Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

27 August 1965. Thought for the Week: "Unless the members of Western civilization, above all the members of its governing and intellectual elites, are convinced, convinced inwardly and absolutely, of the exact opposite - Better Dead Than Red! - then their children are most certainly going to be Red, those of them who are not first dead too, for good measure " - James Burnham in "Suicide of the West".


Back in the twenties a great Englishman, Lord Hewart, formerly Lord Chief Justice, wrote a famous book graphically termed "The New Despotism". It was an exposure of the Fabian Socialist strategy for subverting Parliamentary government by the increasing of Government power, and the consequent passing of enabling legislation, which resulted in a growing bureaucracy becoming the real government, exercising power through regulations, which could not be effectively challenged in the courts. This week an academic from the Australian National University, Mr. G. E. Caiden, claimed to be an authority on the Commonwealth Public Service, delivered a paper at an Australian Political Science Association conference in Sydney, in which he said that:
"the shift in political power towards the bureaucracy has been accompanied by sham debates, hollow electoral issues, meaningless rhetoric, increasingly outdated political ideology, and travesty of Parliament."

Mr. Caiden said that the result was public political apathy, stemming from a growing conviction that life would go on much the same, whatever party achieved office. The power and influence of the growing Federal bureaucracy, staffed by a large number of Socialists, and, we have no doubt, some secret Communists, is sapping the very heart out of genuine self-government in Australia.

This deadly internal threat to Australia can only be met by an increasing number of freedom-loving people exercising their individual initiative, associating in action groups, and insisting that their views be represented in their Parliamentary institutions.
Lord Bryce, the famous authority on Government, warned that the tendency of all Governments is to increase their power. A freedom-loving people must constantly resist this tendency. Otherwise they will end under the complete domination of bureaucracy. And the task of the Communists will be made ever so much easier.


To the embarrassment of Senator Mansfield, US Senate Democratic leader, and the White House Administration, the great American patriot J. Edgar Hoover has thrown another spanner into the Communist takeover machine. His exposure of a proposed dangerous move, to prepare the way for the reopening of Russian consulates in the U.S.A., has thrown the socialists into such a flap that the Senate debate on the matter has been deferred to the next sitting "to avoid a long acrimonious exchange."

Attention was focused on this treaty (already signed by Moscow) by J. Edgar Hoover's testimony before a House subcommittee last March. He said, "Our Government is about to allow them (the Soviet Union) to establish consulates in many parts of the country which of course will make our work more difficult." America is fortunate indeed in having a "watch dog" of the caliber of J. Edgar Hoover, with his vast knowledge of the Communist apparatus. The forthcoming Senate debate should be very interesting!


One of the most vulgar acts of sabotage imposed upon the Canadian people by Socialist Prime Minister Lester Pearson, was the hauling down of the Red Ensign, which includes the Union Jack. The original Canadian flag bore witness to both the British and French roots of the Canadian nation. Ontario's Conservative Government, led by Premier John Roberts, reacted by creating a new provincial flag, the Red Ensign with the Provincial shield on the fly.

During her visit to Ontario late in June, the Queen Mother noticed the new flag and commented: "My that looks nice."


Everyone who has studied Communism in depth knows that trade is a most important aspect of total Communist warfare. We can only conclude that Government leaders at Canberra are ignorant about Communist strategy. In spite of the fact that the Red Chinese are scoring big political and economic gains at the expense of Australia, as the result of Australia's big exports to China, the Minister for Trade, Mr. John McEwan, announced at Canberra on Tuesday of this week that a four man trade delegation is to visit Poland, Russia and Czechoslovakia, and that it would investigate the possibility of trade treaties with these countries. The more Australia makes its economy dependent upon the Communist bloc, the more vulnerable it becomes to Communist pressures.

Those who attempt to justify what the Federal Government is doing by talking about obtaining a "favourable balance of trade" should be asked to explain how every nation in the world could have this type of trade. And what would happen if a one-world government is established similar to that advocated by the Communists?

Australia does not have to place herself at the mercy of the Communists in order to solve her economic problems.


Following the decision at the recent Federal A.L.P. conference that the A.L.P. should affiliate with Socialist International, the secretary of Socialist International, Mr. Albert Carthy, is arriving in Australia late this week. It is claimed that Socialist International is anti-Communist. No Socialist organisation can effectively oppose its Communist blood-brother. The pro-Communists at the Federal A.L.P. conference know this. That is why the voting in favour of A.L.P. affiliation with the Socialist International was unanimous.


Some new readers have been shocked by our revelations of how the "Civil Rights" campaign in the U.S.A. has masked a mounting programme of revolution and subversion. But the truth, however unpleasant must be faced. Now comes the news that Rev. Frederick D. Reese, Selma Negro leader and a Lieutenant of Dr. Martin Luther King in Alabama, has been indicted on three charges of embezzling a total of 1,850 dollars in funds belonging to the civil rights group.


An Allen-Scott Report published in "Human Events" (Washington) of July 17, deals with a Hanoi "labour conference" which took place from June 2-6. "Nothing was left to the imagination of the 600 delegates. Country by country they were briefed on how to implement the 'vigorous mass aid Vietnam and resist America movement' which the hosts said "is unfolding throughout the world'. This labour conference obviously was vital to Mao's strategy." According to this report, the conference cost over half a billion dollars. Australians were present.


When Dr. Fred Schwarz, the Australian expert on International Communism, recently appeared in Channel 7's "Meet the Press" programme in Melbourne, he was subjected to one of the most vicious attacks ever seen on TV. It was suggested that his Anti-Communism Crusade in the U.S.A. was a money making racket. A vulgar personal attack was also made.

The chairman of the press panel, Mr. Denis Warner, insisted upon suggesting that Dr. Schwarz was talking to the converted by working in the U.S.A. It was most disturbing to hear a man like Mr. Denis Warner, generally regarded as an informed anti-Communist, revealing that he apparently knows or cares little about the root of the Communist problem. But he and his two colleagues did prove, unconsciously, Dr. Schwarz's major point: That mere opposition to Communism without knowledge can be dangerous.


One of the major highlights of the League's annual activities is the annual Seminar held in Melbourne in September. This year's Seminar will be held in the Bamboo Room, The Chevron Hotel, 519 St.Kilda Rd, on Saturday, September 25, starting at 2 pm.
Speakers will be Mr. Edward Wu, Consul representing the Chinese Nationalist Government in Melbourne, who will speak on the significance of Formosa; Mr. Ian Skipworth, Perth teacher of the Indonesian language, who will deal with Indonesia as an instrument of Communist strategy; and Sir Raphael Cilento, former UNO official and expert on international affairs, who will discuss Australia's future against the background of the Communist challenge in South-East Asia.

The League's 1965 Seminar will be the best ever. Book now, and tell all friends. Seminar fees: 10/- per single person; 17/6 married couple; 5/- for students and pensioners. Special fees for family groups. Fees cover cost of afternoon tea, to be served between the first and the second papers.

"On Target" readers wishing to attend the Annual Dinner of New Times Ltd., at the Victoria, Lt. Collins Street, on the evening before the Seminar, Friday, September 24, should make a booking with New Times Ltd., Box 1226L, G.P.O., Melbourne immediately. The donation is 35/- per person.


Remember how the "experts" soothed Australians with the story that it was necessary to let Sukarno have West New Guinea in order to keep him out of the arms of the Communists? Denis Warner was one who helped peddle this dangerous nonsense. Now comes the statement from Communist Party leader Aidit that he is moving into West New Guinea (West Irian) to "establish twigs" everywhere. Organised subversion across the border into East New Guinea can now be expected.
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