Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


by John Brett

THE FRONT DOOR 1920--1938
When the Berlin Wall and "Check Point Charlie" suddenly ceased to operate and over several weeks were demolished by students, the whole world gave a sigh of relief as this inexplicable physical barrier ceased to exist. There was no warning and no explanation why it was to come down, just as there was no explanation of why it was erected in the first place, at the conclusion of the 2nd World War. Any explanation either way, would lead us to some authority responsible for its existence.
The "Iron Curtain" came down and we were told there was now a "Cold War" in progress.
As the wall mysteriously came into existence, Sir Winston Churchill announced to the world, (which I heard if nobody else did), "An iron Curtain has descended between the East and the West, and the Soviet Union has become an enigma, wrapped in a mystery". But behind this second "wall", which ran through Germany's former capital Berlin, the first and almost invisible forgotten wall, had been further to the East on the Soviet Frontier, established in 1918 at the conclusion of the 1st World War.
Thenceforth entry to the USSR was only by air or through Tito's client State Yugoslavia, or by sea via the Baltic. This isolation was to stop the downtrodden peasants escaping this Communist utopia, to the corrupt 'Capitalist' west, though the traffic the other way, turned out to be almost exclusively Capitalists from the USA, and selected Media pundits (e.g., Malcolm Muggeridge). Since 1917 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, (USSR), has been the military foil for justifying the building in the USA, of the world's most powerful military Force and Empire, culminating in a massive space program for a monopoly of world communications, and control of information. Like Marxism that invented it, nobody believed in the validity of the "Cold War" any more, and the "enigma wrapped in a mystery" had been thoroughly exposed by Solzhenitsyn and others. So how do you justify spending millions of dollars an hour on Defence and Offence, if the enemy, "the paper tiger", dissolves itself?

You simply get the same organisation to recruit and finance another foil and call it Terrorism. Terrorism was born behind the "Iron Curtain" in 1917: Lenin psychologically armed the newly arrived train load of revolutionaries, just in from New York, under the command of Leon Trotsky, who was to lead them into "turning the world upside down". Lenin informed them, amongst other ideas, "nothing can stop terror, no Government, no police, no army ... nothing".
While events over the last 87 years have tendered to confirm Lenin, we do know how to stop terrorism, all that is required is somebody to "Bell The Cat". So from the back of the hall somebody calls out --- "Who is the cat"?

There have been many Aesopian cats in the cast of player's in the wings of the world stage, during this last revolutionary century, but they all have one thing in common, besides incredibly sharp claws, and that is their enormous power to silence anybody who exposes their activities, which they wish to conceal. Exactly as the Mafia does. Their activities are carried out under the label of trade and economics, in the name of politicians. Nowhere do their names appear in the cast of those playing out this world drama of unrestrained Power, and arrested development. But there is a way of telling their story without mentioning names.
In a seemingly unconnected way, three books, "Major Jordan's Diary", "Convoy PQ 17", and "Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution", reveal the reasons for establishing Terrorism, without remotely touching the subject of Terror. There are many other books dealing with the subject, but they are mostly labelled by the guilty as 'Conspiracies', so we must not read or even refer to those books!
In 1930 the economies of the Western World, and elsewhere, were suddenly and abruptly slowed almost to a standstill, when the private Banking Houses called in about a third of each nations' private debt. This led to massive unemployment, as the shortage of money slowed economic activity, in some places to a standstill, while to alleviate the misery caused by the private Banks' actions, public debt was increased. World wide, the period was labelled as a 'Depression', so as to disconnect it from human control.
The reasons given for the Great Depression have now been attributed to one of the effects it caused; namely "a Stock Exchange Crash".
The world was rescued from "unemployment" and this shortage of money, by going to war in 1939. The unemployed were taken into armies and paid out of the Public Debt, while those at home were taken into the factories to produce war products and were paid by industry from more massive Public Debt. Money flowed like a river around the globe for five long years. After the war, the destruction it caused was to be rebuilt with more Public Debt.
At war's end, Britain owed the USA three thousand million Pounds, ($6,000,000,000,000) But there was to be no replacement of the millions of people who perished in this disastrous economic activity, they must be forgotten… Lest we forget!

