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On Target

9 April 1965. Thought for the Week: "For, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?" - I Corinthians, 14:8


Mr. "Pat Mackie", who has used several aliases in his international activities, caused dismay amongst those workers who had followed him during the Mt. Isa strike, by telling them to go back to work without him. By this time "Mackie" and his advisers had realised that they had gone as far as they could with their wrecking programme. No longer was "Mackie's" reinstatement one of the issues used to prolong the strike. And "Mackie" was required for further wrecking activities which the Communists have planned for Queensland.

Australians would be well advised to learn the real lessons of the Mt. Isa tragedy, one which resulted in large numbers of workers and their families being forced out of Mt. Isa, some losing much of their assets. Those who stayed on lost hundreds of pounds in wages. The strike could have ended on January 16, when, following the Industrial Commission's award of an increase of £3 a week to the miners, the AWU attempted to get work resumed. But "Mackie" and his Communist allies were able to keep the strike going for another ten weeks.

Those who claim that eventually the Communists were defeated, do not understand what the Communists are about. Apart from closing down production for a period in a vital sector of the Australian economy, the Communists brought into existence the new organisation in which "Mackie" is the key man. Large sums of money were collected, allegedly to help the striking miners in Mt. Isa. The sum of £30,000 has been mentioned in Queensland. This money has not been accounted for. Will it be used to finance "Mackie's" organisation, which, amongst other objectives, is going to attempt to destroy the anti-Communist policy of the AWU? Already there is well-based talk that serious trouble will be provoked in the Queensland sugar industry during the coming cane cutting season. The Communists are already well placed, waiting and ready. No doubt "Pat Mackie" will lend a willing hand.


Walk into any bookshop in Australia, ask for a book on Communist China and it is probable that you will be offered the Pelican publication, "The Birth of Communist China" by C.P. Fitzgerald. It is significant that the same Pelican publication is offered in Communist bookshops. Why? Because this book ignores the well-established truth that China passed under Communist control primarily because of Communist influence on top policy making decisions in the U.S.A.

Having trained in Moscow, Chiang Kai-shek knew that a coalition Government with the Communists, insisted upon by Washington, would be fatal. But when he resisted, Chiang Kai-shek's military supplies from the U.S.A. were cut off. This loss of military supplies was a vital factor in Chiang Kai-shek's defeat at the hands of the Communists.

C.P. Fitzgerald ignores this aspect of the Chinese story, generally presenting the view advanced by the Communists. Who is C.P. Fitzgerald? He is Professor of Far Eastern History in the Australian National University, Canberra. His book is dedicated to Sir Douglas Copland, who said, following his term as Australian Ambassador to China, that the Chinese Communists were not real Communists, but only "agrarian reformers". This was pure Communist propaganda.

A survey of much of the "history" being taught in Australian schools and Universities today shows that young Australians, the leaders of tomorrow, are being brainwashed to accept viewpoints which favour the Communists, even if only indirectly. And still we hear naive people exclaiming, "I cannot see any evidence of Communist influence in Australia!"


When the Dutch were forced out of West New Guinea, many were the soothing and reassuring statements issued, some of them from Canberra, where the present Federal Government changed its policy to acceptance of the "settlement" imposed from Washington. Those who warned about the folly of accepting this policy were told that it would "pacify" Dr. Soekarno, and keep him out of the arms of the Communists.

It was claimed that the principle of self-determination, had not been violated, because the Dutch-Indonesian agreement, signed under UN auspices in August 1962, provided for the Papuan natives having a plebiscite before 1969 to determine their own future. The realists warned that the Indonesians would ensure that any plebiscite held would be a farce and manipulated by Soekarno to maintain his claim that the Papuans wanted to be part of Indonesia.

But Soekarno is so contemptuous of the Western Powers, including Australia, that he is not even going to go through the motions of having a plebiscite. Speaking in Djakarta last Tuesday, Dr. Subandrio, Soekarno's Foreign Minister, stated bluntly that no plebiscite was going to be held. He said: "The plebiscite does not exist. The liberation of West Irian was the liberation of the last Indonesian territory from the neo-colonialists and imperialists… Just think there is no 1969. Leave 1969 to me."

