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On Target

6th August, 1965. Thought for the Week: "In a Socialist economy, one control tends to cause another, until, as a logical result, the State controls and finally owns everything. Out and out Socialism cannot help developing into Communism." - John Hladun, former Canadian Communist Party Member, who trained in Moscow.

Arnold Toynbee and Vietnam

It becomes more obvious every day that the International Communist conspiracy regards the South Vietnam issue as crucial to their plans. Many fellow travellers who have previously endeavoured to be classified as neutral on the Communist question have been forced to show their true allegiance. The latest to come to hand in this regard is the famous lecturer and historian Professor Arnold Toynbee. An A.A.P. report from New York in the Australian Press on the 2.8.65 reports him as urging "the American people to accept defeat in Vietnam and let South Vietnam go Communist."
Professor Toynbee has long been noted for his cyclic theory of civilizations. Their rise and fall is an inevitable feature of history. He discounts the view that Christian civilization is unique and worth fighting for. His theory of the inevitable nature of history falls readily into the Communist's viewpoint that history has cast them into a special role and therefore they must prevail.

Socialists and Communists have always been opposed to the ideal of local national sovereignty. By all sorts of subterfuge they have sought to destroy such sovereignty. Professor Toynbee admitted to adopting the same tactics when in a speech to the Institute of International Affairs in 1931 he said,
"I will ... repeat that we are at present working discreetly, but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world, and all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands."

White Australia and the A.L.P.

The decision of the A.L.P. to delete the words "White Australia" prompted the usual plaudits from those wishing to weaken Australia's traditional immigration policy. However, Mr. Opperman the Minister for Immigration, was quick to point out that Australia has not got a "White Australia" policy, and it is interesting to note the figures he quoted in support of this contention. There are about 30,000 Asians in Australia. 18,000 were permanent residents, the rest were students. "About 400 Asians are being naturalised each year," Mr. Opperman said.

Another report published in the Melbourne Age 3.8.65 emphasises the difficulties being found in Australian Universities regarding successful assimilation of Asians. Mr. George Gray head of student counselling at the University of N.S.W. summarised some of the problems. Difficulties in communication, sensitivity to the attitudes, feelings and values of others, the conflicts arising from trying to reconcile two different cultures. While there is no doubt that these difficulties can be coped with while the numbers of Asian migrants are relatively low, it is certain that the Communists and their fellow travellers would like to see the situation get out of hand to enable them to exploit it for revolutionary purposes.

Morris West & Communism

We have long noted the role of the Australian author, Morris West, in softening up the Catholic Church to acceptance of socialist appeasement. In the course of his address at the Canberra "teach in" he is guilty of typical socialist falsehood. We quote, "Are you willing to go further and ask yourself why more than half the world has adopted Communism as an instrument not merely of revolution, but of betterment, at least for the economic condition of men?"

This assumption that the captive people of the Communist countries "adopted" Communism is so patently false that Mr. West cannot be given the benefit of an assumption of ignorance. The facts that all the unfortunate peoples from the Russians to the Cubans were trapped into subjection by military takeovers, inspired and organised outside their borders is in the realm of everyday knowledge. None of these people are thereafter allowed choice of candidates or free elections to permit them to reject their captors. Ruthless slaughter of opposition, and rigid police and military control are characteristics of these regimes without exception. A regime having popular support does not need "iron" or "bamboo" frontiers, which prevent its populace from fleeing. The barbed wire top of the Berlin Wall is leaned to prevent exit from Communist territory, not entry.

No high order of intelligence is required to draw the necessary inference. We therefore accuse Mr. West of patent dishonesty and ideological bias in presenting the communist empire as the result of voluntary "adoption" by the nationals. His address was another example of the psuedo intellectual weakening of this country's resistance to the advance of Communist aggression.

The Greek Crisis

Further to our report on the Greek crisis in our last issue of "On Target":- Two facts emerge from the strike and march of several thousand pro-Papandreou workers on Wednesday July 28th. They were led by Communists and were watched by grim rush hour crowds who refused to join their demonstration. The cold un-cheering reception of the leftists by the general populace seems to show that the Greek Monarchy in exercising its legitimate power of preventing a " coup" has the support of the great majority of the Greek population. The enlistment on the side of the subversive Papandreou of a large number of parliamentarians does not refute this, but merely points to the separation of the views of those "representaives" from those of their trusting electors.

It would appear that Greek patriots who do not wish to see their country slip into a Communist dictatorship are faced with the same problem, which confronts other patriots in countries, which still have a measure of freedom. They must organise and make sure that their representatives are genuinely anti-Communist. The King of course has nothing to lose by being firm with the Communists. The history of the rise of Communism has been paralleled by the liquidation of monarchy. Unfortunately there are few people today who realise the value of a constitutional Monarchy as a bulwark against despotism. The young Greek king has rendered the world a signal service by his correct actions.

Mr. William Wieland & Australia

The appointment of Mr. William Wieland as Supervisory Consul General at the U.S. Embassy in Australia is not good news for either American or Australian patriots. The appointment has been widely criticised by Conservatives in the U.S. who have exposed the key part this man played in the betrayal of Cuba to the Communist Castro. As official in charge of the State Department Cuban Office, he "failed" to keep his Government informed of the nature of the Cuban developments.
In possession of evidence, which from the start showed Dr. Castro to be in the employ of the Communists, he allowed the liberal leftists to present this dictator as an innocuous agrarian reformer to the betrayal of the patriotic Cubans. His responsibility in the "Bay of Pigs" fiasco where the loyal elements of the Cuban refugees were betrayed to slaughter and imprisonment by the Communists is beyond doubt.

Whether due to stupidity, inefficiency, or downright treason, his record does not justify appointment to any further position of responsibility. The Washington Star regards his appointment to Australia as "bureaucracy sweeping something very untidy under the rug - way down under." Australians should not hesitate to repudiate Wieland. If the State Department really wants to tuck him away out of harms way there are plenty of other places we could suggest other than Australia - the Siberian salt mines could be a good start.

Limited War in South Vietnam?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the U.S.A. policy in Vietnam is one of compromise, which in the terms of warfare as the Communist understands it means defeat for the West and victory for the Communists. Walter Lippman makes this clear in his column in the Melbourne Age on 3.8.65. For some time Lippman gave indications that he was worried about the policies being pursued by President Johnson. But since the President has appointed Cabot Lodge his ambassador in South Vietnam, Lippman has mollified his attitude somewhat, and in his article referred to entitled "President Has Improved U.S. Aims" he makes it clear that the "improved aims" are a firm policy of not antagonising either Russia or China, and containing the war within South Vietnam.
When the position is right President Johnson will get the "talks" he is continually demanding, and that great arbiter of "peace", the U.N.O. will negotiate another Korea. Communist morale and credit in the Asian area will get another boost and the Communist strategists will move on to the next stage of their plan for taking the whole of Asia. South Vietnam completely neutralised and surrounded will no longer matter.

Teach Ins

Most people will wonder what value there is derived from the marathon "teach in's" being staged by the leftwing clubs at the various universities. The fact that the Liberal Socialists combine with the Labour Socialists with the Liberals supposedly anti-Socialist is a not too clever strategem to obtain a propaganda platform. Thus the "war" is kept going. The Communists understand the value of this type of warfare quite well. They call it brain washing. One of the main techniques of brainwashing is to never let up on the victim. Keep pounding him until he is confused and finally acquiesces for the sake of peace. Teach Ins is a part of the propaganda warfare being waged day and night - literally.
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