Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction


by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips

The latest snapshot of our population reveals the Australian-born Caucasian is a dying breed, replaced by predominately Asian immigrants and their offspring." - J. Kerin [1]

"Immigration and diversity change the community and thus alter and perhaps undermine the standards that define it." - John O'Sullivan [2]

Remember Immigration?

The Australian people have been consistently opposed to the policies of mass immigration, Asianisation and multiculturalism. The dumping of the Keating government in 1996, with its arrogant "in your face" degradation of Anglo-Australia and its values, and the replacement by the Howard Coalition government, has been seen as a rejection of these "racist" demographic-changing polices.

The immigration issue featured in the 2001 election as well, where the Coalition used the national identity question, filtered through the Middle East issue, to drag away some of Labor's voters, as well as a chunk of One Nation voters. [3] The Australian people's concern about immigration and national identity has been focused upon Middle East people, primarily Muslims of a fundamental hue, since the terrorist attacks of 2001. Along with this, the majority of boat-people since 1999 have been Afghanistan and Iraq, a shift in the racial profile from Asians to Middle Easterners.
This meant that the Coalition could implement so-called tough solutions such as the pacific solution, without interfering with the agenda of Asianising Australia. As we will see, the Coalition government has moved, in conspiracy with the media, to continue almost all of the programmes dear to the heart of Paul Keating.

The policy of stopping boats before they reached the Australian immigration zone was enormously popular with the Australian public, creating the illusion that the Coalition was doing something about immigration. [4] We will decide who comes to this country, and the circumstances in which they come," said John Howard. But he didn't say who "we" are.

Howard manipulated the Pauline Hanson phenomenon to create the illusion that he was secretly "on side" and against "political correctness". But in the background Tony Abbott was working away on a little cottage industry to bring Hanson down, probably under Howard's direction or at least with his knowledge. And yet, how many crusty old conservatives said in the late 1990s that "Howard is the only thing keeping Hanson going"? They probably still are saying that even though Pauline has long gone.

The pattern of public angst about Middle Easterners was completed by a rising fear of Middle East criminal gangs, that are so violent that they have squeezed out all of the other gangs bar the even more vicious Asian gangs and triads. [5] The appalling rapes of young Anglo-Australian women by Middle Easterners, in a racially motivated fashion - never, of course, seen as a race-hate crime - was also a contributing factor to the Middle East question replacing a concern about Asianisation. [6] For Joe and Sue Battler out there in the 'burbs' with their average of 98 IQ points, [7] Western civilization itself was under attack and "Little John" Howard was there to defend us with Robin Hood Bush. With a Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction it is only understandable that the deceived masses would give the nod of approval to the immigration programme. After all, John Howard's "on side" and secretly working away to help us, isn't he?

Consequently, until a couple of years ago, around two-thirds of those interviewed for opinion polls said that immigration levels were too high. Opinion polls taken since 1998 have shown a more evenly divided public with approximately equal numbers of Australians supporting a high immigration intake, as those rejecting it. [8]
In a more recent paper Betts states that "by 2001 and 2002 only 35 to 41 per cent of Australians thought the current intake too high, compared to at least 70 per cent in the early 1990s". [9]
We agree with John Hirst that Howard's "tough" stand on border protection increased public support for immigration. [10]
However, we add that Howard's deceptive attitude to Asianisation gave the illusion that the composition of Australia's immigration intake had changed and the policies of Asianisation and multiculturalism had been abandoned. This, we will see, is simply not so.

