Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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25 June 1965 Thought for the Week: "The ideology of the Communist Party - by teaching that truth is what conforms to its changing political line and that good is what helps the party - excuses any lie, atrocity, or aggression so long as it is pro-Red in intent. That is the inflexible standard. None other is recognised. Words and deeds that normally are regarded as deceitful and evil constitute routine procedure under communism." - Edward Hunter in "Brainwashing."


Being hard-headed realists, the Communists immediately recognised Mr. Harold Wilson's Commonwealth "Peace Mission" for what it was: primarily an attempt by the British Socialist leader to improve his badly shattered political image. Peking and Hanoi therefore lost no time in reacting to the Wilson project with typical Communist abuse.
The Communists know, as unfortunately do their victims, that all approaches for negotiations by the non-Communists are a sign of weakness, not strength. All such approaches are therefore treated with contempt by the Communists.

The Communists' only fear is the implementation of a clear-cut policy for their defeat. There is still no evidence that Washington policy makers have decided upon such a policy.
Speaking at a televised "teach-in" this week, President Johnson's special assistant, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, said that American policy was to stay in South Vietnam and to try to get the Communists to the conference table. There was no suggestion of defeating the Viet Cong decisively.

Mr. Bundy's opponent, Professor Morgenthau, undoubtedly exaggerated when he claimed that the desertion rate in some South Vietnamese combatant units was as high as 40 per cent. Nevertheless, there is disturbing evidence that many South Vietnamese are adopting a most cautious attitude towards the struggle against the Viet Cong because they fear an ultimate Communist victory.
Mr. Wilson's project has not helped to remove this fear.


In the first communique on Rhodesia from the Prime Ministers' Conference in London, the hope was expressed that a way would be found for Rhodesia "to proceed to independence at the earliest practicable date on a basis acceptable to the people of Rhodesia as a whole."

As the overwhelming majority of the Europeans have left no doubt that they will accept complete independence on the basis of the present Constitution, and as the Chiefs, representing the overwhelming majority of the Africans, have also made it clear that they support the present Constitution, there is no good reason why the British Government should not grant the Rhodesian Government's request for independence immediately.
The frightening truth is that the Wilson Government is afraid of its own extreme Left-wing agitators and Communist tools like Nkrumah of Ghana.

And, if press reports are correct, Prime Minister Pearson of Canada, and Prime Minister Holyoake of New Zealand, have joined in the demand for "majority rule" at an early date. All this is music in the ears of paid Communist agents like Nkomo who are confident that the destruction of European rule would enable them to unleash a campaign of violence and terror against their fellow Africans.

The great majority of the Africans in Rhodesia look to the present Smith Government to protect them against the terrorists. They realise that their only hope for a stable future and progressive advancement is the present Smith Government. Those lending their support to bringing this Government down are not only helping to betray the Rhodesian natives to those who do not speak for them at all; they are also assisting to advance the world-wide revolution.

FALSE PRESS REPORT: Last week we mentioned a press report quoting the Rhodesian Minister for Justice, Mr. Desmond Lardner Burke, as having said in the Rhodesian Parliament that the British Commonwealth Secretary, Mr. Arthur Bottomley, had in his talks with Nkomo promised this revolutionary that he would soon be king of Rhodesia. The report appeared in "The Australian" of June 12.
We now have the text of what Mr. Lardner Burke said.

It is clear from this that the Rhodesian Minister was exposing a lying story put out by Nkomo and his associates in an attempt to influence some of the Chiefs and that he did not make the statement as attributed to him in The Australian report.
Yet one more example of false press reporting, particularly about countries being attacked by the revolutionaries.


Australian exports to Russia in 1964: £57,066,000. Imports: £925,000. Australian exports to China in 1964: £84,095,000. Imports: £8,178,000. It will be noted that "trade" with the Communists is largely a one-way flow of goods.


We are continually presented with evidence of the lengths to which Fabian Socialist groups in the West are prepared to go in furthering Communist policy. Dedicated to the immoral Marxist doctrine of the Supreme State they feel that Communism is the best horse to back in achieving a World Socialist Government.

