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On Target

15 April 1965. Thought for the Week: "This is the greatest change that today threatens civilization: State intervention: the absorption of all spontaneous social action by the state ... Society will have to live for the State, man for the governmental machine. And as, after all, it is only a machine whose existence and maintenance depend on the vital supports around it, the State, after sucking out the very marrow of society will be left bloodless, a skeleton, dead with that rusty death of machinery, more gruesome than the death of a living organism." - Otega y Gasset in "Revolt of the Masses".


Australian Communists are delighted with the performance of a number of Anglican Bishops, other Church leaders, the N.S.W. Teachers' Federation and other groups in urging the Australian Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, to use his influence with the American Government to take steps to arrange a negotiated peace in Vietnam. While it is clear that most of those urging the Prime Minister to support negotiations are muddled in their thinking, those standing behind feeding the various propaganda points are well aware of what they are about. They are acting as part of a highly organised international conspiracy, which at present is scoring heavily in all parts of the world.

The 2,500 clergymen and rabbis who have put their names to a full page advertisement in The New York Times, urging President Johnson to stop the military pressure on Communist North Vietnam, are the same type of useful innocents as the Australian Anglican Bishops. It is revealing that the Bishop of Newcastle, the Rev. J.A.G. Housden, has stated that he did not sign the second Bishops' letter to the Prime Minister because he had not been able to check all the references in it. We wonder how many other Bishops bothered to check all the references? And did the main author of both Bishops' letters, Bishop Moyes, check all the references? We ask this because the so-called references are those used by the Communists.

The second letter states that "No authority known to us disagrees that any fair and free election since 1954 would have resulted in a victory for the supporters of Ho Chi Minh." It is unfortunate that the Bishops have indicated that they regard Fabian Socialist Walter Lippmann as one of their "authorities". We will be pleased to demonstrate from Lippmann's own writings that this "oracle" is a most unreliable witness.

If the Bishops had checked their facts before writing controversial letters to the Prime Minister, they would have known that no "fair and free" election has been possible in South Vietnam primarily because of the activities of the Communist Viet Cong. No objective observer believes that conditions in South Vietnam have been perfect since the Geneva Conference of 1954. The Bishops write about the "dictatorship of the late Mr. Ngo Dinh Diem". Apparently the dictatorship of the brutal Ho Chi Mihn is all right. The only hope of a better future for the people of South Vietnam is the defeat of the Communist threat.

Distressed Anglicans should take comfort from the forthright remarks of Archbishop Strong of Brisbane who bluntly says that Australia's future is threatened if the Communist drive in Asia is not stopped. And he also observes that Bishop Moyes and his fellow Bishops do not represent the general views of the Anglican Church.


President Johnson's major statement on South Vietnam last week has been greeted with delight by Leftists right around the world. While agreeing that Mr. Arthur Calwell and his Leftist supporters have attempted to read as many of their own interpretations as possible into the President's address, primarily to attempt to score political points off the Prime Minister, the harsh truth is that the Viet Cong now control approximately two thirds of South Vietnam, while their terrorist agents can strike, as proved by the recent bomb outrage in Saigon, in the areas they do not control.

Any agreement that left the Viet Cong in its present position of strength would mean ultimate complete Communist domination. We urge readers to keep this point clearly in mind.


An obscure press report on April 13 is of great importance. It states that President Tito of Yugoslavia has left on an eight-day official visit to Algeria. This visit to Algeria closely follows a visit by the Chinese Communist leader, Chou En-lai. The widespread myth that Tito is a "different" Communist enables him to play a most dangerous role in the international conspiracy. His visits are generally a prelude to some major developments. He visited Nasser just prior to the Suez crisis. Tito's discussions with Chou En-lai's friend, Ben Bella, will permit an exchange of views between all sections of the international conspiracy.

And the myth that the conspiracy is falling to pieces is maintained.


