Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

Happy - Joyous -

Horton Lewis Davies

In Memoriam

by Edward Rock

My sixty four years association with the Social Credit movement, one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, has afforded me with many wonderful friends and moments of pure joy and satisfaction.

Right at the top with many others was the great blessing of counting Horton Davies as a close friend, confidant, adviser and source of the greatest inspiration in the cause of serving the Christian faith through Social Credit.

Horton and pessimism were poles apart. If ever I felt the battle was going against us, to come into the company of Horton was to dispel all doubts of final victory. He lived the victorious Christian life to the fullest and taught me so much along the path of life. I know he had the same effect on many of my Social Credit friends. Horton passed away quietly in his sleep last month in his retirement situation in Noosa, Queensland where he had retired to escape the Victorian winters. His lovely wife Nettie preceded him sometime in the nineties and there would have been great rejoicing in heaven when they were reunited in spirit on Sept. 14th. To his lovely daughters, Jill, Sue and Anne we extend our most heartfelt sympathy, but know they too would be rejoicing in the life they shared with a father whose love for them equalled the joy he brought into their lives.

1 first got to know Horton in the early nineteen fifties shortly after he was demobilised from the R.A.A.F. in which he served as pilot in a transport wing flying B57s servicing the many fronts in the Island warfare zones which needed supplies. Possibly his most memorable and heart-rending experience was when the armistice came he shuttle-lifted continuous flights of Australian prisoners of war from Changi Prison in Singapore back to hospitals in Australia. Horton said there was no need for stretchers to carry them to the plane, they were so emaciated he could have picked up one in each arm to carry them to his plane.

While serving in the R.A.A.F. Horton underwent a deep flirtation with the dominant religion of the day, International Communism, which had penetrated and undermined the Christian Church. Like many young Australians, such as myself, we were looking for answers to the disastrous economic-finance policies which had preceded the war, and the only one on offer was Communism. In effect, we were looking far alternatives the Christian Church had failed to deliver, but Horton like myself never deserted the Church knowing the point of repentance must come, but at the time, as is still true, the Christian faith was failing to deliver God's solution to the challenge of Bolshevism which had Western Christian Civilisation in its grip.

Horton's squadron leader was responsible for recruiting him to the Communist cause, and on Horton's own testimony he succeeded in making Horton a fanatical follower. However, one day Horton asked his squadron leader: if he had any disagreement with the Party line what was his course of action? The reaction of the squadron leader was violent and vehement: "The Party is always right, you never question the Party line, it comes direct from Moscow and is always right."

Read that reply against the function of party politics in Australia today. Every party politician is a slave to the Party line, and any sign of rebellion brings the same reply as Horton received from his squadron leader. Senator Barnaby Joyce recently experienced the wrath of the party, but recanted when John Howard reminded him, "Your first loyalty is to this Party room."

Party politics has absolutely no affinity with the Christian Faith, a fact of spiritual certainty the Christian Church has yet to learn. Horton's response to his squadron leader was: "My conscience is the voice of God speaking to me." He promptly brought to an end his flirtation with Communism, and, on demobilisation came in contact with Social Credit, and as Horton told me, he immediately knew Social Credit was 'right' in every sense of his Christian faith.

When I became Eric Butler's full time Assistant Director of the League, Horton Davies gave me his fullest support. I don't know how he managed it, but at various times he made himself available to travel with me all over Victoria and occasionally interstate. We addressed many meetings together, and visited many homes seeking out budding Social Crediters. Betty Luks reminded a League Annual meeting two years ago that the first Social Crediters to come to her home in Geelong (Vic.) were Ted Rock and Horton Davies. We may have been the teachers on that occasion, but the pupil has far surpassed our offering.

Sometime in the late fifties Eric called a meeting of core League supporters held at the office in 273 Little Collins Street (Melbourne). He set about dividing those present into committees most suitable to their particular Social Credit calling. In the event Horton, myself, John Ball and Bill Quinn formed the Christian Institute for Individual Freedom. I don't think we turned the world upside down, but what we did do with the greatest discipline was to meet every Thursday night in Horton's home in Mitcham and pray for the work of the League, and its defence against the forces of evil. I have no doubt those prayers were answered, and will continue to be answered in the terms of the League Prayer. The League Prayer was the fruit of those nights in Horton's home, and was largely the result of Horton's input.
"Lord God Almighty, we humbly ask thy blessing on the work of the League, that all activities engaged in may be under the direction of thy Holy Spirit. To this end, help us all to be thy faithful and obedient servants in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."
I encourage Social Crediters reading these notes to use it regularly.

My own prayer life had been the normal practice associated with Church life, pretty superficial. Horton brought to prayer a dynamic that made it become a mighty weapon in my own life to the point where I know with absolute certainty God is involved in supplying all our needs. All we have to do is "Ask, and it shall be given unto you." Often we feel let down because the answers we seek don't seem to eventuate, but Horton taught me to never give up asking. In the parable in Luke 18:1-8 about the woman who never gave up asking the first verse says: "Men ought always to pray, and not to faint." To kneel, like Christopher Robin, at the foot of my bed each day, and talk to God is an indescribable pleasure. To be assured he is listening and will supply the answers in his own good time is a certainty I live with.

Recently in my morning prayer instead of loading God with all my usual petitions aimed at putting this sick world to rights, I was prompted to stop and simply request that God Himself would lead me in prayer. After a few moments of meditation the answer came in a voice clear and direct, no mistaking its intent: "It is my will, that the will of my disciples shall be one with my will. Continue to pray this shall be so."

