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Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction



September, 2007

The following letter was sent to the Editor of the Port Lincoln Times, South Australia by Mayor Peter Davis.

The Mayor of Port Lincoln is not confused as to his role within the structure of Local Government and loyalty to the Constitutional Monarchy! It will be of great interest to our readers.

Dear Sir,
"Your readers are entitled to know why I refused to welcome our State Governor, particularly following two letters critical of me last week. For some decades there has been an insidious, relentless campaign to undermine the foundations of our British Constitutional Monarchical Democracy. The fundamental role of the representative of the Monarch within our Constitution is to chair meetings of Executive Council where legislation passed by Parliament is discussed. Provided the Monarch's representative is convinced that Parliament has reflected the Will of the People, he signs the legislation which becomes Law. Should he be unconvinced he can refuse to authorise the legislation, thus protecting the people his Monarch trusts with his care.

Effectively, the Governor of a State has the power to terminate a Government as Sir John Kerr demonstrated. One month later the people he was charged with protecting determined by a national Election their preferred Parliament. Because our Military forces are required to swear allegiance to the Queen and her Representative, this deprives a Prime Minister or a Premier of continuing to govern without the support of Parliament. Thus, our people are protected.

Within all republican systems, the armed forces are required to swear allegiance to their president. Thus, when a President loses public support, he maintains office by inflicting military force upon his people. Within the next few days Sydney will experience, and we will witness on our TVs a superb example of Presidential power as some 20 or so Presidents take over Sydney protected by massive military force as well as a 3 metre fence, water cannons, air power and massive surveillance. It is worth recalling His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip's visit to Pt. Lincoln some years ago with his spontaneous detours to speak to people wanting to welcome him; together with a complete lack of military security.

It is this fundamental issue of where one's primary allegiance lies that should concern us. That rear Admiral Scarce is an outstanding Australian well deserving the position of Governor of our State is beyond dispute. But his signalled preference for a Republican Australia may well place him in an invidious position at some future date. It is not reasonable to place a person in high office when he holds a fundamental belief contrary to the role demanded by his office."

- - - Yours sincerely, Peter Davis, Mayor. 29/8/07



by Anne Twomey (The Federation Press, Sydney, 2006)

"This is a well-written, informative, and long-overdue contribution to an understanding of Australia's constitutional arrangements, particularly in relation to the Australian States and their place within, and as components of, the Australian Federation" wrote David Flint. "The Australian Constitution, and the Federation which it created, are unique among all the countries of which the Queen is the Sovereign. They therefore posed unique problems in the termination of the residual colonial links between the Australia States and the British Government and, in typical Australian fashion, were resolved by a unique solution. Twomey has rendered sterling service to Australian scholarship and to Australians' (regrettably scant) knowledge and understanding of our constitutional arrangements. She has worked her way diligently and skilfully through the records of the British and State Governments, and they are to be commended for giving her free access to them. By contrast, the Australian Government was miserly and unhelpful in relation to access to its documents. This has not prevented Twomey from producing an excellent account of the role of the Crown in the Australian polity, and she deserves the thanks and the congratulations of all Australians who care about our system of government and our nation's constitutional arrangements," wrote Sir David Smith in his review of the book. Send for your copy today!

Price $60.00 including postage. Available from all Heritage Book Services.



by Diane Teasdale*

The Liberals, Nationals, Labor, Greens, Democrats Globalists, Multiculturalists, Merchant Bankers, Superannuation Funds, Federal and State Governments, Fabians, etc.
"You are here to do exactly as you are told!" Who can you trust when Liberal and Labor are playing "good cop" - "bad cop"? Don Chip, in a replayed interview, after his death, (Enough Rope ABC TV), stated that the vast majority of politicians in the Houses in Canberra achieve "bugger all".
He said: "They come into this place full of ideals and enthusiasm and the first day they arrive they are taken to their indoctrination session and told to forget all about their ideals and plans".




Local and state water institutions have already been corporatised ready for the big move.

Australians believed our Commonwealth Constitution was our protection. The responsibility for water management resides with the States as section 100 of the Commonwealth Constitution states:
"The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation."

