Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips

Economic Fairy Land
According to The Australian columnist Greg Sheridan, protectionist "rantings" are bad for us. [1] In his column in The Australian of 19 February 2004 he commented on the then possibility of John Kerry winning the US Presidency. Kerry was seen as being the most "dangerous" on outsourcing. Greg said outsourcing for example, is illustrated by IT companies setting up call centres in places like India where labour is cheap. Thus Telstra has set up a branded information hub for technology in the Indian city of Bangalore to cut its $1.5 billion IT budget in half. IBM has already used its Indian subsidiary to fulfil its Telstra contracts, saving $75 million and moving 450 jobs offshore. (Across page please Flo)

Indian IT graduates are paid about $13,000 per annum. [2] Indians are more "flexible" workers. [3] Globalist economic strategies such as this, and other, have resulted in the disappearance in the US of over 3 million jobs in the last 3 years in manufacturing and textiles.
For Sheridan outsourcing is the same as cutting tariffs. If making machinery is cheaper in Asia, there is no point in trying to hide behind tariffs. Let local firms go to the wall! Free trade benefits both rich and poor countries he says. Sheridan then trots out the Eco-1 comparative advantage argument: "Cheaper jobs go to poorer countries and the wealth in the richer countries goes into new investment which created jobs. Also, newly wealthy people in poorer countries buy things from rich countries".

Never mind that the comparative advantage argument is based on economic assumptions (such as perfect substituity of labour) that are not satisfied in the real world. [4] Never mind that China is not treated as a full market economy under World Trade Organisation rules, dumping its products on overseas markets, such goods selling cheaper overseas than at home. [5] Simply forget about the high tariffs in many fast-industrialising Asian countries and other non-tariff barriers that breach World Trade Organisation rules. [6] If all else fails, then there are threats. If we don't outsource to India, India may ban its students from studying here says Sheridan. With the loss of 10,000 of these magical beings our universities will be devastated. This is what it is like for a nation to be a whore.
The "logic" of the free trade argument is that a country such as Australia will have no manufacturing base at all. Australian labour cannot compete with Asian sweatshop and Chinese prison slave labour. So let manufacturing go. Concentrate on services such as tourism. And when the bubble bursts, you have nothing. Such are the wages of free trade. Free trade is not a win-win game; it is a Darwinian zero sum game all of nothing. The Asianisers actually favour other nations over Australia. Their bottom line is Asian, not Australian survival.

We saw this in Australia when Japan was tipped by the elites to become "No.1". The Multifunction Polis (MFP) was essentially to be a new marriage home, where the strong aggressive technologically erect Japanese business samurai could impregnate the soft fleshy resource rich Australia. [7] Gavan McCormack said in Bonsai Australia Bonsai: "It is time to look forward to an Australia somewhere down the track, perhaps 50 or so years away, in which kids with names like Takahashi or Tanaka, but also Wang, Kim, or Phuong, will be directors of BHP, Cabinet Ministers, poets and columnists to rival Dawe and Sayle. The Australia Dawe and Sayle (and this author) were brought up in has gone. There is little to lament in that: the present is much more interesting, and the future challenging, but full of promise". [8]

For the Asianisers the racial genocide of traditional Australia is a matter of fact. But what if such sentiments were expressed in Japan about the Japanese or China about the Chinese? [9]

China Threat
Today the Asianisers are looking forward to China taking the place of Japan as our new colonial master. The growth rate of the Chinese economy has been about 9 per cent for the last few years. Goldman Sachs Asian vice chairman, Ken Courtis has said: "Provided China stays on course, the dominant economic fact of the 21st century will be the rise of China". [10] To do this China needs raw materials and resources and Australia is only too willing to sell these at fire sale prices, as we did our coal and other minerals to Japan. "Pig iron" Bob Menzies had expressed a similar excitement about Australia's sale of iron to Japan in the pre-World War II period: iron that was to be fired back at us. [12]

Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser are two former Australian Prime Ministers who would welcome China becoming the number 1 political, military and economic power. The US must make way for China these "global citizens" say. [13] Paul Keating also championed the idea that free trade will promote peace. But the realities of Asia are far from the misty-eyed arts undergraduate view of the world. Brain Toohey has rightly noted that Indonesia still kills dissidents in Irian Jaya [14] and China colonises Tibet and uses its trading wealth to expand its nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals. [15]
Professor C.P. Fitzgerald has noted that as early as AD1400 imperial China was dispatching great fleets and extracting tribute from Malacca, Java, Sumatra, Thailand, Southern India, Ceylon, the Persian Gulf and Africa". "It would seem likely", he says "that the Pacific region is now considered by the Chinese as a part in which they are acutely interested and where they have a full right of consultation. That means Japan, South-West Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Probably they would not be indifferent to anything in the Indian Ocean as far as the coast of Africa". [16] Klintworth believes that "Not-withstanding cycles of domestic repression, China has always had great power ambitions". [17] It is the view of Professor Paul Dibb of the Australian National University that China's aim is to force the US from the Asia region, which it will dominate. [18]

A Chinese warship claimed in 1995 Mischief Reef, one of the Spratly islands in the South China Sea. The Spratley Islands are in the middle of the sealanes that carry much of East Asia's trade - a region in which China lays claim to. The Spratly Islands are claimed by various countries. China claims them in their entirety. It may soon assert its claims over the whole of the South China Sea. [19]

China has been in conflict with almost all its neighbours including India, Russia, Japan and most importantly Vietnam. China went to war with Vietnam in 1979. In 1974 China seized the Paracel Islands and in 1988 sank two Vietnamese naval boats off the Spratly Islands and then seized six coral atolls. An article in The Economist has noted:
"China's recent Spratly adventure exposed a widely peddled fallacy: that the increasing integration of Asia's economies with each other and with the outside world could somehow make the region immune to the insecurities that have plagued it in the past. In reality, rapidly increasing defence spending by Asian countries (not just China), made possible by rapid economic growth, has started to threaten the stability on which continued prosperity depends. Meanwhile, modernisation has given several countries the capacity to build the sorts of modern weapons - from warships to missiles - that make conflicts harder to contain". [20]

China has a program to modernise its nuclear weapons
Professor Paul Dibb in a study prepared almost 10 years ago for the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, noted that by 2010 China's nuclear force will number between 50 and 70 ICBMs with a range of 12,000 kms. Such missiles will be capable of targeting Asia, western Russia, the east coast of the US and Australia. [21]

US National Security writer Richard Delguadio in his book Peril In Panama regards China as a military enemy of the US. The author stresses the growing military capacity of China:
"Red China has emerged as the premier strategic and military threat to US security in the world. This massive population allows Red China to put 3 million men on active duty and 12 million more in the reserves - the world's largest military force. The army has 2,290,000 men under arms. The navy has another 240,000 members, including about 25,000 in the naval air force, and another 6,000 in the marines. These naval personnel operate as many as 1700 vessels, including China's more than 90 submarines, some of them armed with nuclear missiles. The air force has 470,000 members, including 220,000 in air defence. They fly an estimated 5000 combat aircraft. Red China has 18 intercontinental nuclear missiles [soon to be 24], 13 of which were pointed at American cities, and over 100 intermediate and medium range nuclear missiles. At this writing, what the American media call the threat to the "modernization" of Red China's nuclear missile forces, has just added another six long-range nuclear missiles to this force. Reports abound about the latest US technology being made available to Red China, to enable those missiles to strike at American targets more accurately than ever before. An even more modern factory complex is being finalised at this writing, to enable a faster and larger "modernization" program in the future". [22]

Israel, that "great friend" of the US has betrayed vital US military technology to the Chinese many times. In 1992 according to The Washington Times, Israel sold to China the secret technology of the US Patriot Missile. Israel shared with China restricted US weapons technology obtained during a joint US-Israel effort to build a battlefield laser. Israel has also used US technology to assist China in developing its J10 fighter aircraft. Early in 2001 an American surveillance plane was downed by a Chinese J-8 fighter jet. The jet was equipped with Israel's Python air-to-missile which Israel sold to China. The J-10 Chinese fighter jet is based on the Lavi, an Israeli jet subsidised with $1.4 billion by the suckers in the US. Israel has also to China its STAR-1 cruise missile technology, incorporating US Stealth technology. These are all good reasons for a healthy nation to cease giving aid to Israel. However the powerful Jewish lobby in America will see to it that this absurd situation continues into the future. [23]

