Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

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Whilst reading the following message about the latest Canadian Supreme Court defeat Ingrid and Ernst have had to bear, keep in mind that they have both experienced tyrannical regimes in the lands of their birth, and can better see what is happening to Canadians' freedoms.
Ingrid Rimland wrote: "When I asked what this latest Supreme Court defeat meant, not just for Ernst, but for Canadians, he said calmly:
"It means that every poor dupe scooped up in a "security certificate" sweep who comes after me will have not a chance of that snowball in hell to challenge any of the judge's decisions. There won't be even any point to try. His goose will be cooked while he will be asked to stoke his own fire. It has always been a feature of Anglo-Saxon law that there were review mechanisms every step of the way built into the system - where one could challenge bad decisions and get someone to take another look. A precedent has now been set, and Canada will have to live with it. A pity."
And then he said something remarkable:
He started talking of some future plans that some of us cherish and have already half-achieved. He even did so in romantic terms, with hidden laughter in his voice, telling me sweet things of the beauty of sunsets on a heavenly sky to be observed and relished from one of our Tennessee mountains - in safety, in peace, once all the devils on earth have had their last run.
I said through gritted teeth:
"I am amazed at you! Here you are, just having taken yet another vicious blow, and you try to give comfort to me? Nobody asks that much of you."
Ernst said: "I have been my own son for a long time. I know how to talk to myself. I have had practice talking to myself."
"Tell me. How do you do that?"
It is finished. It is utterly finished:
"Look, these are the death throes of a system that is dying. There is no way this system can sustain itself for any length of time. It is finished. It is utterly, utterly finished. It is anti-Nature, and anti-Nature cannot win. Nature will win. There is such a thing as shelf life to ideas. Liberalism as an idea has failed. The neocons' ideas in Washington have failed. Israel as a viable idea has failed. What we are now experiencing is just a blip on our radar screen. It means nothing, in the larger scope of things. All we have to do is just hang in there and do what we know we must do."
"Okay, two down - one more to go!" wrote Ingrid:
I said, "Given this setback, the habeas corpus/constitutional issues application is probably finished as well? I mean, what can you expect from this court, after two contemptuous judgments against you? You are going to lose the last one as well."
"I wouldn't say that. The two that we lost were peripheral issues. The one that is still pending, that is right now before the Supreme Court, is the Canadian version of the American Patriot Act. That is the serious, substantial one - is Canada willing to sign off on Freedom? You and I, two immigrants who came to this country with nothing, have put that question to the Court, with the help of our handful of loyal supporters. Just because they hate Ernst Zundel and want to please the aliens in their midst - are they going to be rubber-stamping Stalinist dictatorship? For good?"
"What do you think?"
"Time will tell. Time will surely tell. It could happen very fast. Either way."
Of course I have a stake in the outcome. I want my husband back. However, I can't close my eyes to the reality of a sublime, sad, transcendental justice where the Final Zundel Act might leave a legacy that every person in that once so lovely, innocent and unspoiled country that we knew when we were young will have to pay for with its tears."
For those who wish to email Ingrid and Ernst Zundel the address is:


Mr. Vic Bridger of the Social Credit School of Studies attended "The Pilgrims of St Michael" Social Credit Congress in Rougemont Quebec, Canada. The Pilgrims of St. Michael have been promoting Social Credit for over forty years and through through their Michael Journal. Their mentor was Mr. Louis Even who had studied C.H. Douglas and through his efforts the Louis Even Institute was founded.
Vic Bridger reports in his The Australasian Social Credit Journal, Sept/Oct 2004 that the response to his educational material offered to those who had attended the Congress was overwhelming.
He writes: The enthusiasm shown for the concept of Social Credit and what it had to offer those in poorer countries was to put it mildly, overwhelming. However, their enthusiasm had to be tempered with the realisation that it would not come about next month or next year and that a lot of work had to be done before any fruits can be realised.
Mr. Bridger continues:
In a statement released from their other publication Vers Demain the following comments have been extracted to give an indication of the feeling of those who attended from so many countries.
From Vers Demain:
The subject matter of the conferences during the Congress was Social Credit that brings the solution to the "great scourge of poverty". For three days, we held very meaty conferences on the philosophy and technique of Social Credit by remarkable specialists:
Mr. Vic Bridger, from Australia; Mr. Bill Daly from New Zealand; Mr. Francois de Siebenthal from Switzerland; Mrs. Diane Boucher who holds a masters degree in economics; and from Alain Pilote, a specialist in Louis Evan's writings. During the week following the Congress, we profited from good lessons by distinguished "Social Credit" economists who elaborated on economic works aiming towards the application of Social Credit.
We had the honour of welcoming to our Congress two princes of the Church and eight priests, as well as our good Father Edmond Brouiliard, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate, from Rougemont.
Five continents were represented at our Congress; North, Central, and South America: Canada, United States, Mexico, and Ecuador; Europe: France, Switzerland, and Poland; Africa: Benin; Asia: The Philippines; and Oceania: Australia and New Zealand. We had simultaneous translations in French, English, Polish, and Spanish.
Social Credit in Madagascar
"Mr. Francois de Siebenthal spoke to us of his apostolate with Mr. Marcel Lefebvre in Madagascar last May. In a small county in the bush, far from large cities, our two fervent Social Crediters established Social Credit in a simple manner, a bit like the story in "The Money Myth".
"Madagascar," Mr. de Siebenthal told us, "is the concrete example of a talk given by Mr. Louis Even... We simply applied this project from the 1930's writings of Louis Even; applied it in Madagascar."
Poland wants Social Credit
"Poland favoured us with the presence of Reverend Father Jozef Jakubiec, from Krakow, Dr. Jan Wilk, the President of Catholic Action of the Diocese of Krakow, and Father Jaworowski, professor from the University of Lublin.
Doctor Jan Wilk reflected:
"This defective financial system reminds me of a circulatory system with a defective heart. It's as if the heart sucked more blood from the system than it puts back, therefore, the heart takes more, and keeps it for itself; and gives only some back to the system.
To camouflage a little this strategy, they try to add new credits from time to time to the financial system, but its only virtual money, it is as if we put a substitute for blood in the system. Consequently, this state of affairs is like having less and less good blood, and more tainted and defective blood. That will lead us towards catastrophe; it is only a question time.
We are Christians. Therefore we are obliged to have an open heart, and also to be vigilant. And our love should also include our enemies, those who make this bad system work, and we should love also those who suffer from the consequences of it."
Father Jozef Jakubiec and Dr. Jan Wilk from Krakow, Poland want to found a school and a university to teach Social Credit.