"I think we have to reinvent federalism, Mr Costello told The Sunday Age… The current federal model does not work well…We ought to have a (national) system which allocate water to the most efficient and highest-value use and that's where Commonwealth leadership can be absolutely essential."

"Legislation suggests Federal government would have powers to take over water allocation… Regulation-making powers enable the Commonwealth to amend state water shares (water rights)."
Letter to the Editor: J.B. Archibald, Vic. 21/7/03

The continuing saga about the dying Murray is starting to show cracks as real truth is beginning to emerge. Those pushing the "dying Murray" image would do well by noting the following words by U.S. Senator Robert Byrd.
'Truth has a way of asserting itself.
Despite all attempts to obscure it.
Distortion only serves to derail it.
No matter what lengths we humans may go to delude our fellow.
Truth has a way of squeezing out by unnoticed cracks eventually.'

All such claims made about the dying river by those experts or deluders of truth are finding those cracks are becoming wider. Pollution is a fact, but all other claims are a repeat of river patterns as revealed in early recorded river history.
It is in my opinion, the subject of the dying river serves as a smoke screen to subvert attention away from the real issue - our water becoming a commodity of big finance. Speculators in the proposed water market are already showing their hands. Some of them may be the salesmen for offshore Multinationals. Why has the World Bank been surveying our waterways over the last two years or so? Are their financial resources in the waiting?
But worst of all, the farmers' supposed representatives, the National Party, seem to be looking at which fence to sit on, the barbed wire variety, or the fancy railing. Farmers will have to fight their own battles, and the consumers, businesses, and industries will have to stand by them. No longer can they rely on their elected supposed representatives, farmer's organisations, or political promises.

An important history lesson can be found in the long-term plans of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). The planning for water reform report 2002-2003 from the Department of Sustainable Natural Resources, page fifty seven, documents the program objectives of COAG, an unelected body at the forefront of dismantling and eroding our water security and ultimately our land values.

The following was part of the plan:
§ 1994 COAG -"establish a comprehensive water allocation regime in which land title and water entitlements are separated".
§ 2005 COAG - "All water licences to be converted to Water Management Act water licensing provisions separating water from land title".

The unbundling of water from land started in Victoria on 1st July, 2007. Graham Strachan as early as October 2001, set out that which is planned in "The Scourge of Pink ALGA": "Agenda 21 was adopted by Australia at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 (by 'Whiteboard' Ros Kelly [Labor].) It is 800 pages long, consists of 40 chapters, and is a comprehensive programme for the planning and management of the economic and social development of the entire world during the twenty-first century. Virtually every aspect of human existence is to be controlled under the document. Prime Minister Howard reaffirmed Australia's commitment to it when he signed the Millennium Declaration at United Nations headquarters in September 2000. Through ALGA, (Australian Local Government Association) local councils are now committed to its implementation through its local adaptation, Local Agenda 21. Under Agenda 21 the United Nations will control through governments at national, state and local level, patterns of ::-

§ human consumption (what people eat)
§ human habitats (where and how people are allowed to live)
§ the planning and control of all development
§ the composition of the atmosphere ('greenhouse gas' emissions)
§ the planning and management of land use
§ control of the utilisation of forests
§ control of types and methods of agriculture
§ control of areas set aside to protect biological diversity
§ the management and use of water, and more.

In addition, ALGA is committed to "The adoption of sustainable resource management strategies, including greenhouse gas reduction" [i.e. the Kyoto Protocol]; "understanding Local government responsibility under Native Title Legislation", and "promoting reconciliation"; and to "adopting practices that will achieve social cohesion in a culturally diverse society" [i.e. Multiculturalism]."

