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On Target

21 May 1965. Thought for the Week: "The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." - "The Communist Manifesto", 1848


In answer to a question in Parliament, Sir Robert Menzies made it clear that he was opposed to Australia and other Commonwealth countries intervening in the negotiations between Rhodesia and Britain concerning complete independence for Rhodesia. The Times(London), which many people foolishly believe to be still a conservative and responsible newspaper, immediately criticised Sir Robert, placing itself firmly on the side of the revolutionaries determined that the Smith Government must be forced to abdicate in favour of the anarchy, chaos and Communism now so prevalent in the "liberated" African countries.

Dr. Nkrumah of Ghana and others at the Prime Ministers' Conference in London next month are certain to raise the Rhodesian issue, and to demand drastic action against the Rhodesian Government. Dr. Nkrumah lead the attack on Rhodesia at last year's Prime Ministers' Conference. As he is certain to lead it this year, it is interesting to note that at Ghana's coming elections, the first for ten years, only candidates for Nkrumah's ruling party will be permitted to stand.

We are in possession of a photo smuggled out of Ghana showing a group of Opposition Members of Parliament chained together in gaol. Sir Roy Welensky, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, has recently stated that the British Commonwealth cannot continue with Communist and one-party dictatorships dictating to other members.

The Rhodesian question could provide a "show down" concerning the future of the British Commonwealth.


Large numbers of people are condemning forceful action against the Communists in North Vietnam and are agitating for a negotiated peace. Britain and America negotiated with Soviet Russia in 1945 - and all Eastern Europe disappeared under Communist domination. An American negotiated peace policy in China allowed the battered Communist forces to regroup, and caused the failure of the victorious campaign of Chiang Kai-shek, forcing him to retreat to Formosa and abandon 600,000,000 compatriots to the Communist terror.

A UN negotiated peace policy prevented General Douglas MacArthur from pressing his winning drive against the Communists in Korea to the point of victory. Instead, there was a shameful armistice, which consolidated the Communist grip on the North Koreans - and saved the Chinese Communists from threatened internal collapse.

Not a very good historical record of negotiating with the Communists.

Let's list some of these "peace negotiation urgers": Red China, the Viet Cong and Soviet Russia, of course. Then there's General de Gaulle, who betrayed Algeria to the Communists and has since moved closer to the Communists at home and abroad. There is Socialist Prime Minister Pearson of Canada, who is busy destroying British symbols and private enterprise. And the Fabian Socialist Walter Lippmann and his journalistic apprentices. There is also an assortment of pink bunnies in the Labor Party, Universities and Churches. Could the policy be clearer?


Alongside an editorial in The Australian of May 14, urging the dismantling of what is termed "the White Australia policy", was published a second letter from the former South African Mr. David Wright of Oatley, N.S.W., on South African "apartheid." Mr. Wright clarifies the subject in the following extract:
"Segregation through color itself is a poor and morally indefensible policy; discrimination due to incompatibility of methods of living and cultures will endure all over the world as long as time itself."
This is, of course, the basis of Australia's so-called White Australia policy.

It is not a matter of color but of cultural difference, which makes it suicidal to admit sizeable numbers of any alien culture into our midst. That there exist many Asians more in tune with Australian traditions and culture than the Editor of The Australian, we do not doubt. We feel however that this section of the Asians would not be of sufficient proportion to avoid further adulteration of our traditional integrity. We already experience great trouble dealing with the cultural misfits manufactured in our midst.


It was reported this week that Soviet Communist leader Mr. Kosygin, will visit, on unspecified dates, Ghana and Indonesia.

Just doing the rounds to check up on the progress of branch managers Nkruma and Sukarno, those two great neutral bastions of liberty and democracy.


The Australian of May 12 quotes the Portuguese Foreign Minister Mr. Nogueira as follows:
"If Portugal pursued policies urged on her by her Nato allies, Communists would be operating in her African provinces ... and the rest of equatorial and Southern Africa."
Mr. Nogueira said that Portugal would continue to pursue its policies in Africa "which seem to us as legitimate and honorable as any". The fact that race propaganda is a tool of the International Conspiracy is proved by noting that Portugal is also accused of racial discrimination by the dialectic subversionists. To this familiar Communist smear the dignified Mr. Nogueira replied:
"Our guiding principle is race equality - a notion we brought to Africa 500 years ago ... On the other hand never before has there been in Africa such unmitigated oppression and repression as in the newly dependent African nations. Tanzania is a large and dangerous Communist base for the whole of Eastern and Central Africa."

Portugal's clear policy against Communism was the reason why that great "peace-keeping force" the UN took no action when Portuguese Goa was militarily invaded and conquered by India.


The true picture of Communist China is slowly breaking through the propaganda web. One of the more recent exposures is the book by Valentin Chu, "The Inside Story of Communist China." With facts gleaned from painstaking research among the huge army of refugees from the Communist terror, Chu builds a stark picture of the absolute horror and inhumanity of the regime in China. The following figures are given:

31 million deaths from accident and exhaustion at work, 24 million crippled and maimed, 42 million deaths from epidemic diseases. Mr. Chu quotes an estimate of 90 million Chinese slave laborers in 1960, many of them working in conditions beyond imagination. The author refutes the security or permanence of the Mao Tse Tung regime. He points to the three and a half million refugees from Red China, which he describes as "The offspring of an ideological rape." He mentions continued sabotage within by the conquered people, which forces the maintenance of 1,800,000 secret police to cope with 2,570,000 instances of revolt, arson and theft in the first decade of the Communist regime.

Mr. Chu concludes in agreeing with Chiang Kai Shek that "The free world's secret weapon against Communist China is the Chinese people. The China situation if manipulated with shrewdness and courage could well move the world back from the brink."

There is no doubt that the Chinese Communist leaders fear a major test of strength with the West, fully aware of the threat of revolt by their victims. They rely upon bluff, and the aid of the traitors in the West, to prevent any direct conflict.


If press reports are correct, the Rev. A. M. Dickie was nominated on a unanimous vote to be the next Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Victoria. This makes disturbing reading, because the Rev. Alf Dickie has a long record of pro-Communist activities. His name has been favourably mentioned on numerous occasions in the Communist press.

We are certain that large numbers of Presbyterians will be embarrassed. Tomorrow when their Moderator - elect (the Rev, Dickie's appointment is not effective until October) plays a leading role in the "sit-down" in St Kilda Road, Melbourne as a protest against Australian and American support for South Vietnam.


While the Australian press generally has featured those Anglican Bishops who have protested against Government policy on South Vietnam, it has barely mentioned the stand taken by those Bishops supporting the Government. We have seen no reference in the Southern press of the strong statement by the Anglican Bishop of North Queensland, the Rt. Rev. Ian Shevill, who said last week that all Christians must support the Government in meeting the requests of the Government of South Vietnam.
Bishop Shevill also dissociated the Church of England from the Townsville Peace Movement.

He refused to sign a petition calling for a negotiated settlement in South Vietnam. "Negotiated settlements are only possible with those who will negotiate, and must be remembered that North Vietnam is under the control of Communist China which is not represented on the United Nations", he said.

Thank goodness there is some health still left in the Christian Church.

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