I would describe that as a prayer bulls-eye, not one word wasted, it goes to the heart of all that is needed to result in the will of those elected to our parliaments, and those elected to serve in the Christian Church, becoming one with the will of God. The result will be the fulfilment of all that Social Crediters work to achieve, Christian Government on earth as it is in heaven. Read those eight verses in Luke 18 and you will find all you need to achieve that result, with all God requires of you in prayer. When I look back and try and figure the day I offered the above prayer, it could have been around the day Horton joined his Father in heaven. I look forward to the time when Horton will confirm being present when God received my prayer.



Terry Holmes

The following paper was presented as the Loyal Toast to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of the 61st New Times Dinner held at Albury New South Wales, October 2007. It is tradition, where possible, to ask one of the younger supporters to present the Loyal Toast and we were pleased that Terry accepted the invitation and in his address captured the right spirit for the occasion.

"When I started to prepare for this toast to our Queen and to the office that she inherited, I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend in the clergy. We were at odds regarding the nature and relationship between social systems and the people who hold office in them.
It was his contention that the mechanisms of society are neutral - neither good nor bad, and that it is the condition of the hearts of men within those "neutral" systems that is the cause of much strife ... and that what is required for genuine social reform is only a change of heart.

"This view, coming from a pastor, is understandable. And while it certainly contains an essential element of truth regarding human nature, nevertheless, I believe that it is short of the mark. It does not take into account that systems - although supposedly "made for man" are also made by man.

Now it is my view, as a designer, that systems made by man - that is designed by man, are designed to specific principles, for specific objectives - not all of which are apparent, wise or even of the best intentions.

All social systems are designed by men, and we know about "Man's will to power". We know, that those in power tend to protect their positions, and the system can be adjusted to support and protect a monopoly of power. This same "will to power" can be seen all through modern history. Hardly a stone can be upturned without finding some motive for the accumulation or the protection of power. History reads like an almost endless conflict between the struggle for power and the struggle for freedom.

Our Queen is the custodian of the very old and well-developed social system of Constitutional Monarchy. This system, which has prevailed through the testing of time, is designed to protect us from this "will to power". It is the product of the Western Christian Civilization.

Built upon both the good and bad examples of Greek and Roman experience, perfected by Christ and enacted by Church and State. This system is our system, designed for the freedom of all men within its realm. With its Division of Power, its checks and balances, its independent judicial authority and its Monarch who is not elected to power by any committee of men. All these safeguards are under attack today, our system is being undermined by every new law, and every International Treaty.

Now theoretically in a Democracy, the license to do this - to wield this power - is given by the people themselves, who, now having been convinced of their impotence, lay down and let the experts "do their best" to manage the ills of the world. These experts, have imagined a plethora of ills such as racism, national sovereignty, market forces, inflationary pressures, international relations, poverty, terrorism and global warming - all requiring the exercise of control over every aspect of our lives at the global level.

The general public have been persuaded that they cannot fight against this inevitable globalisation, and are even convinced - in the most part - that they should not buck against this, so very 'humanitarian' UTOPIA.
We talk of democracy but how does that work when even public opinion itself is formed through the media and entertainment? It's a bleak outlook, but all is not lost: We have several reasons for hope in all this:

Firstly, on a social level, we still see glimmers of hope regarding this "public opinion". The public's suspicions regarding the abuse of power have been evident in all Referenda since Federation, and were again demonstrated in their choice in the last referendum for a Republic of Australia - they said NO to the Republic, which, in effect is to say YES to the Monarchy! I pray (along with you all, I hope), that this brief glimpse of public sanity will endure.

We also have hope on a more philosophical level: The real enemy of this "will to power" is Natural Law, and its attribute of the individual nature of man. As Douglas put it, the very Warp and Woof of the universe is against them; Natural Law is the very manifestation of reality.

In contrast, these experts of the current system are transfixed by a stubborn denial of the laws of the universe - which in effect locks them out of any hope of realism, they are hopelessly fighting against the grain of nature and will never arrive at anybody's idea of utopia - even their own! So we can be encouraged that the current system of this world will crash and burn.

Our Constitutional Monarchy, which was developed, refined and tested through a period of over 1000 years has proven to be the most effective and longest lasting protection against the tyranny of oppression than any other system. It is not perfect, but it is a good system and the best that this world has ever seen. And it does acknowledge Natural Law and the true nature of man!

We, the English speaking peoples, have learned the hard way, that kings and queens come and go, authorities rise and fall, and some such authorities seek too much power over their subjects - and we can thank our God, our British Heritage and our Monarchy that our system has thus far, in some measure, protected us from those who seek such power.

The Queen of Australia has never been one to abuse her power. She has always been as she was commissioned "the protector of the free peoples of the commonwealth." Since her Coronation in 1953, through the most deceptive times in our long history, she has been the stalwart of our system of government - that which is divided in power, but united in respect for the freedom, responsibility and creative initiative of all people. Her attitude has always been highly commendable in respect of all peoples, whether of the Realm or not, recognising the dignity of all within the differences of their own cultures, yet jealously guarding and protecting the heritage of her own people. May she always defend her British Heritage.

Today, we uphold and affirm the sanctity and efficacy of the Crown, and we have no fear in the present embodiment of that office - in the person of Elizabeth Windsor. It is to Queen Elizabeth II that our honour and gratitude is hereby given.

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