Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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10 September 1965. Thought for the Week: " Marxism does offer a lure that can work powerfully on uprooted, emotionally starved people. It is the hope of themselves becoming important figures in the imminent dictatorship of the proletariat, possessing, if not wealth, the thing to which wealth is merely a means: power over the lives and destinies of others." - Ebed Van der Vlugt in "Asia Aflame".


Mr. Brian Fitzpatrick, who died last week, had a long record as a pro-Communist. He was one of the founders of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties, an organisation which has consistently shown more concern for the liberties of Communists and pro-Communists than for the liberties of anti-Communists.

During the war years, Fitzpatrick campaigned vigorously both with his pen and on the public platform to support Dr. Evatt's brazen attempt to tear up the Federal Constitution. The Communists openly took control of the 1944 Referendum campaign. Mr. Fitzpatrick's best-known books, "British Imperialism in Australia" (1939), "The British Empire in Australia" (1941), "A Short History of the Australian Labor Movement" (1940), "The Australian People" (1946), and "The Australian Commonwealth" (1956) have all been favourably mentioned in the Communist press and have been used in Australian Universities.

"The Australian Commonwealth" is a particularly dangerous book because it is an excellent source work. But students using it for source material must also become influenced by the author's pro-Communist bias.

In his subscription journal, "Labor News Letter", Mr.Fitzpatrick consistently supported the extreme Left-wing of the Labor Party. In view of the late Brian Fitzpatrick's long pro-Communist record, many will find it astonishing that the Federal Treasurer, Mr. Harold Holt, should have paid a tribute in which he said (vide "The Age", Melbourne, of September 4) that "Australian democracy is not rich in men like Mr. Fitzpatrick who are able to stimulate debate on large issues, and record and interpret them so well with their own pens." Mr. Holt said that perhaps the greatest tribute to Mr. Fitzpatrick was a testimonial dinner held for him in Melbourne last year. It was attended by men of all political shades united in their regard and esteem for Mr. Fitzpatrick and his work. The dinner mentioned by Mr. Holt took place in June of last year. He was present and spoke. He was followed by Dr. Cairns.

The Melbourne Communist "Guardian" of June 25, 1964, published a featured report of the dinner, in which it said, "Mr. Harold Holt confirmed, in a short tribute, his reputation as Australia's only top-flight Liberal…"

At a time when a hard-line anti-Communist attitude is necessary to help secure Australia's future, it is disturbing to have a probable future Prime Minister making flabby comments about a pro-Communist.


When the British Raj maintained law and order over the whole of Indian sub-continent; conflicts between Hindus and Muslims were kept to a minimum and quickly controlled by comparatively few British forces. Before leaving, the British realised that segregation (that hated term!) between the Hindus and Muslims and the creation of two nations was necessary. Even so, one of the greatest bloodbaths in history followed the British withdrawal. One of the festering sores left was Kashmir, where the overwhelming majority of the people are Muslims.

Every objective observer agrees that Pakistan has right on its side in the Kashmir dispute. India has consistently refused to permit the people of Kashmir the right to a plebiscite concerning their future. Western policy makers have persistently treated Socialist India like a sacred cow, overlooking the hypocritical policies of the Marxist Nehru, with the result that the strongly anti-Communist Pakistanis were eventually driven into the arms of the Chinese Communists.
Peking has cynically promised the Kashmiri leader, Sheik Abdullah, support for self-determination for Kashmir.

India's policies have been dishonest. While smugly preaching "non-alignment" and non-violence, India under Nehru opposed any strong opposition to Communism, and blatantly attacked Goa.

The present conflict between India and Pakistan. Even Socialist Harold Wilson has said that he was shocked by India's policies. However, while the Pakistanis have most of the right on their side in the Kashmir dispute, present developments are playing right into the hands of the International Communist conspiracy. Once again Communist dialectics can be seen in operation as Peking backs Pakistan and Moscow backs India.

