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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

May 28, 1965. Thought for the Week: We are believers. Not as you are. We do not believe either in God or in men. We manufacture gods and we transform men. We believe in Order. We will create a universe in which man, rid of the old rags of Christianity, will attain his cosmic grandeur, in the supreme culmination of the species. We are not fighting for a regime, or for power, or for riches. We are instruments of Fate. - The statement of a young Soviet official quoted by Arthur Koestler in "The Invisible Writing"


In "On Target" March 5 we quoted Mr. Robert Thompson, ex-Brigadier British Army and chief adviser to General Templar who pursuing the policy enunciated by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, "there is no substitute for victory" defeated the Communists in Malaya. Mr. Thompson left South Vietnam after three and a half years advising the Americans, advice which apparently was not readily accepted.

When leaving South Vietnam Mr. Thompson advised Australians to deal with Indonesia within the next few years or the Reds would be in Darwin by 1975. In a recent report from London Mr. Thompson was quoted as saying "The war could be lost by the South Vietnamese and the Americans within a year unless it is regarded as a long-haul job". Evidently Mr. Thompson does not regard the bombing offensive as significant.

In outlining three basic points of strategy necessary to defeat Communist guerilla warfare he sounded a significant warning, "Remember, the Viet Cong undercover agents always precede the guerillas and prepare the ground." Therefore it was necessary to strengthen the intelligence service and counter terrorist squads.

Australians may comfort themselves that we have not the undercover agents "preparing the ground", but is this so? What of those gentlemen busy sapping morale and dividing the Australian community, who emerge from their cloisters in the Universities and Colleges to tell us that the Viet Cong only represent "historical inevitability" or "the wave of the future", and incite University students to demonstrate against any positive anti-Communist policy. What is the ground they are preparing? And for what sort of crop?


Students of current political tactics are always suspicious of joint letters; they know how easy it is for a militant actionist to frame a letter and to persuade other people to put their name to it. Sometimes people's names have been used without their express approval.
It comes as a shock to learn from the Anglican Bishop of Wangaratta, the Rt. Rev. T.B. McCall, writing in The Anglican, that some of the Anglican Bishops whose names were associated with the second Bishop's letter to the Prime Minister, did not in fact sign the letter.

Bishop McCall states "My own belief is that not more than three or four Bishops signed the second letter." He claimed those whose names were wrongly associated with the second letter to the Prime Minister "refrained from comment for fear of causing embarrassment to others".
It has been revealed that Archbishop Woods of Melbourne at least made some alterations to the draft of the letter initiated by Bishop Moyes.

Observers have pointed out the close similarity between the phraseology of the Bishops' first letter to the Prime Minister and that used by Communists in their paid advertisements on South Vietnam in the daily press. Bishop McCall refuses to comment any further, as does Archbishop Woods.

The whole affair leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouths of all Christians. It is yet one more frightening example of the insidious penetration of Communism in influential places in Australia.


After building his armed forces and economy on the millions of dollars America poured into Indonesia to "stop them from going Communist", the Indonesian dictator, Sukarno "told 100,000 cheering Indonesians that he was 'in hand' with the Indonesian Communist Party." He said, "Yes I embrace the PKI because it is a revolutionary force."

In the rally organised by the PKI and Mr. Aidit for Sukarno to "deliver the goods", Sukarno's portrait was displayed together with those of Marx and Lenin. But as we have often pointed out, words have lost their meaning for in the middle of the news report is this little gem, "Some observers think he deliberately avoided attacking the U.S. at a Communist rally on the grounds that it might be thought he was completely aligning himself with Communist sentiments."

Surely no one could get that impression now: Well perhaps a professor or two!


United Nations pronouncements and actions are becoming so blatant that even "Liberal" idealists with two left eyes must find them hard to defend as a body pledged to humanitarian principles. The sixty member U.N. Committee on Colonialism flew from New York this week, via London to contact African "Nationalist" leaders in Rhodesia, S.W. Africa, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Swaziland and Portugese Africa.

Led by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mr.Malik, their expressed purpose according to reports in The Australian May 21, and 24, is a diplomatic offensive, using U.N. force if necessary, to lever the Portugese and British out of Africa and Gibraltar with special attention to the strongly anti-Communist regimes of S. Rhodesia and Angola.
This is the same group who recently applauded the sadistic depravity of the Communist "rebel" leader Gbenye in the Congo, and ordered the stopping of the humanitarian air-lift rescues of men women and children by the Belgian Government.
This is the U.N. that did nothing about the savage Russian suppression of the Hungarian revolt, the race murder of the Tibetan people by Mao Tse Tung, and the rape of Portugese Goa by India.

Is it sane to provide money and a facade of respectability to the implementation of official soviet world conquest? All the evidence shows that both in conception and in practice it always has been such.


We long suspected it but we can now assure you, the age of the robot, the automated man has arrived. In a press report on 24th May of the French Tennis Championships the Russian tennis player Tomas Lejus was decisively defeating his opponent. In a scheduled five set match he was certain of a straight sets victory being two sets up and 5-0 in the third set, when to the horror of his prejudiced and brain washed mind came the realization that should he win he would have to play a member of that "racist" and anti-Communist state, South Africa.
While his manager sent off frantic cables to Moscow asking for the decision on whether the robot was to win or lose he steadily lost games until permission was received for him to go on and win. He could withdraw from the next round against South African with an ankle injury! Perhaps we can console ourselves with the knowledge that in the game of tennis he was in command of his faculties.


In Victoria the Premier Mr. Bolte is reported this week as favoring the abolition or weakening of the Victorian Parliamentary Upper House. Mr. Bolte is the Leader of the Liberal Party government, and the constitution embraced by the Liberals fully acknowledges the necessity and sanctity of the bi-ameral system (the lower house where policy is initiated and the upper house where it is reviewed). Mr. Bolte's suggestion was naturally taken up by the Labour Party who promised him every support, single chamber government being an essential plank of the socialist platform. Mr. Bolte's proposal is another example of a so-called conservative politician playing the Socialist role.

It is appropriate to remember that it was a Liberal Government that "reformed" the Legislative Council in Victoria to give it a similar voting system to that which operates in the Legislative Assembly, thus destroying much of its effectiveness as a house of review. Although the extended franchise has destroyed much of the original value of this house it still presents an important bulwark against the political "coup". Only half of the house is changed at each election. This prevents the assumption of total power by any group who may be swept into power on some manipulated issue. The interval which must elapse before the other half of the House can be changed allows the elector time for deliberation and assessment.

It is the very essence of democratic control and opposed to control by demagogues. Because of this it is abhored by the Socialist and his blood brother the Communist because their aims are totalitarian.
That Mr. Bolte contemplates the removal of this safeguard for political expediency purposes is a frightening display of both ignorance and irresponsibilty. Firm actions from his fellow members and supporters is needed to prevent him betraying an essential part of our democratic heritage into the hands of extremists.


The press on the 25th May reported that the International Wool Secretariat is to co-operate with Russia and other Iron Curtain countries. Wool Board Chairman Sir William Gunn also reported a day earlier that under the proposed Wool Stabilisation Scheme that the Government would supply some of the Finance and be represented on the controlling board.

One of the simple facts of freedom is that the individual must retain control over his own affairs, otherwise he is not free. It is obvious that the government and the wool bureaucrats are increasingly manoeuvring the wool grower - the most independent section of the Australian rural community - into the position where he will not only be controlled and burdened with carrying a bureaucratic monster; but also there is the very real danger that his produce and trade will be used to give added assistance to Communist nations, which they in turn will use to destroy our freedom.
Realistic financial policies should increase freedom, not decrease it.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159