Asianisation: Howarding Full Steam Ahead

Howard has deceived the Australian people on the immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation issues. In 2002, one of the founders of Australians Against Further Immigration Party, Denis McCormack, an astute immigration critic, wrote:
"The public knows that John Howard doesn't like Asianisation any more than the majority of them like it. They have given him an electoral mandate to sort it out in the mainstream of politics where it should be - no more diversions, no more delays, and no more name-calling." [11]

In a later paper McCormack documents Howard's deception. [12] He quotes a paper by Shaun Carney, "Closer to Asia Than You Think" [13] where Carney says that Howard's handling of the Tampa crisis only gave the 'impression" that Australia had taken an isolationist stance and was winding back the process of Asianisation.
The reality is different Carney says, with the proportion of settler arrivals who are Asian-born averaging 33 per cent since the mid-1970s, and in 2001 being 40 per cent. The Coalition has been running "an expanded immigration programme in which half the new settlers are from Asia, the Middle East or Africa." Carney concludes: "Once our Asian neighbours look past the rhetoric and study the numbers they will see little difference between this government and the one which preceded it."

Some writers such as Switzer have quoted a figure of 60 per cent intake from Asia. [14] But, contrary to Switzer, in 2002 the proportion of Australia's net permanent and long-term migrants who had been born in Asia was almost 72 per cent! [15]

The proportion of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa was just over 7 per cent. African migrants doubled in 2003; African refugees now make up nearly the majority of Australia's humanitarian intake. The intake of refugees is set to rise by 50 per cent in 2005. [16] Already Australian police services are organizing against emerging African gangs. [17]

Bureau of Immigration statistics for 2002-2003, show that India is now the second biggest source of migrants for Victoria (after New Zealand, which also contributes a significant number of Asians to Australia). [18]

The News Just Keeps Getting Worse

Immigration opponents have not yet devoted critical attention to a new immigration phenomenon - that of the so-called "temporary migrants". By way of introduction it has been said to be a misuse of the "stock" approach by DIMIA, based on the number of long-term visa-holders in Australia, which has allegedly resulted in an 'inflation" mistake of 42,000 in the official migrant intake figure of 154,000 in 2002-2003. This is through double-counting people in Australia on long-term visas who left for a holiday overseas and then returned. [19] We are to suppose that the 2002 figure is 112,000 - hell, official statistics can't be wrong, can they?

Since the mid-1990s the number of overseas visitors entering Australia on a "temporary" long-term basis (i.e., staying for at least one year) has been greater than the number of permanent settlers. Australia has become like a grand hotel, "temporary" residents to Australia, at any one time make up a significant portion of its population. If the DIMIA figures are to be believed:

Visitors 3,279,549
Overseas students 86,277
Working holiday makers 76,576
Temporary business visitors 260,957
Temporary business residents 40,493
Social, cultural, international relations programs 37,912
Other 65,476

Total 3,847,240

Contrast this horrible statistic with the almost certainly underestimated ABS 2001 Census figure estimate of the number of Asian-born in Australia of 982,519.
At the 30 June 2001, there were 554,200 people in Australia on temporary visas:
China 36,700; Japan 33,200 and Korea 33,100, compared to the US 42,100 [20]

To take but one category: overseas students.
International student numbers are predicted to increase by seven-fold to 850,000 by 2025. By that time up to 90,000 Indians will be studying in Australia.
All sources predict that foreign students will far outnumber domestic students. [21] Temporary entry usually becomes de facto settlement migration. At present foreign students get automatic permanent residence if their skills are in demand. [22]

All of this is part of the Asianisation programme, to create an essentially open-borders Australia where Asians can come and go as they please.

It's Time to Wake Up to John

Who said this after receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Tel Aviv's Bar-Ilan University, Israel, in recognition for the long-standing support for Zionist causes:
"The personal affection I have for the state of Israel, the personal regard I have for the Jewish people of the world, will never be diminished. It is something I hold dearly, something I value as part of my being and as part of what I have tried to do with my life." [23]
Was this said by Bob Hawke or even Paul Keating? It was the same person who said on the Sunday Show (channel 9 TV) to Laurie Oaks on 21 March 1993, that he was proud of his links with ethnic communities, especially Jews.
This same multiculturalist said in a talk to the Ferntree Gully School in Melbourne, in referring to the uniform Anglo class mates in his school days, that he sees "the nation's future as a many =-hued ethnic mixture that will outshine the drab homogeneity of other countries". [24]

It was John Howard of course, the same man that a group of Australian nationalists, who should know better, think is "on side" and "against" multiculturalism. The same John Howard, who in June 2004 while visiting New York received a "special award" from the American Jewish community for his role in bringing down Iraq.