China gets the money to pay Israel for its treachery from its US$60 billion trade surplus with the US.
The CIA believes that China ultimately intends world domination. [24] Australia's Asianisers do not deal with China's acts of genocide in Tibet, including:
· Sexual torture, forcing electric batons into nun's anuses and vaginas; [25]
· restrictions on the number of children allowed Tibetans;
· young Tibetan girls are often used as sexual slaves by middleclass Chinese professionals;
· abortions are performed on Tibetan women without anaesthetic using a rubber tube with blades attached at the end and with another tube to suck the tissue out;
· mobile units perform abortions and sterilisations as a policy of racial genocide;
· medical experiments are performed on Tibetans;
· nuns are frequently placed in cells with prisoners to be gang raped.

Ninety per cent of Tibet's forests have been destroyed and the timber taken back to China. Tibet had been a sovereign nation for 1,200 years before China's invasion in 1949. China says that Tibet is part of the "great motherland" but what mother brutalises her children in the way china does? [26] The elites are generally silent about the Tibetan tragedy, being ideological apologists for the Chinese regime. Gareth Evans (remember him) defended China's civil rights inaction, while at the same time lashing out at the White South African government. [27] It is a highly selective moral halo that Evans and his ilk wear. [28]

At home, Chinese police systematically practice torture. [29] Executions for "social crimes" frequently occur. [30] The party that killed well over 20 million of its own people is still in power. Writer Zheng Yi documents that during the cultural revolution, not only were thousands brutally murdered but their bodies were available for cannibalism. The political elite ate the heart and liver and the masses took the arms and legs. "Strolling down the street, the director of the local Bureau of commerce [in Wuxuan] carried a human leg on his shoulder that he was taking home to boil and consume. On the leg there still hung a piece of a man's trouser". [31] in the Tongwan district in July 1968, Gao Dazuo, a "class enemy" had his penis ripped off, and following that; flesh from his thigh. Finally, he was torn apart while still alive. All this was done by the party elite. How can cannibals and mass murderers lecture us with any credibility about the 'evils" of the White Australia Policy?

Asia War
It is interesting to observe that none of the Asianisers writing for Murdoch's The Australian saw the Asia crisis coming. The "econophoria" of the "so-called Asian economic experts" did not allow them to see the social implications of these nation's economic policies. [32] More balanced theorists, such as Professor Paul Dibb, head of the Australian National University's Strategic and Defence Studies, doubts whether Asia will be the locus of world power in the future due to environmental and social chaos, and national security problems. [33] The Asian Development Bank in Manila calls Asia the "most polluted and environmentally degraded" place in the world:
· half of Asia's forest cover has disappeared in the last 30 years;
· its cities are the most polluted on earth;
· around one third of its agricultural land is debased;
· fish stocks have fallen by one half in the last 30 years;
· Asia's rivers contain on average 20 times more lead than rivers in the industrial West. [34]

Asia, and China in particular, is facing an ecologically unsustainable economic growth, Kent Calder has argued, is a de-stabilisation of the Asia-Pacific. [36] Although members of the Asian lobby such as Alison Broinowski sneer at the possibility of an Asian invasion, [37] a number of other authorities accept that the possibility does exist for guerrilla raids and acts of terrorism, perhaps even biological and chemical warfare attacks on major population centres. [37] Former Governor-General Bill Hayden claimed that Australia should begin to defend itself against future Indonesian aggression. He believed that Australia should develop a nuclear weapons capability - something we believe should have been done in Arthur Calwell's time instead of conducting racial genocide by immigration against traditional Australia. [39] Janes World Armies (1996) thought that Australia could face an invasion in the 21st century. [40] Predictably enough, the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia attacked Hayden for these remarks and his claim that Asian nations are more racist than Australia. The Herald Sun 8 April 1996 Vote Line poll found that 94.3 per cent of callers agreed with Hayden.

