Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

3 September 1965. Thought for the Week: "We live in an era of big government: but before you can have big government you must have little men." - Edmund A. Opitz in "American Opinion."


The Communists have every reason to be delighted with Singapore's secession from Malaysia. The West's basic strategy in South-East Asia has been badly shattered. The Communists' ultimate objective is to force the British out of their Singapore naval base, "the strategic navel of the Eastern Hemisphere." Mr. Lee Kuang Yew has lost no time in announcing that he will not permit the base to be used for "aggressive" purposes. This dedicated Socialist is also stressing that he is not an anti-Communist, but a "non-Communist". Also that he will trade "with the devil" if necessary.

Which leads us to a consideration of one of the unpublicised factors behind Singapore's secession from Malaysia. August 17 was the date set for the closing of the Singapore branch of the Bank of China under pressure from the Malaysian Federal Government in Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur branch of the bank had already been closed. The Kuala Lumpur Government insisted that the Singapore branch of the Bank of China be closed because it was one of the main centres of Chinese Communist espionage and subversion throughout Malaysia. The Singapore Government was never keen on the Federal Government's decision to close the Bank. The decision concerning Singapore's secession was reached just seven days before the date set for the closing of the Bank. Mr. Lee Kuang Yew is permitting the Bank to remain open.


Faced with the possibility of the Malaysian Federation collapsing completely, Tunku Abdul Rahman has been forced to search desperately for a foreign policy which will, he hopes, help to secure his nation's future. But we regret that Tunku has become another victim of the Communist dialectic propaganda barrage disseminated by most of the world's press.

At a Cabinet meeting held in Kuala Lumpur on August 26, Mr. R.Ramani set out the pros and cons of having ties with Russia. Tunku Abdul Rahman is reported as having commented,
"Russia is changing her attitude towards international affairs. It might be a good idea to have friendly relations with her." Also that "Anyway we are in no great hurry. We will consider all the implications."

The attitude of the worried Malaysian Prime Minister reflects the tragedy of the free world. With treason still deeply entrenched in the American State Department, and the British Government wedded to the implementation of Socialism, anti-Communist Asian countries such as Malaysia see themselves possibly being surrendered to the Chinese Communist drive represented by either Ho Chi Minh or Sukarno. The Tunku sees his enemy Sukarno and Communist China still being assisted economically by Western Governments while American aid is offered to him grudgingly or on crippling terms. He is thus driven into the position where he is toying with the forlorn proposition of aligning himself with the distant devil in an attempt to avert being handed over to the devil on his doorstep. This is, of course, the type of false alternative which the Marxist-Leninist strategists use the Moscow-Peking "split" to advance.


It is reported that American military leaders in South Vietnam are alarmed at the possibility that the war there may be developed into a Korean-type stalemate. They view with suspicion the soft-line proposed by Mr. Cabot Lodge, the Johnson replacement for the former American Ambassador, General Taylor. The withdrawal of General Taylor seems to smack rather of the dismissal of General MacArthur when he was poised on the brink of victory over the Communists in Korea.
Mr. Cabot Lodge played an active part in undermining the Diem regime in South Vietnam and has always supported a no-win policy in the face of Communist aggression.

Conservative Senators in the U.S. are not happy about the way competent military leaders are being over ridden by political appointees with records of appeasement towards the Communists. These pro-Communist elements are behind the pressure to lift restrictions on supplying U.S. wheat to Soviet Russia. They solidly backed Mr. Goldberg in his surrender to the Communists at the UN over the voting issue. It is encouraging to note that the realist elements in the USA are still gaining in strength at the grass roots level. But whether they can exert sufficient pressure in time to avert disaster in South Vietnam remains to be seen. And the revolutionaries are stepping up the tempo of race riots inside the USA as a major means of influencing American foreign policy.


The following are some of the significant aspects of the Los Angeles race riots, which have received little or no attention in the daily press anywhere: The rioting was allegedly precipitated by the arrest of a drunken Negro car driver. But, following this arrest, a full three hours passed without one major incident. Then suddenly violence erupted over a twenty-mile area. Clearly the riot had been prepared well in advance.

William H, Parker, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, admits now that he made a bad mistake on the second night of the riot when he took the advice of "Civil Rights" leaders, who assured the Chief that the rioting had developed as a result of "police brutality" and that if only Negro policemen and unmarked police cars were used in the riot area, there would be no more trouble. The result was the congregation of bigger and more violent mobs, and the rapid expansion of what was now a major revolutionary movement.

Members of the Black Liberation Front (RAM) wearing red arm-bands roamed the streets tossing Molotov cocktails into stores and sniping at the police. Because of the "soft" attitude of California's Lieutenant Governor, Glen Anderson, there was a six-hour delay before the National Guard was brought in to help the police.

The brutality of the rioters was frightening. Rioters carried cans of gasoline into stores and set them alight while organised mobs used bottles, stones and even gun fire to keep the Fire Department from approaching fires. Looters spared only stores with the signs of "Blood Brother" or "Soul Brother", names of a Communist network. The tactics used by the Negro insurrectionists in Los Angeles were those recommended in "The Crusader", a monthly letter published '' by Communist Robert Williams in Cuba. Williams advocates, "kill-ins".

These are his suggestions: "The weapon ... employed by Afro-American freedom fighters must consist of a poor man's arsenal. Gasoline firebombs (Molotov cocktails) ... can be used extensively ... Such weapons will make the streets impossible for racist cops to patrol. High-powered rifles are readily available."
It is not surprising that Chief Parker said: "It's just like the Vietcong; a hit-and-run guerrilla warfare situation."

So far from being "down-trodden", the Negroes of Los Angeles enjoy the most complete and indulgent welfare system in the U.S.A. Many of the young Negroes arrested drove large modern cars. U.S. Congressman August Hawkins represents a large section of the Los Angeles riot area. He has been a consistent Communist-fronter for 25 years, he taught in Communist training schools, has raised money for the Communists, and has acted as a sponsor for the Young Communist League.

Mervyn M. Dymally represents the area in the Californian State Assembly. A persistent agitator for '"Civil Rights" causes, Dymally has spoken to Black Muslim groups and was one of those who spread the story about "police brutality" as soon as the riots started.

The Los Angeles riots can now be seen as a major and successful revolutionary battle to further Communist strategy inside America. Police Chief Parker commented: "You cannot tell the people to disobey the law and expect them to have a respect for the law. You cannot keep telling them that they are being abused and mistreated, without expecting them to react."
Quite so. And those promoting the "Civil Rights" movement know this.


Rioting University students, the products of Socialist brainwashing, have become a major feature of the world-wide revolutionary movement. Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia has once again demonstrated his leadership qualities by making it clear that his Government will not tolerate University students, who are subsidised by the taxpayers, spending their time in revolutionary demonstrations. If taxpayers are expected to subsidise University students, then they have every right to insist that students do not participate in revolutionary activities. Mr. Smith's Government is proposing that all students wishing to attend University must enter into an agreement preventing them from participating in political demonstrations. Here is a lead for Australian taxpayers.


Only the firm resolution of King Constantine is holding the line against the revolutionary forces in Greece. Former Prime Minister George Papandreou is already being described as a Kereusky of the Greek revolution. Kerensky paved the way in Russia for the Communist march to power. Like Kerensky, Papandreou believes in taking a soft line towards the Communists.

But the real power behind the Greek revolution is Papandreou's son, Andrew. Not without significance, Andrew was educated at Harvard University U.S.A. an institution, which has produced a long line of Communist traitors; Alger Hiss was the most notorious of these.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159