My conscience came onto this scene, when the family bank manager returned from the U.S.A. He had served as Secretary to the Australian Banking Delegation to America -- to obtain US Dollars after Pearl Harbour, so we could prosecute the war against Japan with American help and materials. After years of Branch Banking, and as manager in Victorian Bush towns during the "Great Depression", (during which Head Office advised him there was "no money") he suddenly discovered there was to be no limit to the money supply, if Australians were going to war to kill and maim and destroy. Just ask, they said, and ye shall receive.
There had been a slight hitch with the arrangements; Australia's Gold Supply aboard the "RMS Niagara" destined for Fort Knox in the USA, went to the bottom of Haraki Gulf in New Zealand, after hitting a Japanese mine. The Gold Supply was to be "collateral" for the massive infusion of US Dollars. The Haraki Gulf turned out to be a safer haven than Fort Knox, but the gold was recovered after the war.
Great Britain received her massive U.S. Dollar transfusion after her Gold, which was then in Cape Town, South Africa was transferred to the USA by battleship! This all happened because most politicians were led to believe that their nation, and the world's money supply were dependant on having a large storage of a rare and precious metal. Despite all evidence to the contrary, some still believe this.

The war in Europe got under way with the help of a Paperhanger in Germany, a Blacksmith in Italy, a Brigand from Georgia and an ex-War Correspondent turned politician in the U.K. Three of them in their own countries were the best talkers that could be found, ('Spin Doctors'); they could 'sell sand to the Arabs' and 'Ice to the Eskimos'. Stalin gained absolute power and authority, enforced with the Gun, in his adopted country.
Two of them were lifted out of the gutter, dressed in the best uniforms their nation could produce, and equipped with a fleet of Europe's elite cars -- Mercedes Benz. With the exception of Stalin, they all moved instantly from "Rags to Riches" and nobody in the bread and soup queues noticed this transformation in the middle of the horrendous "Great Depression".

In Germany, the 'threat' to the nation was from Communism - from the 'East' and inside Germany. The 'solution' was to take over Europe and unite under National Socialism so they could defeat International Socialism in the East. When Germany marched into Poland, Great Britain declared war on Germany, so now Germany had two enemies while Great Britain had only one (and wasn't sure whether the USSR was an enemy or not).
That left the USSR on her own with the whole world as the declared 'Capitalist' enemy.
Germany invaded the USSR in order to 'save' the world from Communism.
Confusing isn't it?
Now the stage was set for the greatest expenditure of money and destruction the world had ever seen -- or even dreamt of.
Britain, totally disarmed, called on the USA for help, but so did the USSR, as Germany's "depression built" Army and Air Force destroyed all before it. This was the USA's great chance. Its vast industrial organisation, expanded between the wars, was almost idle after the 'depression', with limited markets in the 'depression-riddled' world.
Having engineered an attack from industrial rival -- Japan (by cutting off her oil supply) the USA set about using her industrial might, to conquer the world, under the banner of bringing 'Freedom' to everybody. So the world was divided into two theatres of man-made combat.
Germany and Italy became the single enemy in Europe and Japan the sole enemy in the Pacific -- and neither theatre came anywhere near touching the isolated and insulated industrial and financial might of the USA.
While Germany and Japan were to fight alone, sustained by their own industry, the USA now had to reinforce Great Britain as well as the USSR, while she took on Japan almost alone.

While Britain's ultimate survival depended on American aid, the USSR was also pressing the USA for war materials, which could only be delivered by what became known as the "Arctic Convoys".
To reach the USSR, everything from the USA had to go by ship to the Northern Russian ports of Archangel and Murmansk. By Christmas 1941 the USA had completed its occupation of Iceland, and the Port of Hvalfiord became the assembly point for U.S. and British merchant ships. From there the Royal Navy would escort them to their death in the Arctic Ocean, in the vain hope of reaching their Northern destination. The previous Arctic convoys had been disastrous enough, but Convoy PQ17 was to become almost a total disaster, as well as a lesson not to be heeded.
Of the 37 ships that sailed out of Hvalfiord in June 1942, 23 were to be sent to the bottom of the sea by German U-Boats and aircraft. The tragedy and human suffering of this political blunder, was seldom equalled throughout the war.
The Royal Navy commander of Northern Waters, Admiral Tovey, had long been criticising this disastrous campaign in the Arctic. Rear-Admiral L.H.K. Hamilton protested: "These Arctic convoys have become a millstone around our necks". Ironically, the few survivors, some of the U-Boat commanders, and certainly the Russians, could have told Churchill, Roosevelt and the Royal Navy commanders something vital that they would never know, that could have averted the whole tragedy.
But it is still not too late to repeat what these men witnessed that was oblivious to our leaders then and still is today.

