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On Target

23 July 1965 Thought for the Week: "Truth is only a word until it is clothed in flesh." - Dr. John Short in The_Age, Melbourne, July 21.


While the importance of holding the Communist thrust in South Vietnam cannot be over emphasised, it is vital that the role of Indonesia in furthering Communist strategy in South East Asia is not overlooked. Complete Communist domination of Indonesia and the possible internal collapse of Malaysia, would be just as disastrous as a Communist victory in South Vietnam.

So far from the Indonesian policy of "confrontation" against Malaysia being a failure, as some people believe, it is producing valuable dividends for the Communists' revolutionary warfare. An enormous British force is being pinned down, the policy of "confrontation" never being pushed to the point where the British could use their forces to deal major blows against Indonesia. In the meantime internal friction between the Chinese and the Malays is being fostered. The steps taken in Sarawak to shift and resettle 5,000 Chinese families have been made necessary by successful Communist penetration amongst the Chinese people. The British had to take similar steps during the campaign against the Communist guerrillas led by Chin Peng in Malaya during the fifties.

Sukarno's policy of "confrontation" would be impossible without support from both Moscow and Peking. But Washington traitors have also provided valuable assistance. These traitors operate mainly within the State Department.

Malaysian acting Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, protested to the U.S.A. on Tuesday about the report that the State Department was seeking permission for the sale of highly sophisticated communications systems to Indonesia. Tun Razak said that this would be "construed as unfriendly" by his Government. It should be noted that Communist East Germany is also helping Indonesia with communication equipment. Clearly the Communist conspiracy is truly international.


There are still some naive people who cannot believe that Dr. Sukarno is a conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy. We draw the attention of these people to the recent 45th anniversary of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) when Sukarno warmly embraced Communist leader Aidit. At the main meeting at the Djakarta Stadium, Sukarno took Aidit by the arms, moved to the front of the stage, and said: "Take pictures of both of us, so that the imperialists can clearly see that I am really embracing the Indonesian Communist Party since the PKI has always struggled consistently for the cause of the Indonesian revolution and people."
The above statement seems clear enough.


After a visit to Asia, former American Senator Knowland wrote into the "Congressional Record" on April 29, 1954, a report on a plan, which he said, had been taken to Moscow in 1953 by Chinese leader Chou En-Lai. These were the main points made:

1. Asia to be the immediate goal…
2. World War to be temporarily avoided ...
7. Indo-China
We shall give maximum assistance to our comrades and friends in Indo-China ...
8. Burma, Thailand and the Malay Peninsular
After the liberation of Indo-China, Burma will fall into line, as a good foundation has already been laid there. Then the reactionary group in Thailand will capitulate and the country will be in the hands of the people. The liberation of Indonesia, which will fall to the Communist camp like a ripe fruit, will complete the circle around the Malay Peninsula. The British will realise, under these circumstances, the hopelessness of putting up a fight and will withdraw as quickly as they can...
10. Arab Countries and Africa
After India has been won over, the problems of the Philippines and the Arab countries can easily be solved by economic co-operation, alliances, united fronts, and coalitions ... with Asia and Africa disconnected from the capitalist countries of Europe, there will be a total collapse in Western Europe. Then capitulation will be a matter of course."

Although the Communist plan set 1960 as the year when at least the whole of Asia would be taken, it is certain that they have not deviated from their original strategy and tactics. And the Communists have always demonstrated infinite patience in working towards their ultimate objective. Hoe Chi Minh has recently said that the war in Vietnam could go on for another 20 years.
We have been warned. And there is no substitute for victory.


Those who doubt that the "capitalist" press often advances the Communist cause, are invited to examine the Literary Section of The Australian on July 17. This was a mass rendition of the Socialist theme that could almost be described as the Moscow Symphony.

Editor Walter Kommer, or his stand-in, set the beat with praise for the new Commonwealth Secretariat. Dismissing Sir Robert Menzies as an old man, nostalgic for the past, he expressed the hope that this new body would assume directive powers and transfer the Commonwealth axis from London "Eastwards to the new nations". Amen to that, chant the Fabian Socialists and Communists whose common aim is to destroy British unity.

Most of the rest of the page is taken up with Part 1 of "To Siberia with Love" by Stuart Lovry. This is a careful whitewash of the Soviet regime presented as an unbiased record; Robert Duffield takes up the same Communist theme in his review of the Dag Hammerskjold Memorial Lectures. Making no great effort to conceal his Communist sympathies, Duffield uses the review to play a sobbing vibrato, which deplores the declining respect for the UN, and to plead for the civilised world to surrender its powers to a police state. He distorts history a little in his desire to present the UN is a less alarming color than bright red.

Mr. Graham Williams then takes a third of a page to do a public relations job on visiting Negro Minister, the Rev. James Lawson. This American "Civil Rights" agitator with a long string of Communist affiliations; was expelled from Tennessee University because of his Communist leanings. Williams admits this but says that it was the result of a smear campaign. The truth of the matter can best be judged by reference to the views of the Rev. Lawson. He expresses hatred of the American, and contempt for the Australian intervention in Vietnam, while making clear his sympathy for the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Communist Government.
In Saigon, which he has just visited, he expressed annoyance at finding Christian Churchmen opposed to Communism and having to seek fellow souls among the Buddhists. So much for the victim of a "smear campaign".

Eugene Kamenka plays a small trumpet solo over Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell's book, "German Social Democracy". Apart from a few minor criticisms, which occur even in the closest families, he leaves no doubt about his approval of the Socialist outlook.

The final chords are augmented with the plaintive notes of "Gordon Hawkins reviewing Rebecca West's book, "The Meaning of Treason". He cannot decide whether he likes the book or not. He approves West's exalting of Christine Keeler the prostitute and Dr. Ward of the Profumo political scandal. On the other hand he is opposed to her condemnation of Fuchs the traitor who sold atomic information to the Russians. He defends the actions of Fuchs - with whom he claims acquaintance - as those of a man obeying his conscience. That Fuchs acted as an agent of a power pledged to the destruction of his country is disregarded.

This little collection from one issue of The Australian, all supporting the general Communist line, provides a striking evidence of the role of Australia's first national newspaper in advancing the revolutionary cause.


Following an editorial in The Australian of July 5, in which an attempt was made to justify "The appalling" prospect of Briton fighting Briton in Rhodesia, "if this should become the only way to guarantee freedom and equality to all Rhodesians", a Rhodesian, Austin Ferray, now living in Tamworth, N.S.W., hit out in a powerful letter in which he pointed out that freedom and equality for all Rhodesians is guaranteed in the Rhodesian Constitution and protected by the Bill of Rights. Mr. Ferray made a cutting jab when he observed that, unlike Australia, all Rhodesians, black or white, must conform to standards of merit before enrolment as voters. He continued,
"I challenge you to produce evidence of any law which specifically bars any men or women becoming enfranchised or undertaking any form of employment solely on the grounds of colour. There is now law in Rhodesia, which can prevent the majority from ruling in Rhodesia once the standard of education and/or income have been met. No one accepted Mr. Ferray's challenge!

The following are further points made: Under European protection and care, Africans have increased their numbers sevenfold since 1900. The present (1961) Constitution was drawn up at a meeting of all Governments concerned and the representatives of the Africans and coloured peoples. Britain is solemnly bound under the agreement of the 1957 Convention not to interfere in Rhodesian affairs.

Mr. Ferray makes one final direct hit by pointing out that if the Australian Government were to advocate sending troops to shoot down their brothers in Rhodesia, the same Communists and their friends opposing support for Vietnam would be most enthusiastic.

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