Will any action be taken against Indonesia, either by Washington or through the UN, because of this blatant violation of an agreement that in fact furthered Communist strategy and threatens Australia's future? Please do not be so silly. That would be "provocative" and "extremist."


We have pointed out the important part that the "Civil Rights" movement in the U.S.A. plays in Communist strategy. To put this matter beyond all argument, we present potted biographies of the two main figures who led the march to Selma: Dr. Martin King was recently described by US Security Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, as the "most notorious liar" in the U.S.A. King's associations with Communist "fronts" are numerous. Among them is the "Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy". S.A.N.E. is currently merging with the United World Federalists, U.W.F. The US Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee listed S.A.N.E. as being "seriously infiltrated with Communists."

In 1960, before the Security Committee, 9 chairmen of local New York branches of S.A.N.E. pleaded the 5th, Amendment in refusing to reply to the question of whether they were Communist agents. Dr. King's name appears on the list of signatories in the official "Turn Towards Peace Organisation" - T.T.P.- brochure.

The demands of this incredible group include: Recognition of Red China; Permit up to 1 million Chinese to move to the US each year; UN controlled transfer of North Africa to Nasser of Egypt and Ben Bella of Algeria; placement of all US long range missiles under UN control; a direct UN tax on all US citizens; establishment of a UN police force in America to prevent anti-UN agitation.

Dr. King has been photographed at a Communist training school. We possess a copy of this photo.

The record of the other Selma march leader, UN Undersecretary Dr. Ralph Bunche, is even more revealing. He was co-editor for four years of the magazine Science and Society, the purpose of which was officially stated by the Communist press to be "to bring Communist thought to academic circles." He worked with Alger Hiss in 1943 in the US State Department and later defended this top Communist agent when he was being tried. Bunche wrote to Hiss. "I want you to know I am in your corner."

It is estimated that it cost US taxpayers over £500,000 to provide military protection for King and Bunche to lead their revolutionary march into Alabama.


The decision by the British Socialist Government to scrap the British TSR2 plane is one that would require considerable technical knowledge to evaluate. We content ourselves with observing that British experts whose views cannot be brushed aside, have expressed strong opposition to the Wilson Government's decision. However, the report in the press of April 5 that Mr. Wilson proposes to co-operate with France in the production of supersonic bombers is another matter. Since French requirements differ from those of the RAF, the planes must, at the best, be a compromise.

Men like Australian-born Air Vice-Marshall Donald Bennett (of Pathfinder fame) bluntly state that British private enterprise is capable of producing first class defence planes. The British have never failed in the past. For Britain to now base the power of her airforce on deliveries of outmoded propellor driven "Hercules" planes from the USA and joint production of bombers with a foreign power which has proved notoriously unreliable in the past, borders on insanity. But to base British defence on a France rapidly going Communist, as shown by the French Municipal Election results of March 22, is much worse than madness.


Mr. Walter Lippmann, the Fabian Socialist journalist and would-be-military expert, is becoming rather worried that American military action in Vietnam may expose the clay feet of the Chinese and Russian bogies he has been creating for years. His continued pleas for retreat and compromise before Communist advances, could be judged cowardly if one did not realise his ideological kinship with the Communist regimes. So he still keeps shaking his head in sad disapproval at the stupid military advisers who don't understand how to lose wars.
He points out several graceful ways in which America could betray the Vietnamese people to the Communist yoke.

And finally on April 1 (April Fools' Day!) makes the profound announcement that "Revolution is a home-grown product".

We must correct Mr. Lippmann.
He would be hard pushed to name one home-grown revolution in his lifetime. The evidence of outside control and supply of both agitators and armaments in all the main "uprisings" of our day is overwhelming. This is certainly true in Vietnam, as in Indonesia and most African States. To use the argument that all the forces are not imported from China and Russia is intellectual dishonesty - even if used on April 1!

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159