The survivors in a lifeboat of one sunken US ship, were approached by the submarine that had torpedoed their ship. The U-Boat commander gave them a bearing and their distance from the Norwegian coast and left them with some biscuits and a bottle of wine, all they had to spare.
He asked them, "Why are you helping our common enemy"? The survivors in another lifeboat in the freezing last days of some of their lives, rejoiced in the fact that their ship's owner would now receive a brand new Diesel powered ship from the US Government.
A stoker of their departed steamship was concerned he would not get a job aboard the brand new gift.
All agreed that their owner, in the comfort of his Philadelphian mansion, would not be grieving his loss, whatever sympathy he may harbour in the future for the crew.
In another lifeboat their miserable hours were passed in calculating how many millionaires a day were being created each week back in the USA. Their ship had been carrying Tanks and Twin Engine Bombers, which their makers would be delighted to replace -- as many times as the US Government liked to pay. In another lifeboat the survivors were happy at first that their ship had gone to the bottom without blowing up. It was carrying 450 tons of High Explosive.
As the few surviving merchant ships reached their destination (never with the help or protection of their Soviet benefactors) there confronting them on the Quays and beyond in any space available, were the cargoes from previous convoys.
But the worst thought, besides this spectacle, was that the Soviets would not send out any help or rescue for those crews slowly freezing to death in the Arctic Sea. Not a single Soviet aircraft, their own or one of the thousands sent from the US, was available for either defence or search and rescue. The local folk helped where they dared.

On the bottom of the Arctic Ocean were 143,000 tons of ship and cargo from Convoy PQ17 alone. Amongst that cargo were 430 Tanks and 210 Bombers and 99,000 tons of cargo, but the little that was delivered was probably never used by the Soviets; but the money was delivered to the millionaires in the US, as their industrial machinery was unleashed in size and output.
To make sense of the fiasco taking place at the USSR's Side Door, we need to go back 20 years and tie it in with what had happened at the forgotten Front Door. "Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution" tells the whole story. I strayed onto the scene by chance in 1953.

A man came to live in our street, eventually regularly visiting us on Sundays, the one day of the week he did not work. His name was Michael Hoffman and he came to Australia -- to retire after he completed this his last job. He had worked all his life for the US firm "International Combustion" (IC) as an engineer, and this, his last job was constructing the Sydney Pyrmont B Electricity Power Generating Station; now a Museum.
Michael had graduated as an Engineer in Chicago in 1918 and got his first and only job with "International Combustion." In 1920 he was sent to Russia as a member of the IC construction team, where he remained until just before the outbreak of war, continually constructing Power Generating Stations, allegedly for the Soviet Government. Along with other "foreign" workers, after 1936 they were fenced in on each worksite following a news story that ran in the West about the scale of industrial construction in the USSR.
My father remembered this incident, for we were supposed to believe this backward revolutionary State, supposedly populated with 'peasants', was slipping back into the "dark ages". Politically it was, but industrially it was being turned into a vast war-production monster by US capitalists; the communists alleged enemy.

