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14 May 1965 Thought for the Week: "In Russia the Imperial Government did not admit to a university chair anybody suspected of the liberal ideas of 'Western' economics. But, on the other hand, it appointed many Marxians of the 'loyal' wing of Marxism - i.e. those who kept out of the way of the revolutionary fanatics. Thus the Tsars themselves contributed to the later triumph of Marxism. "European totalitarianism is an upshot of bureaucracie's pre-eminence in the field of education. The universities paved the way for the dictators". - Ludwig von Mises in "Bureaucracy" (1945)


The Smith Government's massive victory at last week's Rhodesian Elections, which completely eliminated the European Opposition Party, has produced howls of rage from the agents and dupes of the world revolutionaries. Typical of the vicious, distorted and untruthful attacks was "As-I-See-It" Douglas Wilkie in his press column of May 11. Wilkie repeats like a parrot the lie that Mr. Ian Smith has sought a mandate "to carry out his perennial, suicidal threats to make a unilateral declaration of Rhodesia's independence, and to tell Britain to lump it."

The Rhodesian electors supported the adoption of the 1961 Constitution, which makes provision for the progressive entry of the native Africans into Government, because they were led to believe that this would be the basis for complete independence. Mr. Ian Smith has patiently negotiated with both Conservative and Labor Governments in London in an endeavour to obtain the independence promised. He held last week's Rhodesian Elections, not to obtain support for a unilateral declaration of independence, but in a further attempt to demonstrate to London the powerful Rhodesian support he has for independence.

Douglas Wilkie writes about Europeans "fleeing" from a Rhodesia "which is inevitably doomed". The facts are somewhat different. As the Smith Government demonstrated that it was not going to retreat in the face of a "world opinion" created by the forces of revolution, and that it was prepared to take firm steps against Communist agents inside Rhodesia.

Immigration figures have been going up. There was a net gain in population of 345 for the first quarter of 1965. The economic position also reflects the growing confidence. During March 111 new companies were registered with a capital of more than £2,500,000. This is one of the highest figures on record for any one month in the country's history.

The Rhodesian Government has revealed that the Communists have been sending large sums of money into Rhodesia every month, Mr. Smith said before the Elections that this money was going into the pockets of the extreme racialists, who are terrorising their fellow Africans.
Mr. Smith has made it clear that once complete independence is obtained, the Communist conspiracy is going to be dealt a major blow.

It is not surprising therefore that the Communists in the "United" Nations and elsewhere are calling for direct economic and military action to defeat the Rhodesian Government. The revolutionaries realise that their programme in Africa has received a serious set-back. And they fear that the Smith Government, in co-operation with the Chiefs and other responsible native leaders, is going to demonstrate successfully how to develop Rhodesia for both European and African native.


The question raised by Mr. D. J. Killen, M.P., at Canberra last week, concerning the suspect source of many of the films about the war in Vietnam being shown in Australia, has born fruit. Mr. Killen protested against the one-sided propaganda appearing and tentatively submitted that it was probably being sent out of North Vietnam through official Communist channels to Tokyo, Japan, and from there out to the rest of the world.

Mr. Paul Hasluck, Minister for External Affairs, promised to investigate the matter, expressing concern that the public was being shown "all the dreadful deeds on our side and nothing of the deeds and brutality and horror by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces."

A first vindication of Mr. Killen's vigilance was provided by The Age, Melbourne, of May 6:
"Melbourne television stations are showing films of the war in Vietnam taken by Communist photographers. The films are fed to a Japanese TV station through mainland China and reach Australia 24 hours later." GTV9 and ABV2 were reported by The Age as now acknowledging the Communist origin of the films as they appeared. It is not stated whether this is being done by the other stations, which are merely mentioned as showing the occasional Viet Cong film over their regular American and British news services.

Isn't it a great shame that the West does not have a fifth column to enable Western propaganda to be featured over the Communist T.V. networks!