Mike Montgomery said in Perth 20/2/2004: "The search for sustainability will be a long one. But fundamentally, it will be about change. Nowhere is this more clear than with our use of water. Last year's agreement by the Council of Australian Governments [COAG] to implement a national water initiative is a major breakthrough of international significance."
"ALGA - as a full member of COAG - has been part of this process of developing the national water initiative and actively participates at the working parties that are helping to turn the principles agreed at the last COAG meeting into a workable arrangement on the ground. A significant part of the initiative is the introduction of water markets. But their introduction will have significant impacts for many communities that now depend on irrigation for their economic well being. ALGA is calling for community-focused structural adjustment packages to be funded as part of the reform process. This will ensure that communities adversely affected by water markets will be able to manage change and help communities adjust to new economic circumstances as water use flows to high value users."

Not that long ago, as the genuine farmers from Tasmania rolled across the country to tell their story and warn the mainland farmers that we are about to be swamped by poorly labelled imported food, we were also alerted to the fact that one of the speakers at the Shepparton Rally, high-profile businessman Mr Richard Pratt, is leading the push for an Australia with fifty million inhabitants by 2050.
Following an interjection by a concerned local identity, telling Mr. Pratt that we did not want his eighty million immigrants; a ruffled Mr. Pratt informed the people it was only fifty million he was pushing for. So we now have it from Mr Pratt himself - fifty million people in a country that has enough water to support only twenty-five million - but don't worry; Mr. Pratt has the answer for that problem too.

Most Australians believe that we have a democracy in Australia but in fact we have a unique system of Government called a "Constitutional Monarchy" and the rules of our Government are contained in a document called the Commonwealth Constitution Act. So far, this has enabled us to remain a free and Sovereign Nation, but be warned, behind the scenes there are many who wish to hand it over to the Globalists - and the control of water is a very important part of this.
Controlling our water is essential for anyone to have power over the lifeblood of this Nation. The 'one-worlders' are using your Council rates to start the process by supporting women's groups across Australia so that they can become the 'motherly face of water control' - and you are paying the bill.

Do not "waste" water has become the eleventh Commandment. Evaporated water is part of the whole system of nature. Water of course is impossible to "waste" - it is one resource that never disappears. You drink it, you piddle it, it evaporates and is returned clean and pure; to use over and over - ad infinitum. Sure, you can waste resources by moving, purifying, pumping, etc - but you cannot "waste" the water. There is no such thing as creating new water.

"We have consistently warned the so-called business 'leaders' and politicians of this nation, driven by the twin ideologies of economic rationalism and financial whoredom, have high on their agenda, increased immigration to this country. The figure of 50 million has been quoted by chief executive of Visy Industries, John White and is on public record.
"Visy Industries and the ANZ Bank both have vested interests in a greater population and control of our water systems. Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson (Countryman, West Australia 5/2/04) crowed over the announcement Visy Industries and the ANZ Bank intend to invest $10 million a year for 10 years in Australia's developing "water allocation and management system". "On Target" 10/12/2004

WATER TRADE TO SHIFT WATER FROM FARMS TO CITIES: In the "News Weekly" 2/7/2005, writer Pat Byrne warned us:
"This crisis has been created by the joint federal and states' National Water Initiative (NWI) and the 1994 Council of Australian Governments' (COAG) water agreement…Until now, nobody has been willing to admit that shifting water from farmers to cities was a key objective of the NWI…This means charging farmers full-cost recovery for the supply of water, including environmental costs, and allowing market forces to bid up the price of water."

Melbourne Water's magazine "The Source" Issue 20, June 2002 revealed: "The recommendations are based on Melbourne's population growing 32 percent to 4.6 million people by 2050." This planned dramatic increase in population wouldn't have anything to do with Mr.Pratt's 50 million - would it?

Bill Shorten in "The Herald Sun" 26/3/2007 explained further: "Melbourne's annual water supply is about 427 gigalitres." Before his retirement, Premier Bracks was telling Victorians he will increase Melbourne's water supply by 50% over the next five years.

Before one drop has been saved, Bracks said he would take one third of 450,000 megalitres from the savings estimated by the "Foodbowl" plan (150,000 megalitres) and pipe it to Melbourne in a new 100,000 megalitre pipeline. This will leave Melbourne approximately 300,000 megalitres short if the population is increased as planned.

