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On Target

18th June 1965 Thought for the Week: "Lenin's central idea was: Give me an organisation of professional revolutionaries and I can transform the world." - Frank S. Meyer in the "Moulding of Communists."


Over the past few weeks rioting mobs of hoodlums and agitators have stepped up their activities in Canada. But just as the Australian press ignored the realities behind the rioting in Quebec during the Queen's visit, so has it presented a false picture of the recent developments in Canada. We refer in particular to what was described as an "anti-Nazi" riot in Toronto on May 30. Allegedly 5000 rioters, many of them Jews, gathered in Allan Gardens park to protest about a Nazi meeting. The truth is rather different. And once again it points the lesson that sensational stories of sudden discoveries of a new Nazi upsurge, should be treated with extreme caution. The agent provocateur tactic is being widely used at present.

Police spokesmen in Toronto have stated that no permit was given for any Nazi meeting to be held in the Toronto park; that the mass media had circulated false stories about such a meeting; and that these stories had then been exploited to bring a rioting mob together. 500 arrived carrying sticks and clubs. A number of innocent passers-by were brutally attacked. A young Pentecostal evangelist took a vicious beating. Several young men visiting Toronto seeking work were attracted to the park by the crowd, only to be knocked down by a mob shrieking "kill them; kill them."

Toronto Police Chief, James Mackey, described the actions of the mob as "the most disgraceful thing I have ever heard of." He said that they "'were poorly advised". Which raises the important question: Who in fact did the advising?

The Globe and Mail indicated the answer with its report that:
".... It was learned that more than 30 Zionist and other Jewish and organisatons had met (on the previous day) to plan a protest at the announced Nazi Rally." Rabbi Abraham Feinberg, a man with a long pro-Communist record, and is often described as the "Red Rabbi", attempted to justify the riot by claiming that laws should be passed "to prevent the spread of hate and to prevent hate meetings".

The police authorities stated that no such meeting took place. It is clear then that the riot, in which innocent people were attacked, was designed to push through the Canadian Parliament legislation long sought by revolutionaries working through the Canadian Jewish Congress. This legislation seeks to restrict Canadians' traditional freedom. Chairman of the Communist Party of Metro Toronto supported the mob riot. A key figure at the riot was one Max Chikofsky, a man with a long pro-Communist record.

A press report in The Telegram Toronto, said that a secret organisation had been formed to use violence "against the spread of Nazism". Members would not work with the police "because they would obstruct our activities".

The story about "the spread of Nazism" is a complete fabrication to justify the use of armed violence in the community. Here is the revolutionary movement in action in Canada. The tactics being tried in Canada will be also applied in Australia and other countries if the promoters of revolution can get away with them.


It is essential to bear the above item in mind in commenting on the debate between Mr. Eric Butler, National Director of the League of Rights, and Mrs. Graeme Duncan, lecturer in politics, at the Monash (Victoria) University on Tuesday of this week, June 15.
In our issue of March 26 we recorded how the Liberal Club had, without explanation, withdrawn an invitation to Mr. Butler to speak at the Monash University on the true nature of Communism. Later a small Christian group heard Mr. Butler at a closed meeting.

The students' newspaper, Lots Wife, ran a vicious smear attack on Mr. Butler. It was claimed that the League of Rights was "anti-Semitic". This attack, and further controversy about the League in the next issue of Lots Wife, had the effect of sending some students to make their own investigations. They learned something of the truth.

The next development came when Mr. Butler was invited by a member of the Students' Representative Council to participate in a debate. It was suggested to Mr. Butler that he should affirm that the League of Rights is not "anti-semitic". Although he felt that the League was being put in a defensive position, and that the subject did not lend itself to a short discussion, Mr. Butler agreed primarily in order to get before the students, confident that this would open wide the door for further developments. The League is determined to make its presence increasingly felt on every Australian University campus. A large audience packed into the hall, with many outside unable to get in.

