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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

11 June 1965. Thought for the Week: Who fights for Communism must be able to fight and not to fight, to say the truth and not to say the truth, to render and to deny service, to keep a promise and to break a promise, to go into danger and to avoid danger, to be known and to be unknown. Who fights for Communism has of all the virtues only one: that he fights for Communism. - Bertolt Brecht, Communist Poet.

Communism abolishes all truth, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience. - Marx's Communist Manifesto.

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." - Words of Jesus Christ from St. John 8: 44


Peter Temm reporting in the Melbourne Age on "Japan's Aims at Algiers" forecasts that Japan will throw her weight behind Malaysia and the Philippines in frustrating the Russian-Chinese-Indonesian (Communists) axis at the forthcoming Afro-Asian conference at Algiers.
Western observers who concede that there should be a moral basis to all international conferences - and unfortunately there are few Western observers holding this view - will not so much be heartened by this alignment of Japan with the forces opposed to Communism but will recognise it as a weakening of Japan's position and others ostensibly opposed to Communism, that they should embroil themselves in a conference with those great protagonists of "freedom" such as Nkrumah, Ben Bella, Kenyatta, Soekarno, Chou En-lai.
The basis of reference employed by these "leaders" is Marxism whose morality is stated above.

It is time - more than time - that all those opposed to Communism realised it is impossible to make agreements with professional liars. By doing so is to fight on a battleground of their choosing, with the weapons they choose, and defeat is inevitable.


There is the continuing unanswered question of whence comes the money to pay for the Australian wheat, and wool, "sold" at reduced prices to Red China. We have been unable, so far, to uncover any substantial reciprocal trade whereby they may have established such credits. A flood of below cost magazines literally scattered through the staff rooms of our educational institutions, a quantity of duck feathers for the declining "down" industry, or cheap shoes produced by forced slave labour does not seem to meet the bill.
Nor has it been shown that their inefficient bureaucratic ridden economy emphasising guns before butter, has enabled them to obtain Australian money from the few nations holding surplus Australian funds.

In the absence of clear proof of a legitimate source, specious explanations merely confirm the growing suspicion that some large "Capitalist" - quite removed from free enterprise - source is underwriting Communist expansion.

The press of June the 5th contains a further disturbing item along this line. It is the report of a tumultuous greeting given to the visiting Red leader Chou En-lai by the captives of President Julius Nyere in Tanzania containing the following. "Chinese aid to Tanzania at present amounts to a 3 million dollar gift (about £1,340,000) and a £10 million sterling interest free loan."

What hidden, interest free source, is enabling Mr. Chou En-lai and his gang to put the people of England to work providing goods for the extension of anti-British influence in this African puppet State.
A clear answer to this question is vital to all of us who object to contributing to our destruction.


Almost every day we are struck by the way in which certain people continue to expound the Socialist doctrine. We do not refer to the mentally immature, nor to those like Sir Marcus Oliphant whose disabilities in political assessment obviously reflect the atrophy, through lack of use, of those critical faculties outside his single-minded specialty.
As T. E. Laurence observed, "a specialist is often an intellect surrounded by a high wall, knowing every paving stone of his prison yard."

We are concerned rather with why a high general level of intellect is at times allied to a refusal to accept logical and factual evidence. What makes a man of broad experience and undeniable gifts such as Walter Lippman continue through a long and influential life to support a policy, which produces repression, misery, and pure cold Hell. That this is a fair statement of the conditions in all countries already committed to complete socialism is readily verifiable.

Mr. Lippman has often shown that he possesses the necessary facts to form this assessment. We think the following quotation from one of his early books "A Preface to Politics" with its views on the utility of evil may throw light on his Fabian outlook.
"Behind evil there is power and it is folly, - wasting and disappointing folly, - to ignore this power because it has found an evil issue. All that is dynamic in human character is in these rooted lusts."


A small rent in the newspaper curtain this week again gave a glimpse of the horrors created by the Communist "rebel leader" Christopher Gbenye in Africa. Uncondemned and even applauded by the Soviet and non aligned section of that "great peace keeping force", the United Nations, this Prague trained Soviet agent continues his massacre of the remaining white hostages in his power. Their mutilated and tortured bodies are being found as the Communist force retreats in the Congo.

It is a standard Communist practice to prevent wherever possible, people having first hand knowledge of the diabolical nature of their conspiracy, from testifying against them. Hence the massacres which bewilder many by their apparent senselessness. No military advantages accrue, as the loyalist troops and volunteers under Col. Michael Hoare push them from their last Congo stronghold, and public revulsion makes the job of their public relations agents even harder. The alternative that their victims live to tell the truth is judged to be the greater of two dangers. Exposure is their fear.

Even Fabian apologists of the caliber of Walter Lippman might find the impact of any large number of dedicated witnesses too formidable to cover up. We do not feel that the left wing humanitarians will loudly raise their voices in condemnation of these atrocious acts. They will be too busy urging the surrender of the Vietnamese people to a similar regime in their North. Mr. Chou En-lai joins with them and is reported on June 7th as endorsing the rebel actions in the Congo, and promising them continuing support by Red China.


Comes another "Big Brother" worshipper, Sir John Walsh a dental lecturer from New Zealand, to Melbourne University to label those opposed to compulsory fluoridation as "rat bags".
So effectively has belief in individual action been undermined by the socialist philosophy, that unfortunate people like Sir John have lost faith in their ability to accept personal responsibility for the care of their children. They seek instead to avoid such a burden by transferring it to some public bureau.

Those of us not so emasculated claim the right to assess the value or danger of fluoride by a study of the conflicting expert opinion, and accept personal responsibility for our decision. We do not seek to impose this decision on our neighbour. This is the essence of Christianity and democracy; not the submission of this responsibility to a majority decision or as Sir John prefers - to a totalitarian imposition by "Big Brother".

We urge Sir John to a return to the self-development teachings of Jesus. This may lead him to regain faith in both himself and his fellow men to develop those faculties, which distinguish man from the lower creations.
His barnyard view of humanity is degrading, immoral and untrue.


The restrictive trade legislation presented by the Attorney-General (Mr. Sneddon) in the last sitting of parliament represents another step towards the monopoly state. Ostensibly designed to curb monopoly it will play an increasing role in erecting the complete monopoly envisaged by the Socialists who desire to control all aspects of life.

The genesis of this bill can be found in the unwillingness of the Liberals to implement the policies enunciated in their 1949 election promises, to put the shillings back into the pound by reducing the burden of government and the use of the subsidy mechanism wherever practical to keep down the cost of living. This technique was outstandingly successful during the war but was destroyed by the Chifley government when the Australian electorate refused him price control in peacetime at two different referenda.

The alternative policy of increased growth of bureaucracy at Canberra, the ruthless centralisation of banking control under Fabian Socialist Dr. H. C. Coombs, and the destruction of the States financial sovereignty, inevitably brought a concentration of capital control resulting in the destruction of free enterprise and the growth of monopoly; which was not welcomed by businessmen themselves.

It is time, before they are completely swallowed by this monster, that businessmen insisted that any support given to the liberals be used to reverse this process.

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