All this because for a brief moment in 1988, this most pragmatic and cunning of politicians, briefly flirted with the idea of getting Anglo-Australian votes through questioning the rate, not the policy of Asian immigration. Howard supported the policy of Asianisation, but merely questioned the prudence of the elites pursuing this policy at the speed at which they were doing it.
But his masters soon put him right and after humbly recanting, has since 1988 pushed the standard Asianisation line. [25] While cleverly talking about black armband history, Howard pushed the standard politically correct line that he was glad the Liberal Party ended the White Australia Policy and that "we are a better and stronger and richer nation because of ethnic diversity". [26]
Never mind that this is strictly a "racist" position, which claims that an ethnically diverse (= "multiracial") society is better than a homogenous "White" one.
The Howard Ruddock team pushed immigration to its highest levels for 11 years, as Greg Sheridan has recognised - and if Sheridan loves it, we should hate it. [27]

Howard is portrayed by both friend and foe as a conservative, a supporter of family values and all that. Yet the policy of economic globalisation is an acid to such values. It was Howard who was pushing globalisation in the 1980s, supporting the Hawke-Keating economic reform agenda as "opposition" leader. And it was Howard who in 1996 took away from law abiding citizens, their firearms - something which even Hitler never did to Germans (although he did to Jews) contrary to the rhetoric of some conservatives. Today, Australia's violent crime rate is twice that of the US and as high as England's, a country with similar strict gun control. Violent crime rates increased dramatically since the 1996 gun control measures, being 20 per cent higher from 1997 to 2002, than in 1996. Armed robbery is 67 per cent higher, and murder, attempted murder and manslaughter 5 per cent higher. [28] today it is criminal gangs who have the illegal guns, while ordinary citizens are defenceless. Victoria has even banned swords, the one weapon that is particularly well suited for women defending themselves against rapists in their homes.

It was Howard who introduced fascist laws that threaten the rule of law and which transformed ASIO into a secret police force. ASIO now has the power to detain people incommunicado and deprive them of their right to silence. The anti-terrorist Acts reverse the onus of proof so that detainees are required to show that they have no knowledge or material evidence related to terrorism. And what is "terrorism"? Today, it is the Muslim fundamentalist supporting Bin and the boys who are threats, but tomorrow the same laws will be used against those opposing the present regime's policies of Asianisation and globalisation.

All Things Must Pass: Including Us?

In any case, the Howard kingdom is coming to an end, and the crown of thorns will be passed to the smug Peter Costello who will make us yearn for the days of Paul Keating. Even if you can't free your mind from the Howard illusion, surely the spectre of Costello is a wake-up call.

When Mark Latham was Labor leader, the Jewish founder of the concept of Australian multiculturalism, Jerzy Zubrzycki, called on him to be the new Arthur Calwell, and like Calwell, forget about public opinion and embark on a new immigration programme. [29]
Australia is set to face an "inevitable crisis" of refugees in South East Asia due to massive gaps in world income, and must open its borders to all - or else they will come anyway. He told the Global Foundation function, that he hopes to send 45 per cent of new arrival migrants to the bush to ease the congestion in the cities (how can this be when migration is a gift from the gods?) and to "spread the benefits of migration more thoroughly across our big country."
Fortunately, Latham is now history. But Steve Bracks, Premier of Victoria, wants 200,000 per annum or more asylum seekers. Sure Steve, on every street. The hand of migration must touch every community, making a Wausau of every town. [30]

Just in case you missed it, the same threat of crisis was made by World bank President, Jewish James Wolfensohn who sees Australia as a sponge for displaced people of Asia and Africa: "If you fast-forward Australia, you have to ask the question: What sort of Australia is it going to be in 30 years time? Is it going to be the ethnic mix of the scale that it now is, or is there a challenge for something different? I can't comment on what the choice should be. But I can say the question is inevitable. Because if you have another billion and a half people to the north of you, that's a lot of people and so the question has to be asked." [31]

