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On Target

5 February 1965 Thought for the Week: "All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

Soviet Aid to North Vietnam

Dupes of the dialectical controversy between Moscow and Peking, which is primarily concerned with how best to bury the common "capitalist enemy", have often expressed the hope that the advocates of "peaceful co-existence" in Moscow, would help to restrain the Peking revolutionaries in South-East Asia. Are these dupes now dismayed that the Soviet Prime Minister, Mr. Kosygin, has dramatically intruded into North Vietnam to offer Ho Chi Minh economic and military aid in North Vietnam? Not at all.

They seem to think that competition - assuming it is real - between Moscow and Peking in North Vietnam will be of some advantage to the non-Communist world. And they overlook the fact that it was the Soviet Union which in December, 1960, began an airlift of military equipment and North Vietnamese specialists to the pro-Communist forces in Laos.

It is interesting that Mr. Kosygin felt that he should take his Air Chief Marshal along with him. North Vietnam has little effective air defences. There is little doubt that more direct intervention by Moscow in North Vietnam is a prelude to the coming defeat of the West in South Vietnam. Only a decisive change of policy in Washington can prevent the Communists reaching their objective in South Vietnam - probably before the end of 1965.

From the West's point of view, it will not matter much which section of the Communist conspiracy is dominant in South East-Asia. . . After South Vietnam, what then?


Already there has been an indication of the answer likely in Malaysia with the arrest of influential conspirators, including two politicians, in Malaysia.

A plot against the Government was revealed with the investigation of newly-captured Indonesian agents. The most pertinent comment on the recent arrests comes from the Communist-infiltrated Socialist Front in Malaysia. It is said that the arrests will not have any effect in delaying the time when the people will no longer tolerate a trend towards a second Vietnam. Clearly subversion from within is envisaged as one of the major means of defeating Malaysia.

The destruction of Malaysia is a major Communist objective. In December, 1961, Dr. Subandrio, now working so closely with the Chinese Communists, said in the U.N. Assembly that Indonesia had no objection to the creating of Malaysia. The policy of "confrontation" was initiated by the Indonesian Communist leader and his PKI. Subandrio and Soekarno then adopted this policy.

Mr. Arthur Calwell, leader of the ALP, has recently provided one of the most pathetic excursions into the field of foreign affairs yet witnessed in Australia. Over the holiday period Mr. Calwell suggested that Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Malaysia should offer to remove Dr. Soekarno's fears by guaranteeing Indonesia' s frontiers against aggression, This is the type of dangerous appeasement supported by Dr. J. Cairns, aspiring ALP leader.


Lord Casey is reported as having said in Sydney before leaving for Sir Winston Churchill's funeral, that intelligent comment was no longer possible on developments in South Vietnam, He is quite wrong. We are reminded of Lord Acton's famous observation concerning the French Revolution: that behind all the smoke and the confusion there was clear design.

In an interview with League of Rights Director, Mr. Eric Butler, only a few weeks ago, Sir Raphael Cilento, Australian expert on international affairs, said that late last year when in Hong Kong he was able to meet Chinese Communists who frankly stated that their central strategy in South Vietnam was to prevent the creation of stable Government, Communist strategy is most intelligent.

A spokesman for the Portuguese Embassy in Canberra said on February 1 that Indonesia had terminated its main diplomatic link with Portugal by closing its Embassy in Lisbon. However, diplomatic contact is still being maintained through its consul in Portuguese Timor. Recent reports have claimed an increase in Indonesian military build up in the Indonesian portion of Timor. Timor is only 400 miles north-west of Darwin.

As predicted by those who understand that trade is regarded by the Communists as an important part of their total revolutionary war, the current wheat price war between Canada and the U.S.A. is playing right into the hands of the Chinese Communists. Australia must be seriously affected. The Chinese are in the position now to start applying pressure to her wheat suppliers to achieve political objectives.

It is not generally known that China diversifies her food supplies of buying wheat so that rice and soya beans can then be sold to other countries. Rice sells at nearly twice the price of wheat, thus enabling a profitable deal in obtaining foreign exchange. Foreign exchange is necessary for financing the New China News Agency operations in Australia.

