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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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4 June 1965. Thought for the Week: And Jesus came and spake unto them saying "All power is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth." - Matthew 28 - 18

When asked his objective Marx replied, "To dethrone God and destroy capitalism".


Professor McMahon Ball is noted for his support of left wing causes. In his address to the 3rd annual Asian Studies conference he advocated greater emphasis on Asian studies in Australia and is quoted in the Melbourne Age as saying:
"We miscalculated the power of Japan, we miscalculated the reaction of the East Asian nations to occupation, we miscalculated the power of the Chinese Communists to establish a more united and powerful China than existed for 150 years."

The part which the Communist ridden Roosevelt and Truman administration played in these "miscalculations" is freely available to any enquiring modern historian from the writings of top military and diplomatic experts such as Rear Admiral Theobold and General Macarthur. To name but two key figures, Harry Dexter White and Owen Lattimore - both found in public enquiries to be "conscious and articulate instruments of the Soviet Conspiracy" - were at the wheel in respectively moulding Government and public opinion during the early critical period. Their insinuating of the lie that the Communist Chinese forces were merely "agrarian reformers" caused the betrayal of 600,000,000 Chinese to the Reds.

Professor McMahon Ball also during this period with other leading apologists for the Chinese Communists in Australia such as Professor Julius Stone and Sir Keith Murdoch the newspaper baron, continuously advanced the cause of the Chinese Communists. Lest his above statement be taken as a belated repentance for past errors, we point to his continuing support for Communist policies in advocating appeasement and negotiation in South Vietnam. His signature to a letter signed by other prominent members of the University staff putting forth such advocacy was published in the Melbourne Age 25th May 1965.

Not unconnected with the above and warranting consideration by the Professor and the humane groups who support such policies under the impression that they are furthering human welfare and peace, is the small item in The Australian of 31st May. "China has launched a campaign against Shakespeare. He is accused of preaching class harmony and expressing objection to class struggle.


Dr. Fedorenko, the Soviet delegate to the U.N., in an address to the special committee of peace keeping (sic) operations, continued the arrogant farce of insisting that Russia be allowed to do her own assessing and pay what she thinks fit towards the upkeep of this body. That the Soviet has no intention of allowing such a valuable organ of Soviet policy to fail while it still can be used is shown in his closing remarks. He is quoted in press reports on 27th May as saying that Russia would "spare no effort to raise the effectiveness of the United Nations, because it considers the world organisation a useful and important instrument of international co-operation."

We refer to a pamphlet entitled "The United Nations" issued by the Communist party and printed by the Peoples Publishing House Bombay, India in 1945. Quoted by Edward Griffin in his book "The Fearful Master", listed are the following reasons why Communists should support the U.N.
(1) The Veto will protect the U.S.S.R. from the rest of the world.
(2) The U.N. will frustrate an effective foreign policy of the major capitalist countries.
(3) The U.N. will be an extremely helpful instrument in breaking up the colonial territories of non-Communist countries.
(4) The U.N. will eventually bring about the amalgamation of all nations into a single Soviet system.

Don't say you have not been told!


The connections between perversion and subversion have many times been evidenced in the political scandals which arise from time to time, and in the findings of official subversion enquiries throughout the Western world. A section of liberal "thinkers" whose decadence has left them with no absolute morality, and whose political views seem - not unstrangely - to lean constantly to the left, continually advocate the relaxation of Western Christian standards. The House of Lords in England is reported as approving on principle Lord Arran's bill to relax public censure of homosexuals over the protests of a number of Lords including Montgomery and Kilmuir.

Under the influence of the Godless doctrine of relative morality endorsed by the Marxist and the Fabian, such dubious surveys as the Kinsey report are regarded as justifying the throwing out of moral standards. Because a number of people are found to practice certain acts therefore, the argument runs, no disapproval or penalty is justified.

This piecemeal destruction of standards is part of the routine Communist strategy. They know that from the field of the morally and culturally warped they gain their most suppliant recruits.
Burgess and McLean; top British diplomatic officials who defected to Russia after being tipped off by Herbert Philby then in MI5, and Vassal, the Naval clerk are examples which come readily to mind.


The Queensland Premier Mr. G. Nicklin told the R.S.L. congress in Toowoomba on 27th May that subversive elements under foreign indoctrination were in every part of the national economy. He said that Australians must be prepared to fight them within as well as without their country.

One of the spokesmen at a Political rally supporting the government policy on South Vietnam, Dr. F. Knopfelmacher this week called for a "white paper" naming all known Communist front organisations. This call came after the public meeting held on 21st May by the Australian League of Rights in which a similar resolution was moved with the added proviso "with particular reference to the Universities."
This campaign needs to be taken up and pressed to the fullest endeavour. The groundwork for the moral collapse before "the final blow is struck" as outlined by Lenin has been well laid in Australia. All patriots should press for such an enquiry.


The Malaysian High Commissioner to Australia, Tun Lim Yew Hock on Thursday last defended Australia's immigration policy. "It is not wrong as a policy" he said, "It is the same as that of every independent country."
He criticised its presentation as a policy based on skin color which he realised was an incorrect presentation of our immigration policy, and that its true standard was what a man could contribute to the country.

The term "White Australia" is of course not its official name, but is purely a verbal skittle deliberately set up by its critics to avoid recognition of the fact that its true aim is the preservation of our Christian culture and standards. When this is realised, the deception of the usual criticism that some Europeans of low intellect are freely admitted while more brilliant Asians are excluded is exposed. It conceals the fact that the European peasant for all his differences fits more smoothly into a Western Christian environment and does not raise basic moral conflictions.

The first duty of any government is to the welfare and stability of the people it serves. Such welfare and stability is not preserved by introducing unwelcome conflict in the form of cultural and religious differences. Evidently Tun Lim Yew Hock recognises this right.
It is a pity that some of those Australians who should know better do not recognise it also.


What has happened to the stuff which built the British Empire and singed the beards of the Spaniards when they molested British shipping; stopped the French dictator at Waterloo, and defied the German dictator in the Battle for Britain. The London Daily Mail at least has the guts to protest about the continued imprisonment of Gerald Brooke the British lecturer who has been held now in Moscow for five weeks. No charge has been conveyed or brought to the British authorities but the British government composed largely of Fabian Socialists does nothing.

There are many adequate measures that could be taken to ensure the Communist tyrants of Moscow came to heel. The closing of the Russian Embassy in England could be the first step, closely followed by the cancelling of those numerous cultural groups which are used to undermine the local populace. If this was insufficient there is no doubt that economic sanctions would bring results.

Bullies feed on weakness and International Communism has been largely successful through policies of arrogance and bluff.


Recent election results in Belgium reveal that there is a revolt against the national and international socialism practiced there for so long by the Henri Spaak government. All those opposed to socialism are labelled "extremist" in the jargon of present day politics, and Mr. Spaak who for so long has been a spokesman for European Socialists so named those who upset his government in the election.
The significant fact in his defeat was the coalition of previously warring factions to throw him out.
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