"Billionaire ex-Grahamvale businessman Richard Pratt has suggested doubling water charges for urban, business and agricultural users to ease the nation's water woes. Mr Pratt, one of Australia's most generous philanthropists, made headlines in 2002 pledging $100 million of his own money to tackle the nation's water problems."
Source: "Shepparton News", 22/9/2006

Maybe it is time for Mr. Pratt to explain to his fellow Australians that which the "Australian Jewish News," 23/3/07 revealed to its readers: "A visiting delegation of water experts headed by Israeli infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer" took "the first steps towards what could turn into an official partnership and extensive collaboration between Israel and Australia on water technology" by the signing of a formal "declaration of intent" by Ben Elizier, nicknamed "Fouad" and Federal Environment and Water Minister Malcolm Turnbull."
It just happened the delegation included Israeli Water Commissioner Professor Uri Shani, Mekorot chief Eli Ronen and executives from seven other Israeli water infrastructure companies."

Has any of Mr.Pratt's money been spent on establishing the "Food Bowl" group to promote the pipeline to Melbourne? Is any of his money paying for the fancy TV advertisements? Who are these unelected 'leaders' really following?
We have now been told that it was instigated by the "Global Foundation", with Mr. Pratt being a prominent member and yet we are also being told that they are led by a Shepparton local "treasure" John Corboy: the man who helped save the SPC cannery (but who is silent about canned fruit from China and South Africa on sale in Shepparton's supermarkets and Ardmona Factory Sales).

The Melbourne "Age" reported 19/6/2007: "…a group - now called Foodbowl Incorporated - began canvassing options almost a year ago…" But Mr Corboy says: "what we're talking about here is not water that irrigators presently have, but new water."
The "Shepparton News" 15/6/2007 continued the unfolding story: "The Foodbowl Group has estimated the (piping water to Melbourne…ed) project at a total cost of $2.2 billion calculation that savings could cost $5,000/Ml to achieve."

Bill Shorten of The Australian Workers' Union had this to say in the "Herald Sun" 26-3-2007: "A group of northern Victorian business leaders, the Food Bowl Group, sees the value of this. These business leaders want the Government to invest in their irrigation system in return for a pipe sending water to Melbourne. Northern Victorian Irrigators supports the Plan…"

"Pratt's Pipes", "The Source"- Issue 20, 20/6/02: "Losses through evaporation and seepage can account for up to 80 per cent of water volume from the time the water leaves its source until it reaches its destination. This is a dreadful waste in a country which can ill-afford it…I want to propose that Australia establishes a national fund to finance the piping of all our major open irrigation channels."
Now where would the money be borrowed from? Money created out of nothing by the private banking system of course. Could it be before the people would accept such a plan, they had to be convinced that we need to pipe water to save evaporation. In comes Bill Shorten, "a friend" of Richard Pratt "for many years", and suggests "the water is there - it is evaporating before our eyes."

"Our country is the loser when we reject people who want to make a home and a contribution, here. The success of many recent asylum seekers in becoming productive members of our communities shows the potential for expanding the humanitarian migrant intake as well as our skills-based program. Anyway, other than indigenous Australians, we're all descended from immigrants so I'm dead against the Howard Government's anti-immigration style."

What the wolves in sheep's clothing are not telling you is: NO ONE IS TO OWN THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTION.
A further blow to irrigators is the "unbundling" of water rights that apply in Victoria from the 1st of July, 2007. Banks will no longer hold land titles with secure water rights and Governments can now take the water without compensation. What will happen to farm values? A situation that could not happen under our Commonwealth Constitution while water was tied to land titles. Who will benefit as our farmers are driven off the land? With farmers in debt, banks will now force them to off-load their water and it will go to what it terms "high value" farming ventures, mostly owned by Managed Investment Schemes, Equity Trusts, and Super Funds; but high value farming is not what it seems.

The Victorian Law Institute warned farmers on the ABC radio recently that changes made to water legislation enables the State Government take water rights from farmers without compensation. Under the Constitution, governments cannot take your land without fair compensation. By removing water from titles, they have now the legal power to take your water for environmental flows or to cater for the mass immigration planned for Australia.
The plan is for a population of 50 million by 2050 and they need your water for the cities. The consequences of this will be tragic for rural Australia, but the major political Parties are so indoctrinated by the "Globalists" that they will not save you. We are a dry continent and taking water from farmers and thereby reducing farm values will only further compound the already difficult environment in which farming now exists.

