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On Target

20 August 1965. Thought for the Week: "Our landing on the moon might be a propaganda victory. Our landing on Mars or Venus would be more impressive. But our freeing of even one smallest captive nation would be a victory hailed round the world." - J. Kesser Kahn.


No mature student of the world revolution is surprised by the shocking orgy of rioting, murder, destruction and looting in Los Angeles, U.S.A. These are some more of the fruits of the revolutionary "Civil Rights" campaign being advanced by Dr. Martin Luther King and his Communist backers. King has recently extended his campaign to include opposition to American intervention in South Vietnam. The Los Angeles explosion has been a bitter blow for the dupes of the revolutionaries, the wishy-washy liberals, the do-gooders and flabby sentimentalists, who in face of all the evidence to the contrary, keep on insisting that there are no differences between races.

The revolutionaries are cynically exploiting the Negro in America as the main battering ram of their campaign to destroy the foundations of law and order and to demoralise America internally. The Negroes will be the main sufferers economically in Los Angeles. Many are now unemployed as a result of the destruction of both Negro and European businesses.

Bitterness has been engendered amongst the Europeans where none existed previously. The most significant statement on the Los Angeles disaster comes from the drunken Negro driver, whose arrest allegedly precipitated the rioting. Addressing the fanatical Black Muslims at a Los Angeles rally, he said that what had happened was "just a taste of what's to come".
Dr. Billy Graham has charged that "sinister forces are trying to set race against race with the ruthless objective of overthrowing the Government."


Sections of the Australian daily press recently ran a sensational story, taken from the "Rand Daily Mail", South Africa, concerning the alleged brutal treatment of prisoners at the Cinderella goal, Boksburg. One of the allegations was that prisoners were given electric shock treatment. In a Johannesburg court on August 16, Gysbert Van Schalkwyk, one of the two warders whose sworn affidavits were the basis of the "Rand Daily Mail's" story, pleaded guilty to making a false statement under oath. Dr. Percy Yutar, deputy Attorney-General, alleged that Van Schalkwyk had received 150 rand (about £92) for making a sworn affidavit which he knew to be false. So far from this warder having resigned, as he had claimed, he had in fact been dismissed following a disciplinary inquiry when he was found to have a record of no fewer than twelve transgressions of prison regulations.

The consistent international press campaign against South Africa, with constant false stories, is a manifestation of the forces of world revolution.


Speaking at a National Press Club luncheon at Canberra on August 16, Senator Frank McManus, D.L.P., made the following statement:
"We have offered twice to discuss our differences with the A.L.P. and each time our offer was rejected. Now it is up to the A.L.P. to take the initiative. Any discussions about a reunion would centre on the defence and foreign policy of the A.L.P. and Communist influence in trade unions. I have had discussions with leading personalities of the A.L.P. but we have got nowhere because they say the left-wing control of their party is so strong they would not be able to have public or open discussions on these issues."

When "leading personalities" of the Australian Labor Party admit that the left-wing dominates their party, it is not surprising that Australian electors, many of them far from satisfied with the present Federal Government, refrain from electing the A.L.P. to office.


The plight of Labor leader Arthur Calwell is pathetic. He moves towards the end of his political career as the captive of these forces, which he must know are determined to use the party he has served all his life, to advance Communist strategy in Australia. He is so obsessed with the belief that he can lead the A.L.P. to electoral victory, that he continues to attempt to placate the left-wing, particularly in Victoria, rather than take any action which might result in his leadership being challenged.

As a Victorian delegate to the recent Federal A.L.P. conference, Mr. Calwell spoke strongly in favour of the A.L.P. continuing its support for a "nuclear- free" zone in the Southern Hemisphere. Former Victorian President of the A.L.P., Mr. R. Holt, has charged that this policy " originated in Soviet Russia." A.L.P. Deputy-Leader Gough Whitlam has outlined the left-wing influence in the Victorian Executive as follows:
"Eleven out of fourteen trade union officials on the Victorian executive come from unions associated with the clandestine Trade Union Defence Committee, and five of these eleven come from unions with senior officials belonging to the Communist Party."

It is not too late for Mr. Calwell to lead a cleansing of the A.L.P. of its subversive influences. If he doesn't, he will be recorded in the history books as a political tragedy. The left wing of the A.L.P. only supports Mr. Calwell at present as a preparatory move to capturing the leadership with their "star", Dr. J. Cairns.


The Chinese Communists must be delighted with the work of non-Communist Australians to spread their propaganda in Australia. Prominent Wimmera (Victoria) farmer, Mr. C. H. Sudholz, who has stood for the Federal Parliament as an A.L.P. representative, is at present active giving lectures and showing slides following a recent visit to Communist China. Mr. Sudholz does not speak Chinese, but makes some astonishing claims about what he learned in China. He says that he wants to organise a party of up to 90 Wimmera farmers to make a good-will tour of Communist China. We have no doubt that the criminals in Peking would be delighted to take a large number of Australian farmers on a conducted tour of Communist China and send them back to Australia to spread more of their propaganda.
Mr. Sudholz suggests that the Australian economy has been strengthened as a result of wheat exports to Red China. This is what Federal Treasurer Mr. Harold Holt and others also claim.

We wonder what would happen to the non-Communist world if the Communist nations sank beneath the sea. Would the non-Communist world, with its vast resources and productive capacity, then collapse in despair because it could not export to the Communists? Commonsense immediately provides the answer.

We suggest that Australians use their commonsense before being hoodwinked by the type of propaganda being spread by the dupes of the Chinese Communists.


It is fortunate that there are some business leaders in the West who understand the significance of providing economic aid for the Communist Empire. In the U.S.A. a spokesman for the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company has explained why his firm declined to build a 50 million dollar synthetic rubber plant for Rumania:
"Our decision not to build a synthetic rubber-plant for Communist Rumania was based solely on the fact that such technical know how should not be sent behind the Iron Curtain where it could become available to Communist China."

Left-wing Senator Fulbright has protested that because of the attitude of Goodyear Tyre and "a minor vigilante group which calls itself Young Americans for Freedom", a proposed deal with Rumania by another American rubber company had fallen through. The result was a set back for President Johnson's policy of freer trading with the Eastern European Communist nations.


In his first major policy speech at UN, Mr. Adlai Stevenson's successor, Mr. Arthur Goldberg, capitulated to the Communists in a fine example of double-talk. In an address in which he said that "There can be no double standard among the members of the organisation", Mr. Goldberg said that the U.S.A. would no longer insist that Russia and other debtor nations be deprived of their voting rights in the United Nations' General Assembly.
The U.S.A. still adhered to its position that under Article 19 of the UN Charter, those behind with their "peace-keeping" dues should lose their vote. But, said Mr. Goldberg, a private poll of UN membership and top UN officials revealed that a majority would not apply the no-vote penalty.

Mr. Goldberg continued,
"We will not seek to frustrate that consensus, since it is not in the world interest to have the work of the General Assembly immobilised in these troubled days." In other words, the Charter must be ignored to help the Communists and their friends.

The UN is beyond doubt the most dangerous Communist- front organisation in the world. And yet the non-Communist nations make the biggest financial contributions to keep the organisation alive. Mr. Goldberg's capitulation to the Communists should be assessed against his "soft" attitude towards Communism as revealed in our issue of July 30.


The news from Vietnam is far from encouraging. It is now clear that no real progress has been made in the war against the Viet Cong. In spite of the American build up of troops, they still have too few for a decisive victory. However, if the visit by President Ky to Formosa indicates that Chinese Nationalist forces are to be used, this would be the most encouraging development to date.
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