Mr. Ted Hill's faction of the Communist conspiracy in Australia, which favours Peking's tactics as opposed to Moscow's tactics, is making steady progress. The New Zealand Communists, led by V.G. Wilcox, also favour Peking tactics. Peking Radio of December 19 reported that Mr. Ted Hill had told an Indonesian Social Science Academy on December 2 that "Australian workers placed a very high value on the struggle of the Indonesian people and the Indonesian Communist Party under leadership of the great Marxist-Leninist Comrade Aidit, against imperialism, fuedalism and modern revisionism".

Loans to Communists

'The Daily Telegraph, England, of January 21, reports:
"Bonn Proposes to Ease Loans to Communists. Credits of up to seven years are suggested".
Principal benefactors would be Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and possibly Czechoslovakia. But the Cabinet, according to officials, will soon consider whether Government-backed credits should not be extended to Russia.
An easement of the West German credit policy is stated to have become acute following the decision of Britain, Italy and France to grant credits of more than five years".
This alarming report provides further confirmation for Lenin's prediction that the time would come when the "capitalists", unable to solve their internal problems, would seek to export their "surpluses" to the Communists and also provide them with the financial credits.

Credit can be made available to subsidise the Communists, but not to enable the non-Communists to make use of their own "surpluses".

Amidst all the speculation concerning the removal of Khrushchev from his post, and the possibility of a shift in Communist tactics, the following facts have been overlooked: Khrushchev is still a member of the Central Committee of the Supreme Soviet, with its ruling Praesidium, until the next Communist Congress at the end of this year. Not a single senior member of the Khrushchev Cabinet has yet been removed from office.

US Aid to pro-Communist Groups

The Age, Melbourne, on January 28, carried an item headed, "Malaysian Anger at U.S. Aid", in which it was reported that Malaysian nationalist groups had urged rejection of US aid and reliance on the Commonwealth. This demonstration followed the rejection by the Malaysian Government, on January 1, of an American offer of a 5 per cent loan, repayable within 7 years, for the purchase of American military equipment, as unreasonable. The US State Department claimed that these terms were standard "for loans of this type" - "The Age" , January 2. How true!
However, there are different types of low interest loans, including huge free gifts and military training available for aggressive pro-Communist Governments such as those of Soekarno and Nasser.

Late last year the growing group of American patriots who form the spearhead of the US revolt against Communism, and who backed Goldwater, exerted pressure on the US State Department to impose conditions and restrictions on the Nasser loans. Nasser replied that "the US could take its aid and jump in the lake." Despite this rebuff, the US State Department under Dean Rusk , has however appealed to the Senate to reject the embargo on further aid to the United Arab Republic as "an unwise intrusion on Presidential authority" -The Australian". Canberra, January 28.

So the Johnson State Department fights for continued aid to self-avowed anti-Western and pro-Communist Governments while at the same time offering impossible terms to the small anti-Communist Government of Malaysia, engaged in the life and death struggle against pro-Communist Soekarno. This is in accord with the continuation of the Johnson "no-win" policy predicted by Goldwater.

This confirms the view of American patriots that their State Department is still full of traitors pursuing policies designed to further the Communist conspiracy.


It is significant that Mr. Oginga Odinga, Vice-President of the Republic of Kenya, represented Kenya in London at Sir Winston Churchill's funeral. Mr. Oginga Odinga is a Communist generally believed to be in the pay of the Chinese. The appointment of Oginga Odinga, Minister for Home Affairs, as Vice-President by Kenyatta confirmed the communist influence in Kenya.

Another Key Communist in the Kenyatta Cabinet is Mr. Achieng Oneka, who holds the vital position of Minister of Information. At the recent Republican celebrations, Kenyatta warned that no influence by "foreigners" would be permitted in Kenya. But then he opened the new £40,000 Lumumba institute built with Russian financial support.

All members of the Board of Management are former Mau Mau terrorists. One of these is Mr. Oneka, while the lnstitute's secretary, Mr. P.F. Oluanda, was Mr. Oginga Odinga's private secretary for several years.

The end result of the termination of British rule in Kenya has been the establishment of another Communist base on the African continent.

If the whole of Africa should be lost to International Communism, Western Europe would be almost completely at the mercy of the Communists. Australia and New Zealand would be isolated from Europe. They may live to thank God that there are men like Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, who do not propose to retreat in the face of the International Conspiracy.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159