In warning their fellow Australians, Patrick Byrne, Neil Eagle and Daryl McDonald wrote:
"In 2001, the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment estimated the value of irrigation water to regional communities. From this report, it can be calculated that:
§ the farm gate product value from one megalitre of water was about $1,000 (an average figure across various industries);
§ the flow-on-effect in the regional community from each farm gate dollar was 4-to1 (i.e. a multiplier of 4); and
§ the farm capital write down for each megalitre of water lost from a farm was about $1,400, on average.
§ Consequently the cost of water trade can be estimated. The loss of 150,000 megalitres of irrigation water from northern Victoria has resulted in;
§ farm gate losses of $150 million annually;
§ the loss of $600 million from the regional communities annually; and
§ a total write down of $210 million in farm assets"

We may no longer be able to produce affordable clean green food and we are already seeing food on the supermarket shelves from countries that do not have adequate quality controls over pesticides and additives, etc. Will our children be forced to eat contaminated, unregulated food, from overseas, or will our immigration gurus simply import more cheap "skilled" labour to produce it here on large corporate farms?
We already have groups of young Indian men, on "so called" training visas, spending six months here and living about eight to a house, who are paying to work long hours for local horticulturalists. Is it really cheap labour and "training" so that they can bring their whole families back on "457 visas" as "skilled workers"?
Australia already produces food for eighty million people, but our high standard of living can only be sustained if we keep our population under 25 million and we protect our hard won rights and wages.

Mr. Richard Pratt had this to say on the subject in "The Source" Issue 20, June 2002:
"A Government-issued "water bond" carrying an attractive rate of return would be a highly sought-after investment by Australia's superannuation managers. Our super funds are experiencing massive inflows of cash every week with limited options for secure investment."

Australian's are feeling overwhelmed by all the issues of the day. Divide and conquer has never been more prevalent. Private debt has never been higher. Convincing Australians that we will have to drink "poo" water was a clever ploy to change our thinking, but the really scary part was how many were willing to go along with it. With water trade now a big issue, Australians need to consider that it is not only farmers who are trading in water but large corporations who will ultimately control the price we pay for our water.
The Globalists want to privatise our water so that it can be traded and out of the control of farmers. Politicians of all persuasions have been financed through donations to their Parties to support high immigration to the level of fifty million by 2050.

Cities will need water for the increased population, so the answer is take it from the farmers (difficult) or unbundle it from land titles where financial institutions can force it to be sold to cover debt. Institutions such as Macquarie Bank come in because they can use it for high value crops. When they turn out to be a disaster they can sell it back to supply water to the city populations for say $5,000 a megalitre - coincidently, the same cost estimated for the "saved" water from the "Foodbowl" plan. Globalists' problem solved. But there is no NEW water!

"The Business Council of Australia endorses reforms championed by Mr Turnbull…." "The Australian", 18/9/2006.
"Mr Turnbull last night welcomed the report, which he said supported his view that cities could have as much water as they were prepared to pay for…BCA spokeswoman Maria Tarrant said yesterday poor water infrastructure was acting as a brake on economic and population growth."

"Billionaire Melbourne businessman Dick Pratt and the Business Council of Australia have been calling for much higher prices for water." "The Herald Sun," 28/9/06:
"Over the past decade, as much as 15 percent of Victoria's largest water authority, the Goulburn Murray Water, has been sold on the open market to entrepreneurs such as the Macquarie Bank….
The Macquarie Bank, and others like it, might eventually be in a position to sell water to large regional centres, such as Bendigo, where city people will pay a big premium compared with farmers and down-stream irrigators."

