Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction



The New Times Survey
April 2009

'Gracious and merciful God enable us to fulfill our daily duties with Patience, meekness, humility and cheerfulness. If our lives cease now or our public message come to a speedy end, Grant us the sincerity of spirit to slight nothing, neglect nothing, And spare nothing that may enable us to be just and kind to all about us. If all notable or large work be put beyond us, let us at least as brothers, Mothers, husbands, fathers and friends and citizens carry into all our Relationships and our private lives, the true spirit of service and Unselfishness. Grant us thy eternal and embracing love to guide us in your Service, in which there is perfect freedom '.

- - Abridged from Alfred Deakin 's prayer

The Sydney Morning Herald 26/8/1885, summed up the work of Deakin and the others in the statement from Henry Parkes, known as the founder of federation, when he said:

"We are pre-eminently a Christian people - as our laws, our whole system of jurisprudence, our constitution.....are based upon and interwoven with our Christian belief..."

The important revelations that Deakin understood better than most, such as 'governments are to serve people, not people serve governments came directly from Christ 's words, 'The Sabbath was made for Man '
The Temptation on the Mount where Christ refused the offer of worldly power, led to the dispersal of power in our Parliaments and again in the divisions between the States and local government. The separation of power and Authority between electors and their Government is still not fully appreciated, as Governments more and more dispose both.

There was so much of the Christian revelation incorporated into our Constitution, such as each citizen is innocent until proved guilty, Habeas Corpus and the English Common law, all of which has now been disowned by the very Church who brought it down through the centuries to us - and was once the central and respected authority of it all.

We owe Alfred Deakin and those other founding fathers an enormous debt of gratitude, but they are slowly being forgotten, as is what they gave us.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.

I have been pondering a large number of legal articles some of which are so absurd that their plots don 't even occur in movies. I feel that out legal system, as a reflection of our society, is falling away. 'Einfeld May Keep Pension and AO (The Weekend Australian 28/2-1/3/09 p.3) - Einfeld may keep his pension of $200,196 a year because the Judicial Pensions Act does not impose a standard of behaviour needed to be met to receive the pension. Einfeld, a champion of human rights, etc., will soon be sentenced for making a false statement with intent to pervert the course of justice all to avoid a 'ticket for speeding.

It seems arguable to me that it is an implicit standard to be an officer of the court that one not acquire a criminal record from acts such as these that bring the judicial system into disrepute. If the government really wanted to see justice here, this could be spelt out by a retrospective amendment of the Judicial Pensions Act. It could be challenged in the High Court, but so what? The government would be likely to win. But they won 't.

'Court Spent $60k on its Fine China (The Australian 6/3/09 p.1). Yes, our very own Federal Magistrates Court spent $60,000 on bone china, whilst at the same time wanting more money from the Federal government to meet its deficit of $1 million for 2008-09, which an independent audit puts at a more likely $5 million. A report commissioned by the Federal government recommends that the court be dismantled. The only question is: who gets the china?

Perhaps it could be taken on a 'judges junket as barristers and judges fly to London at your expense for a conference on sexual perversion, which, surprise, surprise, 'coincides with the Wimbledon tennis championships in June, finishes just in time for the first Ashes cricket test match against England and is preceded by a jaunt through one of the most beautiful regions of France. '
One of the speakers at the conference will be Max Mosley, the car racing promoter, who was involved in a sadomasochistic sex orgy. Our tax laws allow lawyers attending the conference to claim deductions for travel and accommodation.
Get the picture?

Over in Ottawa a Chinese immigrant who beheaded and hacked to pieces a bus passenger has been found not guilty on the grounds of insanity. The Asian repeatedly stabbed his victim, cut off the victim 's head, removed internal organs, put the nose, tongue and an ear in his pocket and then began to lick the blood and eat the flesh.
As far as I am aware, there is no Hollywood movie with a scene quite like this. But the migrant 's mental health will be evaluated within 90 days and he may be released!

Back at home, an Aboriginal man got a two years suspended sentence and a two year good behaviour bond for a crime that could have resulted in 15 years or more in gaol. This man broke into a home and sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl. According to the judge, the crime was at the 'lower end of seriousness, like sexual assault done in a 'moment of drunken madness (The Weekend Australian 7-8/3/09 p.1). The judge said 'You need to be punished But you will punish yourself for it.

I 'm sure champions of political correctness drank to that! Andrew Bolt (The Advertiser 11/3/09 p.22) commenting on this case said that our courts 'now boast judges who openly declare they treat Aboriginal offenders differently. By which they mean 'leniently '. There are many, many cases like this. Bolt citing the main ones. All of this shows that our legal system, like our universities, has been swallowed up by the cult of political correctness.

Many freedom movement types, who are naturally sceptical of politics, seem to get glazed-eyed about 'the law '. Absurd amounts of time have been wasted in pointless attempts to get courts to support their pet cause (which is also ours) as 'the law '. They have failed to understand that 'the law is not, unfortunately, a place where God, the supreme Justice, judges, but is a socially constructed, decision-mechanism for dispute resolution. It is a reflection of the society that it occurs in. Judicial decisions reflect the dominant values of the status quo and ruling elites this occurred even in Land Right cases such as Mabo No.2.

The law is imploding because our society, culture and civilisation is going down the gurgler. I am not exactly sure if this process of decay can be stopped, but isn 't it time we looked reality in the eye?


by Wallace Klinck, Canada

The Alaska Dividend system is exemplary and very popular, [but] that jurisdiction one should understand that it is paid from monies which have gone through the costing system and cannot for this reason be called Social Credit per se.
The proposed Social Credit consumer credits would originate from without the costing system, would not create additional costs - and would be available to cancel previous financial production costs

The Alberta Heritage Fund having also been accumulated from money which has passed through the production system and thereby registered financial costs could not in a true Social Credit sense be a source of Consumer Dividends as Douglas proposed them.
The two very modest single consumer dividends paid by the so-called "Social Credit" administration in Alberta (derived from revenues received from oil exports) under the Premiership of E. C. Manning, were made in 1957 and 1958 although the "Social Credit" government remained in office until being replaced in 1975 by the Conservative Party under the leadership of Peter Lougheed.

The payment of these "Cinderella Dividends" elicited much criticism from those opponents of Social Credit who branded them as irresponsible and wasteful, political bribery, etc. and no further such dividends were issued in the interval between the issues of 1957 and 1958 and the election to office of the Conservatives in 1975 - the Government apparently preferring to spend the money to further its own policies rather than extending that choice to the citizens of Alberta.