation." Six years later her prayers were answered.
Three months after experiencing salvation he came across his first trial when he was confronted with a mob who wanted to kill his parents during the communal violence in Sri Lanka. But praise God, his prayer as a new Christian was answered, when the mob left without touching anyone. That day Pastor Danny said, "Lord, I will serve you as long as I have breath."
He started his church life wanting to serve the Lord. His first job was to clean the church for 2 years, then he spent time with the youth and became a youth leader. From here the Lord raised him up to be a Sunday School Superintendent, Cell Group Leader, Cell Pastor, Regional Pastor, Church Board member and then into Church planting.

Christian worship a criminal offence:
In 1995 Pastor Danny along with his family, through work commitments, moved to Saudi Arabia and soon started working with the underground Church. In this nation, where Christian worship is a number one criminal offence, Christians can be given the death sentence for even worshipping at home.
His life story is recorded in his book titled, "Worship Under the Sword". Pastor Danny saw God's mighty hand at work right in the heart of Islam. He lived with his family just 40 minutes driving time away from Mecca, and served the Lord there for 2 years. Here he received from the Lord a real love for the Muslim people.
Pastor Danny and his family were most miraculously saved from death and torture twice. He said, "If not for Jesus being alive, we would not be alive!" His testimony has touched the hearts of many all over the world. While in Saudi Arabia, following an encounter he had with Jesus on 21st July 1997 (from 3.40am to 6.00am), in obedience to this, he decided to move to Australia and set up a base known as "Catch The Fire Ministries Inc."
Pas. Danny was instrumental in securing the release of 31 Christians who were arrested in Saudi Arabia in 1998. His work influenced the highest levels in the US Government, when Bill Clinton personally requested the release of all prisoners.
He has travelled to many countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, USA and of course Australia and has ministered to crowds of more than ten thousand people.
Now a citizen of Australia, along with his young family, Pastor Danny ministers across this great land. He is the leader of "Rise Up Australia" a national prayer movement sweeping across Australia, with more than a hundred churches already involved and around one thousand people participating in the prayer meetings.

Some good news for freedom of speech:
He shared some good news regarding the ongoing stand for freedom of speech across Victoria and further afield in this great land! First, the media (T.V, Radio, Newspapers) responded favourably in covering the penalty given against Catch the Fire Ministries.
Following the media reports, the very next day, the office received around 200 encouraging emails while the telephone lines buzzed continually as messages of support were received. Among these calls were five atheists who offered support as their stand for freedom of speech.
One atheist stated, "Finally it is so refreshing to find a Christian who has some guts!" Several others asked for bank account details to help fund the appeal!

Following are a few noteworthy excerpts from the nearly 200 encouraging emails received from both Christians and non-Christians alike:
One 21 year old stated, "Pastor, up to now I believed that Jesus was fake, as I have never seen a Christian who has guts. But watching the news I was challenged to see a Christian standing for our nation's freedom. This changed my thinking as I got on my knees and gave my life to Jesus in front of the TV"
Another 23 year old stated, "Three years ago I stopped attending church and promised myself I would never step into a church again. Seeing you on TV standing for our nation as a Christian, it has challenged my thinking. Good on you mate! I will be back in church next Sunday as I know I need Jesus in my life to fight this battle for my future and my children."
Around thirty percent of the emails received were from people who were non-Christians or backslidden Christians making a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ! "I praise and thank God for this amazing response!" he said.

He saw this spiritual awakening as an unexpected bonus!
"I never thought I'd hear reports of people giving their lives to Jesus as a result of this verdict. If we had to go through this trial for no other reason, I am happy. Glory to God!
"The nation is watching the Christian Church demonstrate love "with guts", and not duck for cover! The Body of Christ must experience a paradigm shift in its thinking - by speaking the truth and ceasing negativity. Let's lay aside our personal reputation and fear of man to take a stand for Jesus."

He wanted to thank all those who have kindly supported them during this trying time - with their prayers, finances and moral support. He asked for our prayers: "Please continue to pray that the Lord God Almighty will provide everything we need throughout the next season as we win this "spiritual battle" in the name of Jesus!"

He warned the audience:
"In recent days we have experienced a very big push to make Australia a tolerant, politically correct society. I am not against this as such, but when it begins to erode our Christian heritage we must surely look carefully to discover if there is a hidden agenda.
Currently in many parts of the world it is commonplace for interfaith communities to be set up. This is happening so quickly that many governments and even Christian leaders are entering into it. To many it seems to be very politically correct to do so.
But the question needs to be asked, who are the main "pushers" of interfaith and do they have the best interest for Australia at heart or are they merely "pushing the barrel" to de-Christianize our nation? Are we looking at the beginning of a move to erode our Christian heritage and replace it with "interfaith"?"

Hosea 4:6... my people perish for lack of knowledge:
"The Lord has very clearly shown me that this deceptive plan would make Australia lose her heritage and as a result, her destiny. Ignorance is no excuse - we need to stand strongly against these interfaith love affairs which have erupted and are spreading like wild fire. Have you stopped to ask why it is growing so fast? Most like to keep out of trouble and therefore choose not to speak up, even if a little troubled. I can only declare that if good people continue to keep silent, evil will triumph and all will be affected. We can no longer remain silent; we must speak up and now! I issue a strong challenge to you to take a stand to protect Australia's Christian heritage."

What identifies a true prophet from a false prophet?
If our 'busyness' in church, family and employment causes us to remain silent our silence may prove to be a grave mistake. A true Godly prophet prepares people for persecution and challenge. The false prophet will avoid persecution and compromise values, primarily the Word.

Warned of compromising 'leaders' in the churches:
Recently in Victoria many Christian leaders have spoken to their congregations on "how to avoid" vilification. Knowledge demands wisdom - there is no question here. But should compromise enter, you tread on dangerous ground. Political correctness is then chosen over biblical correctness.

And called for leadership:
My solemn challenge to you is take your stand for your nation now before the interfaith movement establishes its hold. We cannot lead our nation on the back foot, we can no longer stay on the defensive; we must speak up and make our voice count. It is imperative that Christians move into government and other places of leadership.

I recently enquired of the Lord concerning the Scripture where it says, "The government shall be upon His shoulders". I heard these words from the Holy Spirit, "Son, who is the Head?" I responded, "Lord it is you." He then said, "Who then is the body?" I replied, "Lord, the church is your body". He then asked me, "Son, where are the shoulders - on the head or the body?" I responded, "On the body." The words came to me again, "Tell my people to carry the government upon their shoulders".
It should not amaze us to realize as "righteousness exalts a nation," the Lord is very clearly calling His ambassadors to move into government and take up leadership authority roles. ¦