Sweden can mobilise a 600,000 defence force in 24 hours with a population of about half of Australia's. All Australia can mobilise is criticism from its whinging ethnics who seem to hate the Australia that took them in and allows their hatreds to flourish, to such a degree that they are prepared to go down with the "ship'. Many senior military authorities over the last 10-15 years have warned that Australia is incapable of defending itself. [41] Yet according to Arthur Calwell, the big increase in Australia's non-Anglo population would save us from perishing. Never mind about nuclear weapons, just import the migrants and we will be saved.

The great nationalistic philosopher Oswald Spengler in his book Hour of Decision [42] lamented the racial suicide that the West had committed for allowing its technology to fuel the demographic war that the Third World were waging against the West. The idea of a nuclear armed China and India would have been even more shocking to him. We in the West have openly allowed our technology, knowledge and resources to be shared with the Asiatic in the name of capitalism, free trade - call it what you will. [43] The end result will not be the improvement of our lives as Asianisers propose but the destruction of the White race, and with it probably civilisation itself. We have paid a heavy toll for following the path of cosmopolitanism and 'anti-racism".


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**Please introduce the below volume to your readers.
Sam Francis's introductory essay is on line here:
Race and the American Prospect: Essays on the Racial Realities of Our Nation and Our Time
Edited by Samuel Francis, The Occidental Press, 462 pages (Foreword, Afterword, Index)

American Churches and the Immigration Crisis

by Andrew Ryan

Dr. James C. Russell in his book: "Breach of Faith: American Churches and the Immigration Crisis," (Representative Government Press, Raleigh) has documented how "the churches, of practically all faiths and denominations have been among the foremost promoters of open borders, continually pressing for the liberalization of immigration laws".(p.1)
Our own churchmen have joined the invading army of "illegal aliens". The reason for this is that Christianity or established Churcheology has been breaking down under the assault of liberalism and is coming to be replaced by a social gospel of universal brotherhood, socialism and multiculturalism: in short communism. Also, there are few "Anglo" priests to keep the tradition (especially Catholic) priesthood going in the States, so a flood of Hispanics is welcomed.

But there is a great social cost of this Third World migration, as Richard Faussette has recently said in The Social Contract (Spring 2005, p.217): "We threaten our social stability, the environment and our lives when we indiscriminately open our borders to terrorists, common criminals, infectious disease and millions of poor people. They murder us in our skyscrapers and infect us with exotic and fatal diseases in our fast food restaurants…. Illegal aliens by their sheer numbers alone are bankrupting our schools, our hospitals, and our local governments".
" Breach of Faith," is an excellent book. There clearly needs to be written a parallel book about the Australian churches betrayal of the West.


by Peter J. White

I was also pleased to read the articles by Brian Simpson (The New Times Survey June 2005) and Ian Wilson (The New Times Survey July 2005) on the threat which race vilification legislation poses to freedom of speech.
Of course anti-terrorist legislation has taken this assault on liberty a stage further. In the Zundel case Canada's anti-terrorist laws have been used to seize Zundel, hold him without charge or trial and now deport him to Germany where Germany's race hate laws will effectively seal his fate.

As a Canadian and a subscriber to the excellent Catholic social credit journal Michael I have on file an insightful article from The Globe Mail, February 15, 1994: "Mailed 'Hate Sheet' Riles Dingwall". Michael journal is published by the Pilgrims of St. Michael, a mission of devout Catholics dedicated to the preservation of their Christian faith and values. At the time Canadian Public Work's Minister David Dingwall said that the magazine contained "vile and disgusting expressions of hatred towards Jewish people". He did not want the Canadian Post Office to deliver the periodical. In a separate letter to officials of the Canadian Jewish Congress he said that he was "astonished" that Canadian Post had delivered the publication and as Minister "I will not tolerate the circulation of such materials".

All of this kowtowing was in response to a complaint received in late January 1994 from the Canadian Jewish Congress who said, believe it or not, that although the word "Jew" is never used, the publication is full of "veiled" anti-Semitic comment. Why? Michael distributed over 10 million leaflets asking the Federal Government to take back its sovereign right to create credit as stated in the Canadian Constitution.

The reader can draw his own conclusions from this. The articles by Simpson and Wilson show that Australia is catching up with Canada in the political correctness sweep stakes.