At one site where they were working, Michael and his co-workers discovered that nearby there were German and French Engineers. As they met and talked in a local meeting place (like a local coffee shop?) they began to grasp the extent of the massive industrial construction being carried out by the "West", unknown in the West. The wire around their worksites was to ensure they did not communicate any more, and henceforth their mail home was censored. (They think it was beforehand.)
Many authors now corroborate this massive industrialisation of the USSR, but there is one single well-known incident which puts any argument beyond doubt. It is known as the "Battle of Kursk", where 4,000 German and Russian tanks fought the biggest tank battle in the short history of Tank Warfare. The winning tank model was Russian built, and it bore no resemblance in size or performance to those supplied by the USA, by then at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
This masterpiece of armour was built in Soviet factories, out of the best quality steel, armed with the superior Soviet Gun. The lot, steel factory, tank factory and gun factory were all designed by US engineers and built by US construction Companies, between the two wars.
Later the Karma River Truck Factory, again designed and built by US Engineering firms, was turning out more trucks than all the West's truck factories put together. What had been constructed inside this Communist "backward" State, behind the "Iron Curtain", where private enterprise was forbidden, was a massive Corporate Empire owned by Corporate America. All this took place through or over the Front Door, but this was to be eclipsed later by what came through the Back Door after the war.

The shooting war concluded and the "cold war" started to warm up as the USSR allegedly became an increasing military threat to the West. The first real test of strength had been the Berlin Blockade, when the USSR tried to expel the Western powers from Berlin, by preventing supplies reaching the city through the corridor to the Western Occupation zone.
The genius of the RAF in organising the now famous "Berlin Airlift", mainly with US built aircraft, left the US on the sideline, was strangely struck impotent, but rapidly established bases all over Europe to defend them against the Soviet 'threat'. Britain and Western Europe were stripped naked of their own defences, as the US became their 'Protector', supplying them with token Air Forces and becoming a "Nuclear Deterrent".
News started to leak out that the USSR had a nuclear potential, as the US space program started to stall.
Congress had blocked money supply, but suddenly, in 1953, the Russians put a satellite into orbit around the earth, calling it "Sputnik".
The outrage and surprise in the US was immediate; Congress allowed the money to flow to the US Space Program. The next outrage was when the Soviets started amassing Rockets in Communist Cuba -- after inexplicably allowing their 'declared enemies' the Communists to take over Cuba at the US's own front door!
In 1960, when Congress was stalling on the money supply again, a U.S. U-2 'Spy' aircraft was shot down over the USSR, from an altitude of 32,000ft. The pilot Garry Powers miraculously surviving with no air at 10 degrees below zero, to be returned to the US years later, in good health.
All this drama was to keep justifying the US armed-build-up and the space program. In retrospect, it looks like information allowed to "fall off the back of a truck".

The question so many asked at the time, (1953) was: "How does a war-damaged, exhausted, totalitarian nation of peasant workers, in less than 8 years, turn around and put the first man-made object into orbit around the earth, even years before its rich and powerful industrial opponents"? Remember, the USSR had no Rocket Technology till after the war, allegedly obtaining it from captured German Rocket scientists.
The answer is in the book "Major Jordan's Diary". (Also in many "conspiracy" books, which we are forbidden to read!)
Towards the end of the war Major Jordan was posted at an Air Base in Alaska. The Base was busy as US C47's ( DC3's) 'overnighted' there fuelling up on their long trip. Taking aid to our Soviet 'allies' through this "Back Door" into Russia was a very long and expensive supply route, but safer than the "Arctic Convoy Route". Not only did they not have to pass scrutiny at "Check Point Charlie", but were away from the eyes and ears of the world.
They were taking no risks with these particular cargoes going to the bottom of the Arctic, or any other sea!
But they turned out to be nothing heavier than scientific instruments and paper! Over six months, tons and tons of paper! Not the "New York Times" or US propaganda, or instructions on how to make a Thanksgiving Dinner, or copies of the US Constitution!
The major supplier of this paper cargo, turned out to be the "Atomic Energy Commission" or as it was known during the war, "The Manhattan Project".
There was material from other scientific sources also, particularly the infant Jet Engine manufacturers, and the new Rocket Technology laboratories.
How did Major Jordan make this discovery? Just like any other person would have. The war ended and Major Jordan and his staff thought it would only be a matter of weeks before this supply train operation would wind down and they could all get posted to a warmer base.
How wrong can you be? In fact, the air traffic accelerated. After some months, this fact raised their normal reaction and consequent questions. During the war, they didn't know nor question, what was being dispatched to the USSR, it was all "Aid". AID it certainly was, then and now.
Their curiosity raised, and now heightened, by the start of the cold war, they decided to investigate. They did not want to be any part of helping their new enemy. Aid is one thing, but patriotism is something different.
So while the C-47 crews slept at night, Major Jordan and some of his staff boarded the aircraft and opened enough of the crates containing all this paper, to discover that US nuclear and other scientific information was being transferred to the USSR, together with curious scientific apparatus.
Questioning the crews just brought shrugged shoulders responses; they were just "Plane Drivers" taking their load to the designated destinations. (One trip only for each 'plane driver', as it turned out.)
While the shooting war was on, Jordan's men had no concern about what might be on the aircraft, "but now we were in a 'cold war' with them, this all looked very odd." Making an enemy to justify future actions from that threat, was "odd" for those times, and an Ideology which was new or unknown to the western "minds" of those times.
Now as morality has been almost totally replaced with ideology, evil has become the normal result, with all its attendant confusion for the ordinary person and destruction of our previous civilised status. Major Jordan on making his discovery, immediately informed his military superiors, who at first level above, were more concerned than Jordan. But after long and persistent questioning, they discovered if they did not forget what they saw, their future careers would be in jeopardy. Fortunately for posterity, Major Jordan wrote about what they discovered and copies are still extant.
But when, if ever, this transfer stopped, only other people know. The US was safely playing the Space Program; if there were to be any hitches or disasters with the first space vehicles, better it happen in the USSR, where such disasters could be kept from the world.
Only when the first vehicle was in orbit and later when the first (or second) human got back to earth safely, did the massive US program proceed. The USSR foil served a double purpose.
We should have guessed when the USSR foil was to be melted away -- when airliner hijackings commenced, thus heralding the entry of this new and "unstoppable" foil…..