Behind the tortured grammar is the sub-text: get ready for an Asian and African tidal wave of migrants in the millions. It's inevitable. Apart from the usual "invasion from the North threat," illogically used as an argument to increase immigration now (hell, if the billions will come, why bother anyway) the global capitalists continue to push for big increases in immigration to keep their profits high.
Adelaide, for example, already facing a water crisis, needs two million people says Business SA. [33] And if they get them, how long before the cry is for 4, 16, 32, 64… million? The big business community never has enough "internal demand".

The same argument is used on long-suffering Americans to force them to accept increasing numbers if migrants. Business SA Chief Executive, Peter Vaughan, thinks that by declaring South Australia a "zone of special significance," Sydney and Melbourne's over-migration problems will be solved. Sure Pete, by transferring the problems to Adelaide. Some "solution"!

The global capitalist vision of Australia has been fearless, presented by a number of business leaders who do not have any fear of panicking the little white Sheople. They look forward to an Australia of 50-100 million people, mostly Asian.
Other visionary global capitalists hope to see an urban agglomerate from Port Phillip Bay to North Queensland of about 200-400 million people, mostly Asian, and occurring well before the end of the century.

This is a vision of genocide - racial, cultural and ecological. No respectable scientist suggests that Australia can sustain 400 million people at any civilised standard of living. Nor will such a society be "Australian" as we know it.
Long after the racial destruction of White Australians, Australia would have become a colony of China or Africa. Is this to be our fate?
It will be if we do not stand our ground and fight. That is why immigration needs to be made the issue and why a new "Australians Against Further Immigration" is needed.

And that is why in this discussion we have attacked the "Howard illusion". Howard is hoping to emulate Menzies. Perhaps he does. Bob Menzies was known as "Pig Iron Bob" because in 1938 he defied wharf labour bans and sent pig-iron to Japan where it was used to make weapons to be used against China and then Australia. Maybe Howard resembles Menzies more than he would wish to be known. [74]


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by James Reed

It's as easy as this: a conventional bomb wrapped around a small piece of cobalt would constitute a "dirty" a-bomb, and if exploded could contaminate a city, keep residents out for decades and result in an explosion of cancer rates.

According to The Australian 29 August 2005, "Fears for D-Bomb in Region," "largely unsecured sources of dangerous radio-active material" have been found in Southeast Asia: emphasis on unsecured. One piece of cobalt that could be used in a dirty bomb which had been used for medical therapy had been "abandoned".
South Korea National Intelligence said that an al-Qa'ida senior operative arrested last month had said that Australia was a prime target for a terrorist attack this year. A mere 30cm rod of cobalt, dispersed by a conventional bomb would contaminate 300 city blocks, and require demolition of the contaminated region.

This is clearly a weapon of terror and disruption and the threat of a dirty bomb attack should be given the highest attention by the Australian Security Forces. The threat level determined by ASIO is rated at "medium," which means that a terrorist attack is "likely". Presumably it is only a matter of time before the terrorist forces launch such a weapon upon the West.

Phillip Ball, writing in The Guardian of 12-18 August 2005, argues that terrorism itself constitutes the third world war. Ball cites the statistical work of Neil Johnson, an Oxford University physicist, who has found that the casualty statistics of global terrorism "follow the pattern previously observed for conventional conflicts ranging from small local skirmishes to the second world war".
The statistical data of casualties follow a mathematical relationship known as a power law: data fitted on to a smooth curve becomes a straight line when the numbers are plotted as logarithms. The line slopes downwards because big conflicts are rare but small conflicts are common.

Mathematical researchers have concluded that modern terrorism "is an endemic feature of the modern world and is likely not something that can be completely eradicated. Instead it should be considered in a similar way to other endemic problems, such as crime and natural disasters".