An Age report of May 6 indicates that the authorities in Saigon, South Vietnam, are stiffening their resistance to Communism following what appears to be much firmer and long overdue American stand. The report states that the South Vietnamese Government has ordered the French Cultural Mission to cease its broadcasting activities in Saigon. Official French politics have, since the de Gaulle take over, moved closer and closer to the Communist line, one of the results being that the French Cultural Mission in Saigon has been steadily supporting the defeatist policies which are the hall mark of the Western Communist agent.
Mr. Jean Ageorges, chief correspondent of the Agency France Press, was also expelled from South Vietnam.

Ridding the country of subversive elements who expound the doctrine of a foreign aggressor can do nothing but good for the strength and integrity of the South Vietnamese people. The whole of the Communist propaganda conspiracy depends on the activities of a few dedicated persons, whose job it is to distort, supress facts, and to undermine morale. They lead the fellow travelers.

Australia and other Western countries in the West would benefit by a house cleaning similar to that of the Government in South Vietnam.


When Sir Wilfred Kent-Hughes, M.P., told the Federal Parliament some time back that he had knowledge of Australia being shown on Indonesian maps as part of the Indonesian Empire, he was ridiculed by extreme Left-wing Labor and its journalistic blood brothers. But now comes the news that the British Foreign Secretary, Mr. Michael Stewart, has made a similar allegation at the SEATO Conference in London.

The Australian press of May 6 reported Mr. Stewart as saying that Australia and the Philippines were Indonesia's next target of aggression. He told the Conference that Indonesians referred to Australia as "South Irian", the Indian Ocean as "the Indonesian Ocean", and Papua-New Guinea as "East Irian". Mr. Stewart said he had every reason to believe that Dr Sukarno's territorial ambitions did not end with Malaysia.

An Indonesian Embassy spokesman denied that Indonesia had any territorial ambitions beyond West Irian. "This is just a question of names ... We use the name Irian for the whole island of New Guinea."

This is a plausible statement, but all official pronouncements from the spokesmen of Communist regimes are subject to a large - sometimes total - dialectical discount. Indonesia also denies, officially, that it is attacking Malaysia.


In his contribution to the debate on South Vietnam last week, the Federal Treasurer, Mr. Harold Holt, provided a classic and frightening example of the ignorance in high places concerning the real nature of the Communist conspiracy. Mr. Holt also revealed a lack of understanding of basic economic realities. Answering his own question, "Why has China an open argument with Russia?", Mr. Holt said
"Because the Government of Russia recognises the coarse of a violent clash with what it chooses to call capitalism would end in mutual destruction. It has therefore learned to accept peaceful co-existence. This is anathema to the Chinese. They believe the only course open to them is to go ahead with the conquest of the world by military means. That is the essence of the conflict."

"Peaceful co-existence" was devised by the Marxist-Leninists as a most essential tactical move to aid their total programme of conquest, long before the existence of atomic weapons. Lenin taught the importance of weakening the resistance of the "capitalist" world through subversion, not through direct orthodox military assault. Both Moscow and Peking claim to be loyal to Marxism-Leninism.

Mao Tse-tung knows as well as the Soviet leaders do that his greatest hope for a Communist world is not through a direct major military conflict, but through the tactics now being employed. These include the exploitation of the West's short-sighted view that it is sound economics to export economic aid to the Communists. Mr. Holt is one of those helping the Communists apply Lenin's teaching on this matter, because he attempted to justify Australian wheat, wool, and steel exports to Red China by saying that other countries would supply these exports if Australia didn't, and that, anyhow, "proceeds from these sales could be used to build a better and stronger Australia."
What a pity this brilliant argument was not advanced during the war against Nazi Germany and Japan!

A complete economic blockade was one of the major weapons used to defeat Germany and Japan. The Germans tried to use the same weapon against the British. Why is it not, used against Mao Tse-tung?

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