The Minister of Territories, Mr. Barnes, this week described as "heartening" a report that Dr. Adiseshiah of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation) has recommended UNESCO educational aid to New Guinea and Papua.

May we be excused from being heartened by this news. The 9 volume study "Towards World Understanding", prepared under the direction of the Fabian Socialist Director-General of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, clearly outlines UNESCO educational policy. This policy is to undermine the loyalty of children to religion, nation and the private enterprise economic system, and to transfer it to an atheistic World Government under UN control.

As former Communist Joseph Z. Kornfeder expressed it in a speech in San Francisco, U.S.A., on April, 1955: "UNESCO corresponds to the agitation and propaganda department in the Communist Party. This department handles the strategy and method of getting at the public mind, young and old."

The U.S. Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee has disclosed that top Communist agents Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, together with other Communists from other countries, were the principal architects of UNESCO. The Courier, a monthly UNESCO journal, commended by the Communist press as a "magazine deserving wide distribution", is so blatant in its Communist propaganda that few could miss its policy. Courier has been sold in Communist bookshops.

Those advising Mr. Barnes have obviously not brought this fact to his attention.


Sir Roy Welensky, former Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland is reported in The Australian of April 8 as having addressed a club in Vancouver, Canada, on the dangerous deterioration of the British Commonwealth. This deterioration he sees as the result of the presence, within the Commonwealth, of countries "controlled by Communist and near Communist Governments - dictatorships and near dictatorships."

Sir Roy said that "Some Commonwealth countries are actually working for the downfall of other Commonwealth countries." He suggested a "two tiered" Commonwealth composed of first tier members whose membership is based purely on material advantages. Such a concept has great merit, for strength does not lie in numbers but in cultural unity.

There is an urgent need for some such separation of the cultural sheep and goats in our governmental spheres. We might then be able to halt the unprincipled process of throwing innocent and child-like native peoples upon the "mercy" of "Communist and near Communist" tyrants.


Press reports on April 8 mention a further attempt by the U.S. Senate to curb the flow of American economic aid to Indonesia and Egypt. The Senate Committee urged the President to cut out a proposed seven and a half million pounds to aid Soekarno and an undisclosed amount to Nasser because of their actions in permitting mobs to damage U.S.A. property. The White House is reported to have not yet made a decision, but "additional aid for Egypt is being considered".

It must be remembered that the ostensible reason for this aid is to create a bastion against the Communist advance. Its proposed extension to these countries, in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is in fact aiding the Communist advance, is further evidence of the presence of an influential body of U.S. State Department officials fostering anti-Western policies.

The late American patriot, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and many other Americans whose views must be heeded, pointed to the presence of subversion in the State Department. But the howl of rage and false reporting which followed indicated that subversion also extended into the field of journalism. The reluctance of Australian officials in the department of External Affairs to curb Australian aid to Indonesia, even in the face of widespread criticism within the ranks of the Government parties, shows a similar political taint.

Which brings us to the criticism of Liberal Senator Branson of Federal policy towards Formosa.
Senator Branson says that the Australian Government's failure to send an Ambassador to a staunch ally is "a gratuitous insult to 12 million people". Formosan efforts in holding at bay the armed forces of Communist China made Australia look a bit like a kindergarten".

The pro-Western Chiang Kai-shek refused to co-operate with the Japanese during the Pacific War, although enticing bribes were offered. The Chinese Nationalist leader has repeatedly appealed to the West to allow him to try to release his fellow Chinese from the Communist treadmill. He has an enormous standing army dedicated to this task. His loyalty is unassailable.

Contrast our treatment of this willing and able ally and our assistance to pro-Communist Soekarno. Only one of the following two conclusions are possible:
1. Government confusion amounting to stupidity, or
2. The presence, as in America, of a powerful core of conscious saboteurs influencing foreign policy.

Patriots like Senator Branson and Sir Wilfrid Kent-Hughes must be given every support by those Australians determined not to commit national suicide.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159