"NEWS.COM.AU" 25/2/2007
"Macquarie Bank has set its sights on the drought-stricken bush, buying up precious water rights from struggling farmers…'Dubbed the Millionaires' Factory, it is one of a group of big, city-based corporations cornering water permits in the Murray-Darling basin."
"Macquarie Agribusiness, set up three years ago, is in the midst of a buying spree, relieving farmers along the River Murray of their permanent water rights…The bank is one of a growing number of managed investment schemes that now manage more than 12,000ha of new irrigation crops, mostly in the Sunraysia region and Victoria's Goulburn Valley…The biggest player, Timbercorp, owns a total of 60 billion litres of water."
"Farmers say big-city investors have helped drive water prices to record levels, squeezing small family farms out of the market."
"In south-western NSW, funds such as Macquarie Agribusiness now own more than 20 per cent of the water rights, Western Murray Irrigation chief executive Cheryl Rix says…The value of their investment may rise even more as the Federal Government has set aside $3 billion to buy back water rights under its $10 billion water plan."
"Water prices have reached record levels in the wake of the corporate buy-up, according to George Warne, chairman of the Bondi Group of private irrigators and general manager of Murray Irrigation Ltd…Investment schemes have been a big contributor to rising water prices in the past few years because they're growing crops with a higher value and can afford to pay more."

"A consortium under the banner of Osprey Acquisitions, which includes the Commonwealth Bank's asset management arm, yesterday made a £2.2 billion ($A5.5 billion) takeover bid for British water firm AWG."
"It came as Hastings Funds Management, an Australian infrastructure and alternative investment fund controlled by Westpac, agreed to pay £665.4 million for South East Water, Britain's second-largest water-only utility."
"Hastings' Diversified Utilities Fund will pay £92 million and the unlisted Utilities Trust of Australia is set to fund the balance."
"Meanwhile, German company RWE also said it had received at least three offers of about £7 billion each for its Thames Water unit in Britain."
"The Thames Water bidders include British financier Hands' Terra Firma Capital Partners, a group led by Australia's Macquarie Bank and a UBS fund."
"Alinta has also said it is looking at Britain's water assets through its plans to build a $20 billion infrastructure trust and is also tipped to be a bidder for Thames."
"The Osprey deal for AWG will include the CBA's Colonial First State Global Asset Management paying $1 billion. The remainder will be funded by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Industry Funds Management and 3i Group at £15.55 cash a share."
Bracks wanted the water to flow South, Howard wants it for the Globalists. Why are we between a rock and a hard place?

*Diane Teasdale is the granddaughter of the late Horace Byham. Horace was the District Engineer with the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission in Shepparton from 1935 to 1955. He had the management and supervision of four local districts of the Goulburn Irrigation System V12. Shepparton, South Shepparton, North Shepparton and Katandra, also the Loch Gary Flood Protection Works. Further information will soon be available at

Further evidence of planned control?
Dear Sir,
Since the last State Election I have watched with extreme interest Beattie's Traveston Crossing Dam strategy.
Divisive by design, where the truth is lost in a sea of misinformation and tailored at a huge taxpayer cost, to cover for his government's water management incompetence.
Campaigning in the last election for Gympie One Nation heavily promoted an option to pump fresh water from Fraser Island's obvious enormous reserves. Travel to Fraser and see for yourselves!
Then like now, a wall of silence prevails as to the potential of this resource where hundreds of millions of litres are wasted to the sea daily.
Contrasting with this fact is the Beattie Governments latest $2 million tax funded campaign "Target 140" exploiting fear to save dam water usage. Beattie's water grid map displayed in the "Courier Mail" on 29th March 2007 identified North Stradbroke Island and Bribie Island as sources of ground water, but again no mention of the vast reserves of pure water on Fraser Island!
Fraser Island is protected by the State Conservation act. Federally, by Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. To these, Beattie's Government felt it necessary to add the "Wild Rivers Act." 2005.
In 2004 a programme on the ABC suggested that our control of Fraser Island may have been "Corporatised" and relinquished to overseas powers.
We have a right to know, are these issues being raised in the Traviston Dam debate? One Nation research suggests that we may no longer control the Natural Resources on Fraser Island.

- - Yours truly, Ivan Cox, Qld.