Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

30 July 1965. Thought for the Week: "The soundest strategy in war is to postpone operations until the moral disintegration of the enemy renders the delivery of the mortal blow both possible and easy." - Lenin.

Moscow - Peking "Split" Masks Nuclear Collaboration

The Communist conspiracy's principal agent in South-East Asia, Dr. Sukarno of Indonesia, has announced that he is going to produce an atomic bomb. World-renowned nuclear physicist Professor E. W. Titterton of the Canberra National University has commented: "The world had better take President Sukarno seriously".

Professor Titterton obviously believes that the Chinese Communists can honor their offer to help Sukarno with nuclear scientists. The Russians are helping by building a new big atomic reactor in Indonesia. Before the Chinese Communists exploded their first atomic bomb on October 15, 1964, it was generally believed in the West that the Chinese, allegedly deprived of Russian assistance in 1958, could not produce a uranium bomb. But the Chinese not only exploded such a bomb, they also used an improved detonating process. This startling and alarming news raised the question of whether the Soviet had continued providing assistance behind the protection of the much-publicised Moscow-Peking "split".

Striking evidence of Moscow-Peking Nuclear collaboration is provided in a news item in the "Peking Review" of July 2. It reads:
"The 47 Chinese scientists who had worked at the Joint Nuclear Research Institute at Dubna in the U.S.S.R. returned to Peking on June 23. Among those welcoming them at the railway station were Wu Heng, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific and Technological Commission, and Chien San-hiang, Director of the Institute of Atomic Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences."

Senator Barry Goldwater warned that the nuclear test ban agreement with the Soviet was a trap. Events have proved him correct.

Behind The Greek Crisis

Scratch a Communist and the whole Communist conspiracy swings into action throughout the world. The present Greek crisis is a case in point. The dismissal of Mr. Papandreou by the Greek King for permitting Communist infiltration of the Greek armed forces was immediately followed in Australia, and other countries, by bands of Greek left-wingers organising to enlist public support for the dismissed Greek Premier. Running true to form, Dr. Jim Cairns associated himself with the Greek left-wingers in Melbourne. As usual, the daily press managed to confuse the real issue by implying that it was a case of the Greek King - acting "undemocratically" - versus the Greek people. The King acted constitutionally to prevent a subversive coup in the Greek armed forces.

Leader of a coalition Government since 1963, M. Papandreou had recently been wooing the Socialists and Communists. The King's action was precipitated by the discovery that there was a Leftist secret group of army officers known as Aspida. Communists had allegedly sabotaged an artillery unit in Northern Greece. A section of the Greek press charged that the Premier' s son, Professor Andreas Papandreou, a government official, had been associated with Aspida's activities. It was when the Defence Minister proposed to investigate Aspida that Premier Papandreou attempted to counter-attack by attempting to purge the Army of Right-wing officers. But the Minister for Defence, M. Garoufalias, refused to support his Prime Minister. The Prime Minister then attempted to dismiss his Defence Minister.

It was at this point that the young King stepped in and refused to permit the dismissal of the Defence Minister. Papandreon threatened to resign "tomorrow". The King immediately accepted this threat as a clear indication of intention to resign, and informed the Premier that he was dismissed. Supported by the Communists, the dismissed Premier had since been campaigning against the King. The Communists are no doubt hopeful that they may be able to restart the Greek Civil war which raged from 1946-49. Whether Greece can survive the present crisis depends upon what support the King can obtain from the Greek people. He has acted constitutionally - and bravely. And he has demonstrated once again the great value of constitutional safeguards against sudden dictatorial decisions.

How can any person claim that the Greek King has acted in an "undemocratic" manner if his action eventually results in a general Greek election at which the Greek people can express their views? If Australians look around them at the moment they will find it significant that most of those campaigning against the sending of Australian troops to South-East Asia, are also lending their support to the campaign against the Greek King.

N.G. Native Leader Annoys Russians

Mr. John Guise, native leader of the New Guinea House of Assembly, has proved a great disappointment to the racist agitators. Despite the efforts of such men as Mr. Tom Mboya, who took Mr. Guise to Kenya to show him the advantages of advocating total native rule, Mr. Guise remains a realist. He annoyed the Russians at the recent UN meeting on self-government. Mr. Guise is reported in The Australian of August 21 as having accused the Russians of silencing his views on a target date for New Guinean independence. As a special adviser to the Australian delegation, and as representative of his fellow New Guineans, he said he wanted to make the point that the people of Papua New Guinea desired to make their own decision on the best time for self-government. They did not want a target date set by Australia. However, the Russian delegation invoked a section of standing orders to prevent Mr. Guise from speaking. This incident reveals the importance, which the Communists place on the transfer of sovereignty to native groups before they are capable of self-government. Strife and bloodshed are what the Communists desire. Gradual and organic growth of self-government and responsibility has no part in Socialist strategy.

Fiji Rejects Independence

Speaking at the constitutional conference which opened in London this week, Fijian delegates said:
"We have declared that independence is not our goal - we have never found any sound or valid reason to abandon our historic and happy association with Britain". The chief delegate, Mr. Ratu Mara, said, "It is true we want a greater measure of self-government - but we fail to see why this should sever the link forged by our forefathers". The Communists must find this most exasperating. They want the British to retreat so that they can then exploit what could be a racial bloodbath.

Remember Chin Peng?

Further evidence of the formidable strength of the International Communist conspiracy, and its capacity to further its general strategy by numerous tactical diversions in all parts of the world, are provided by the news that the Chinese Communist guerrillas straddling the Thai-Malaysian border are becoming increasingly active. We wonder how many Australians remember Chin Peng, leader of the Chinese Communist guerrillas whom the British, Australians and New Zealanders spent so much effort in defeating in the fifties.

Admitting temporary defeat only in 1958, Chin Peng led between 400 and 500 hard-core guerrillas into the dense jungles on the Malaysian border. There he settled down to plan to take up the fight again at an opportune time. Malaysian intelligence reports claim that Indonesian infiltrators into Malaysia are attempting to link up with Chin Peng. The Thai and Malaysian Governments are combining in an attempt to deal with this new threat, which is designed to help general Communist strategy in South-East Asia.

Those people who "have no time" to concern themselves about the Communist conspiracy against their way of life, should be told about Chin Peng. He has now been living in the jungles for over 20 years, never losing his faith that he is fighting on the winning side against a Civilisation that is "decadent".

The Record of Mr. Justice Arthur Goldberg

The most charitable comment that can be made about the late Mr. Adlai Stevenson, is that his excessive liberalism prevented him from coming to grips with Communist realities. The record of Mr. Justice Goldberg, appointed by President Johnson to take Mr. Stevenson's place at the United Nations, is not very encouraging either. The authoritative American Catholic paper, "The Wanderer", in its issue of September 27, 1962, published charges that Goldberg had served a number of communist causes and fronts and had, as Secretary of Labor, appointed a Communist to a Government position. The article also charged that Goldberg had been president of the Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. This organisation has been listed by the American House Committee on UN-American Activities as "the legal bulwark of the Communist Party".

Goldberg also sponsored a Communist front organisation known as the Conference on Constitutional Liberties in America.
As Secretary of Labor, Goldberg appointed Walter Gelborn of Columbia University as an industrial arbitrator. Louis Budenz, former top Communist, identified Gelborn as a Communist.

It may be that Mr. Goldberg has been merely unfortunate in his associations. It may even be that his past associations with Communists have provided him with such an insight into the Communist conspiracy that he will be a most effective American champion against the Communists at the United Nations. But we regret that we must record our doubts.

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