Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction



by James Reed

July 2007

That great writer Geoffrey Dobbs penned in the Home Journal of Spring 1989 : "Although it is necessary to look backwards to maintain continuity with the past, this becomes urgent only with a view to carrying a living policy into the future."
It is in this context which we shall examine more deeply the Howard government's "discovery" and now "war" on Aboriginal sexual abuse.
I have written over and over again that the plight of Aboriginal children and women in these communities is shocking. But this situation has been known of for well over ten years. It has been ignored until now. One article which I received summed it all up by saying that Howard is doing a parting favour for the mining industry, having been their faithful servant. His aim is to roll back Aboriginal ownership of tribal lands, an aim hidden under the multi-coloured cloak of humanitarianism. Although the article which I received has a left-wing orientation, I cannot but agree. But one must join the dots and go further, following the trail of the one-worlders.

Red Over Black
In this process of discovery, there are many illuminating League books to help us. Geoff McDonald's "Red Over Black : Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights" is a true classic. If you do not have a copy of this book, you should purchase one.

In clear prose Geoff McDonald explains how multiculturalism and Aboriginal land rights were used as political weapons by hard-line communists to attack traditional Australia. McDonald was a former member of the Communist Party, joining in 1948. He learned first hand that at the time the White Australia Policy was one of their main targets. Their goal, McDonald said was to change "Australia from an Anglo-Saxon country into one that would be predominately Asian." Today, that goal, once unthinkable, is almost realised.
The strategy of gradualism, of incremental change and deception, is also described by Tony McGillick in his book, "Comrade No More : The Autobiography of a Former Communist Party Leader" another important book.

Communism IS Globalism
The essence of communism is centralised control over the economy, politics and the individual. It is a mistake to see communism as primarily an economic system - what is more important are questions of power and control. To simplify this somewhat : in both systems, despite cosmetic differences in the sphere of production, a group of technocratic elite control the fate and freedom of the individual. Just like "two prongs on the one fork". At the end of this article we recommend some books on this theme including some by that great man Eric D. Butler.

An insightful book which helps to open one's eyes to the evils of the centralised world view is "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,"(2004) by John Perkins.
Perkins describes how from 1971 to 1981 he worked as an economic hit man or EHM. Economic hit men are skilled professionals, who, like economic versions of James Bond cheat countries out of trillions of dollars and shovel money into the coffers of the mega-corporations, and the wealthy elite who own almost everything, and want the world plus 100 %. The economic hit men use various tools in their trade, including payoffs, fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, and even murder.

Perkins is careful to point out that there is no organised conspiracy for if there was the conspiracy could be uncovered and the guilty one brought to justice. Instead he points the blame at the greed/profit principle underlying modern capitalism, that more growth, more materialism is better. On this point Perkins is partly right. There is on the basis of the evidence presented in his book an organised conspiracy in the sense of a semi-secret or discrete "grand plan" and its goal is indeed power and profit.

The essence of the conspiracy theory of history - by contrast to what Eric Butler once called the "idiot view of history" (i.e. things just happen) - is that society and social events are a human creation. People do things and powerful people do evil things and plot and plan. The conspiracy view of history sees hidden mechanisms behind the most significant events of history. Perkins shows that there are indeed hidden mechanisms behind some of the most significant events in recent history - such as the death of Panamanian president Omar Torrijos, the fall of the Shah of Iran and the US invasions of Panama and Iraq.

Perkins has many stories to tell in his book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", but the fate of Panamanian president Omar Torrijos is an instructive lesson in what the elites of the new world order will do to anyone who poses a real threat to globalism/communism. Terrijos was no communist : he merely said that Panama had its own sovereign rights. Torrijos also objected to the US Southern Command's tropical warfare training centre located in the Canal Zone. There, Latin American dictators sent their military leaders to learn interrogation and covert operational skills and military tactics to protect the assets of the dictators and US corporations and oil companies. There, death squads and torturers were trained. Torrijos refused to co-operate with the Reagan administration on a number of policies including the Canal Treaty. Torrijos died in a plane crash on 31 July 1981.

Perkins quotes famed writer Graham Greene who in his book "Getting to Know the General" says that Torrijos' security guard Sergeant Chuchu told Greene that he knew there was a bomb on the plane. It was another CIA assassination. Torrijos had forced the US to return the Panama Canal to its rightful owners and had closed down the tropical warfare centre, which angered the military chiefs. In this case the economic hit men had failed so the jackals of the CIA were called in. If the jackals fail, as they did in Iraq, then the military finishes the job.

Perkins book is an important one to read because it is not written from "our side" of politics, but it still constitutes evidence for the view championed by Eric Butler, which looked for the inner workings behind events. "Confessions of An Economic Hit Man" is gripping reading, far superior and more interesting than most of the fiction on today's bookshelves.

When you have read this you need to return to the classics by Eric D. Butler to consolidate your sense of grand theory. We recommend the following:
§ "Red Over Black" by former communist Geoff McDonald (1982). Price: $10.00 posted.
§ "The Evidence," by Geoff McDonald. Price: $10.00 posted.
§ "Land Rights, Birth Rights" by Peter English. Price: $12.00 posted.
§ "Healing a Divided Nation," by Rev. Cedric Jacobs. Price: $10.00 posted.
§ AND the explosive book that no mainline media would look at: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins. Price $42.00 posted.

A package of THREE VIDEOS for $35.00 posted.
A Howard-type Neocon-Corporate-Fascist State? Twenty years in politics can make all the difference in the world to the direction of political parties as a review of this video so dramatically demonstrates. Mr. Downer should be asked when did his philosophical beliefs change so dramatically and would it now be correct to refer to the present Liberal policies as those of a "Howard-type Neocon-Corporate-Fascist State"?

All relevant to what is happening to Australia today:-
- Alexander Downer "Our Christian Heritage at Risk"
- Bevan O'Regan "Your Council the Target"

- Eric D. Butler "The Fabian Idea Throughout History".