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On Target

19 February 1965. Thought for the Week: "The control of the production of wealth is the control of human life itself" - Hilaire Belloc.


We observed last week that it was irrelevant whether the central figure in the Mt. Isa disaster, Mr. "Pat Mackie", alleged to have a long criminal record, was a Communist or not. Having observed Mr. Mackie in action in Melbourne, where he claims he raised £15,000 for unemployed miners at Mt. Isa, we are certain that he is being used by much more able individuals who will forget him when convenient. We are reliably informed that two of Mr. "Mackie's" principal "advisers" in Mt. Isa are a solicitor and a doctor.

When "Mackie" left Melbourne last Tuesday, by request ,only one union official was there to see him off, Mr. C. Rubin, a prominent Melbourne Communist who is an executive member of the Waterside Workers' Federation. Rubin played a leading part in the mass demonstration on September 15 of last year, when there was an attack on the doors of the Victorian Parliament. Mr. Rubin acted as driver while he was in Melbourne taking him to the numerous Communist arranged meetings "Mackie" addressed.

Mr. J. J. Brown, Communist Secretary of the Railways Union, had "Mackie" address the State Council of the Railways Union, while Communist Secretary of the Tramways Union, Mr. Clarrie O'Shea, arranged for an address at the Preston Tramways Workshops. It was significant that Melbourne Communists, irrespective of whether they follow the Moscow or the Peking criminals, were united in supporting "Mackie".

As we go to press there is no answer to the question of how the £15,000 collected in Melbourne is to be controlled and spent. Our prediction is that it will be controlled by the Communists to subsidise "Mackie's" supporters in Mt. Isa. Little or no support will be given to those miners forced to leave Mt. Isa.


Mr. Malcolm Fraser, Victorian Liberal MHR, chairman of the Government backbenchers' defence committee and a member of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, returned this week to Australia after a visit to Indonesia, where he talked with political and military leaders, including Mr.Aidit Communist leader. Mr. Fraser said on Tuesday that if President Soekarno's present policies continued, "a Communist regime in Indonesia appeared inevitable." This is why, of course, Communists everywhere are supporting Soekarno's policies. In the meantime Australia, under the Colombo Plan, continues to send important economic assistance to Indonesia which would be useful to Indonesia in the unfortunate event of war with Australia.


Following the discovery by the Brazil Government that a visiting Chinese "trade" delegation was in fact providing assistance for Communist terrorist groups, and the arrest and conviction of the Chinese visitors, the Peking Government has been running a massive world wide campaign against Brazil. The New China News Agency, which represents the Peking Government makes the startling claim that the Australian Wool Board, which has been promoting the idea of increased wool exports to Red China, has joined in the protests to the Brazil Government. Australian wool firms engaged in wool exporting to Red China are also listed as having protested to Brazil about the "illegal sentence" imposed on "the guiltless" Chinese. It is hard to believe that this report is true. But it does indicate how the Communists are prepared to use a form of blackmail against those who trade with them.

To the Communists, trade is merely a means to an end - furtherance of Communist strategy to conquer the whole world.


How many of Mr. Walter Lippman's numerous readers around the world realise this columnist is a Fabian Socialist? Lippmann's spiritual home appears to lie behind the Iron Curtain. A survey of his writings reveals that he has a flair for advocating the Soviet line in advance of official statements. He consistently advocates defeatism and retreat when there is a clash of Western and Soviet interests. His pronouncements are quickly re-distributed - often in his very words - by the Leftists in the various Western State Departments, and then endorsed by the Communist press.

Two weeks ago Mr. Lippmann advocated the withdrawal from South Vietnam of all Western intervention and aid, and reliance on the new "liberal" spirit of the Soviet to see that democracy prevails in this unhappy country.

From The Age (Melbourne) correspondent on February 5 came an extension of this idea: "From Washington these days, Vietnam seems incredibly complicated. There is no certainty who the "real" enemy is: The Viet Cong, the Russians or the Chinese".

Correction: It is certain that the real enemies are the Socialists within and without the U.S. State Department who have constantly opposed any suggestion that Chiang Kai-Shek be permitted to launch an attempt to regain control of China. These same elements hindered and helped to destroy the comparatively stable Diem regime in South Vietnam and have consistently imposed a "no win" policy on Anti-Communist forces.

The Age correspondent quoted continued, "if America had to accept unpalatable terms for a negotiated settlement in Vietnam it would rather deal with the Russians than with the Chinese". Here is the Lippmann "soft sell."

As if it makes any practical difference which of the branch managers of the International Conspiracy officiates at the proposed take over. Which leads us to the announcement of Mr.Kosygin on February 7 in North Vietnam: "We sternly declare that the Soviet Union will not remain indifferent to the destiny of a brotherly Socialist country. The Soviet Union is ready to give the Democratic Republic of Vietnam all necessary assistance if the aggressors dare to encroach on its independent sovereignty."

Kosygin demanded that "the US withdraw its troops and weapons from South Vietnam." This would of course enable the Chinese branch of the conspiracy to continue its movement down the Asiatic road to Australia and beyond.


From The Age of February 13: "The Soviet Premier said today that 'Imperialist provocations' in Vietnam had brought Russia and Communist China together in determination to curb the aggressors."

Correction: The various branches of the Communist conspiracy have never deviated from the central plan to overrun every country on this planet. While, as Lenin has pointed out, the dialectic approach allows considerable latitude as to method, there is no choice about the end objective. In this regard the whole Communist mechanism works as one unit. Intelligent readers will realise that "aggressor" in dialectical language does not mean aggressors, but any group which opposes, even in the smallest way, the Communist advance.


Matured students of world revolution have been worried fora long time about the role of Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson. A former top Communist agent in the U.S.A. testified that while Canadian representative at Washington, Pearson was regarded as the source of valuable secret information. Pearson later tried to cover up for the top Canadian official, Herbert Norman, who committed suicide when exposed as a Communist agent.

The Herald (Melbourne) of February 13, reported the following item from The Chicago Tribune (U.S.A.): "Prime Minister Pearson of Canada offers the gratuitous observation that our (American) activities in the Vietnamese War have no solid basis of support among the South Vietnamese themselves. His proposed solution was neutralisation of the whole territory, but he conceded this would lead to Communisation through the agency of Red China.

This is the kind of ally in which we can hardly rejoice. (Emphasis added.)


The Age of February 15 reports statements by Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr. Subandrio in Tokyo. Dr. Subandrio referred to the build up of Indonesian forces on the Malaysian-Borneo border, which he said were now nearly as strong as the British. "Dr. Subandrio in his brief conference stressed that there was no military alliance between Indoneaia and Communist China."

That any statement by the proven and notorious liars who have captured the unfortunate Indonesian people should be given any credence, passes all understanding. Only a few short weeks have passed since these liars protested there were no Indonesian troops involved in the invasion of Malaysia. In the words of Dr. Soekarno, they were "volunteers" for whom he was not responsible!

Of more significance than Dr. Subandrio's dialectical utterances is the information revealed in the report that negotiations between Malaysia and Indonesia might be attempted again through the agency of Japan. The mediator proposed is Mr. Shojiro Kawashima, who is reported as being a personal friend of Dr. Soekarno. This one will bear watching by Tunku Abdul Rahman.


The tit-for-tat American air-strikes against North Vietnam temporarily obscured the truth that the American State Department defeatists and traitors are steadily pursuing their policy of a planned withdrawal from South Vietnam. In The Age of February 21, the London correspondent reports "that Mr. Wilson has been given the go-ahead by President Johnson to see what he can do to prepare the way for peace talks."

Mr. Wilson is approaching Moscow.

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