A roneoed screed not carrying any authority was distributed before the debate started in an attempt to prejudice the audience. There was considerable anti-League organisation before the meeting.
A well-known controversial lecturer from the Melbourne University disappointed some of his devotees by not appearing to ask some "tricky" questions. However, the audience was extremely well-behaved and Mr. Butler said afterwards that it was a credit to the students.

He agreed with one observer that Mr. Duncan was "weak". He felt that Mr. Duncan destroyed the main smear against the League when he admitted in response to Mr. Butler's questions, that the League was not a Nazi-like organisation and that it was not "anti-Semitic" to criticise either the foreign or domestic policies of Israel.

Both in his address and during question time, Mr. Butler said that the relationship between International Zionism and International Communism during the establishment of Israel was historical fact.

Probably the most important statement by Mr. Duncan was his repudiation of any "conspiratorial theory" of history. The present plight of the world is therefore the result of social and political forces working themselves out in history. This eliminates International Communism as a conspiracy directed by individuals conscious that they are advancing a long term strategy.
It is not surprising that Mr. Duncan has publicly opposed American and Australian policy in South Vietnam.

The immediate reaction to the Butler-Duncan debate indicates that there will be a considerable student interest in the League. League literature was eagerly sought after the debate. And students expressed the hope that Mr. Butler could come out again.


On May 28 we mentioned the setting up of the Russian-led UN special committee on colonialism, with its open, avowed intention of removing all vestiges of Western influence in Africa. Southern Rhodesia and Angola were to be given special attention. First shot reported this week, (there) has been a request to Britain to use the Queen's preogerative to pardon 22 African terrorists, sentenced to death under Rhodesian law for carrying and using petrol bombs with intent to commit wholesale murder. This sentence is mandatory under Rhodesian law, and has made the job of the Communist subversives and their dupes rather hazardous in Rhodesia. Hence the appeal for clemency from a group of nations never found guilty of defending a non-Communist. The move was predictable.

It may, however, be difficult for some to understand why the British should pander to this obvious Communist group by asking Mr. Ian Smith, the Rhodesian Prime Minister, to commute the sentence of these legally convicted criminals. Some light be shed on this matter by the accusation this week by the Rhodesian Minister for Justice, Mr. Desmond Lardner Burke. He informed the Rhodesian Parliament that at a secret meeting earlier this year, between the British Commonwealth Secretary, Mr. Arthur Bottomley, and the Soviet nominee in Rhodesia, Mr. Nkomo, that the British Minister had promised Nkomo that he would soon be king of Rhodesia. We wait with interest to hear Mr. Bottomley's version of this matter.

It may prove that Mr. Nkomo is responsible for the story. In which case we can only hope that even the British Socialists will have to repudiate Nkomo. However, the fact is that during his visit to Rhodesia, Mr. Bottomley tried desperately to resist the evidence that the African Chiefs supported the Smith Government. The Chiefs were not impressed seeing through Mr. Bottomley's bias in favour of the Communist revolutionary stooges like Nkomo. One Chief remarked that "we can tell the difference between a cow in calf and one that has not been to the bull."

Although Mr. Bottomley protested at the time that he had arrived in Rhodesia with an open mind, the statement in the Rhodesian Parliament by the Minister for Justice suggests that, as the Chiefs had seen, he was so dominated by Socialist ideology that he could not bring himself to face realities.


The Australian of June 8 reports that the French Government has given the green light for the sale of 1,000 lorries, suitable for military purposes, to Red China. The French have been sending other economic assistance for some time. Australia and Canada have also been assisting.

With all the varied economic aid from the decadent Western nations, this enlightened "people's democracy" should be able to survive the failures of its own socialist enterprises.

Red China joins the long queue of Socialist tyrannies which rely on the private enterprise of the West to wage war on their suppliers of economic sustenance.
Truly did Khrushchev say, "We spit in their faces but they only think its dew."

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159