It operates on the same principle as the Taxation Department and the Mafia. They make their own laws, are never challenged by National or International Law, and are insulated or ignored by both. They intrude into your business or nation, demand a percentage of your income or lives, or, in default, you go to jail or lose your life. It's happening right before our eyes and being screamed into our ears.
It was all summed up in a letter recently published in the "Courier Mail" Queensland, under the signature of Dr. Gavin Putland, which read:-
"In the great wars of the 20th century, our leaders told us to be willing to sacrifice our lives to save our rights and freedoms. In the present war against terror, our leaders tell us to be willing to sacrifice our rights and freedoms to save our lives. Which is precisely what our enemies in the great wars of the 20th century wanted us to do."

- amid autism fear -
The BBC has reported, 7th August, 2004 - "Babies will no longer be given a vaccine containing mercury, the Department of Health says, after pressure from parents fearing a possible link with autism." What does one say, in this case, to the mothers and fathers of children, and the children themselves, who have autism? Sorry darling. At the time, we thought we were doing the right thing for you. We didn't know our decision to have you vaccinated was committing you to a life-long nightmare.

"Mercury had been contained within the whooping cough vaccine, given to babies when they are 8 weeks old.
A mercury-free jab will now be given to children as part of a new 5-in-1 vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hib and polio, Health Minister John Hutton said. "Following advice from our expert committees we have decided that at the same time thiomersal, a mercury based preservative, will be removed from the new combined vaccine," Hutton said in a statement.
Research in the United States suggested that a mercury-based preservative used in some childhood vaccines was linked to autism-like damage in the brains of mice, the Daily Telegraph said. However, the Department of Health has said there is no evidence of a link between mercury in vaccines and autism.
Doctors are also being told by the government to switch from the live polio vaccine, given by mouth, to a vaccine that can be combined with others in a single injection to avoid the rare cases of polio contamination. Campaigners welcomed the removal of mercury but were worried about giving babies five vaccines at once. "Giving five vaccines increases the risk of an adverse event as well as making it more difficult to find out which element is the cause if something goes wrong," Jacquie Fletcher, founder of the parent support group Jabs (Justice, Awareness and Basic Support) told the Telegraph.
The changes are expected to take place next month when sufficient stocks of the new five-in-one vaccine have been amassed. Parents have already raised much concern about the triple jab for measles, mumps and rubella and its possible link with autism.