Apart from personal hatreds of the status quo they are activated by an anti-Christian fervour augmented by expectations of present and future favours from their spiritual Comrades. An indication of the influence of these groups in the Socialist Party of the United Kingdom is revealed by the report this week that Britain has contributed £8.5 million to the UN to help reduce the "peace keeping" deficit. According to the New York Herald Tribune this indicates a victory for the Communists over their refusal to pay their UN dues.

We quote: "On this basis, France, the Soviet Union and other Communist countries which have so far refused to pay their share of the assessments, could no longer be denied a vote under Article 19 of the UN Charter. Despite claims to the contrary the United States is now prepared to recognise that Article 19 cannot be implemented for past peace-keeping debts."

So the UN constitution is being ignored and the British people robbed by their Socialist Government to pay the back dues of Communists in order to help keep this anti-British organisation alive.

Since the UN's creation by proven Communists, and with the blessing and assistance of the Communist powers, every Western Christian power has been weakened and dismembered under the guise of attacking colonialism. In the same period the Communist colonial Empire has been consolidated and extended, with the active assistance of the Socialists working through UN.
Don't mistake this phenomenon for stupidity. This is the operation of a conscious, long-term policy. The writings of Lenin and. the Fabian Socialists deal with it extensively.


Sir Robert Menzies has been described as the "odd man out" at the Prime Ministers' Conference. He certainly has found himself confronted by a group of "newly emerged" nations, many of which are ruled by inexperienced or irresponsible despots with small knowledge or love of civilised behaviour or tradition. All save a few are culturally closer to the pagan savagery of Communism than the Christian restraints. Some, like Nkrumah of Ghana are Communist trainees, and these tend to sway their less dogmatic racial brothers. Almost none has a full knowledge of the value of that organic growth, the British Commonwealth, a unique form of international co-operation based on loyalty and minimum interference between members.

The task of conjuring harmony from this culturally diverse group is gargantuan. Sir Robert Menzies is one of the few of the Commonwealth leaders who has both the ability and the desire to bring harmony to the Commonwealth. Mr. Lester Pearson of Canada has made it clear where he stands. Mr. Wilson has to placate a Left-wing whose ideals lie outside Britain and the Commonwealth. Mr. Holyoake of New Zealand has never demonstrated any great leadership qualities.

It is impossible to produce the cohesion and strength of the old British Empire in the new Commonwealth. Some formal rules are necessary. Sir Roy Welensky's proposals for a two-tier Commonwealth have yet to be bettered: those loyal to the Crown and willing to have a firm military alliance to belong to one part, while those who only wanted to be associated for trade and cultural purposes, to belong to another part.

The proposal to set up a UN-type Commonwealth Secretariat is yet one more threat to the future of the Commonwealth. The support for this type of Secretariat, with far-reaching policy making powers, comes mainly from the African members of the Commonwealth.
It seems strange that, having been granted "freedom" from colonial status, these African members now wish to create a dictatorial body with powers of interference in the affairs of member nations far exceeding those exercised by Britain.
But perhaps not so strange when one realises that independence has no place in Socialism. It is merely the first step to the final breaking up of the British Commonwealth.

Even in its present state it still presents a barrier to the Socialist seizure of power. Sir Robert Menzies sees the danger. But in the very nature of things, he cannot be on the political stage much longer. Who then will attempt to arrest the collapse of the British Commonwealth?


Remember the recent sensational story about the exposure of a group of Swedish Nazis plotting to murder all Jews in Sweden? It was alleged that some Arab States were involved. Now for the truth:
All original charges against those arrested have been withdrawn by Ministry of Justice. One of the "Nazis" turned out to be Swedish-Jewish agent provocateur, Goran Granquist who, according to Time of June 4, 1965, has "a habit of making anti-semitic remarks and parading about in Arab dress."

After the exposure of the "Nazi" hoax in Sweden, Granquest fled to Israel. There have been many similar hoaxes since the end of the last war. And most of them have been designed to advance the Communist conspiracy.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159