If the West really wishes to avert a major disaster, and the possibility of the whole Indian sub-continent exploding in murderous religious rioting, it must take a firm stand immediately in favour of justice for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. In this way only can it deny the Communists the prize they now see within their grasp?


The press reported last week that the U.S.A. has offered to renew an atoms-for-peace agreement with Indonesia. On advice from Secretary of State Dean Rusk, President Johnson gave the go ahead signal to extend the agreement, expiring on September 20, for provision of uranium fuel for the American installed reactor in Bandung. An offer was also made to restore the cancelled communications system. This referred to as an olive branch extended in response to Sukarno's anti-American pronouncements.

During the same week that this American olive branch was offered, Sukarno urged Indonesian scientists to take up Marxism.
"Revolutionary methods are what we should take because this is a revolutionary country", he said.

Sukarno has never disguised the fact that he is a Communist. Yet Mr. Dean Rusk, and the group, of "liberal" socialists who have held uninterrupted control of the U.S. State Department for over 30 years, continue to arrange assistance and atomic aid to Sukarno, enabling him to continue his war of aggression against pro-Western Malaysia.

The attitude of the U.S. State Department towards the anti-Communist, non-aggressive Tunku Abdul Rahman is cold and unhelpful. Yet, unlike Sukarno, the Tunku has neither confiscated the property of American nationals nor has he screamed contemptuous abuse at them. Nor has he allied himself openly with the Communist enemies of America.

Who can still doubt that treason still flourishes in America. John Stormer very aptly described his best-selling exposure of the conspiracy as "None Dare Call It Treason."


Labor Senator Ormonde from N.S.W. said on September 2 "it is not Australia's duty to protect Asia from Communism." He continued, "Some of the people in this country would have had us fighting Russia. Russia is the greatest force for peace in the world today."
That such a statement should be made by an Australian Member of Parliament is a sad reflection on his electors.

The tenor of Senator Ormonde's whole statement was that we should passively allow the steady growth of this "greatest force for peace" until the Communist dream of world conquest is a complete reality. The Left-wing element, which has captured the Labor Party, has turned it into little better than an instrument for subversion to which no loyal Australian can subscribe. This is a national tragedy at a time when Australia desperately requires a virile Opposition Party at Canberra.

It is worthy of note that the "peace force" which Senator Ormonde describes as being "on the way back to the middle of the road", is busy at present making the wall around its prisoners in East Berlin more effective, by clearing an open space 100 to 130 yards inside its outer wall, with 30 feet wide ditches concealing a second concrete wall. Complete with a high-speed jeep track to enable its 14,000 odd troops to traverse quickly to any spot on the clearing, it should enable the 41/2 million prisoners to keep enjoying the benefits of Soviet Communism, which the Socialists in our midst view with such detached tolerance.


No honest person can deny that the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who died this week at the age of 90 after a lifetime of service to the natives of tropical Africa, demonstrated Christian love in a most practical form. And he understood the African far better than the idealists whose theories of racial equality have paved the way for the Communists to reduce much of Africa to a chaotic blood bath.

Despite enormous pressure he refused to condemn the apartheid policy of South Africa. His wisdom shines through his words: "Before I came to Africa I heard traders and missionaries insist that one must ceaselessly maintain the authority of the white man. Like every decent European I felt it was a rigid and unnatural theory. Now I believe that only by demanding certain external forms can you demonstrate kindness and sympathy. You know my phrase 'I am your brother, true; but by God I'm your older brother!' I love these stupid, senseless, dishonest people. I give my life for them: but pray don't ask me to give them rights."


Speaking in the New Guinea House of Assembly on September 3, a European Member charged that the organising committee of the New Guinea United National Party, which wants "independence" in the near future, included two active Communists, two homosexuals and a hopeless drunk.

The "winds of change" which fanned Africa into an inferno are now blowing in New Guinea. It is the duty of Australia to protect the New Guinea natives from a similar inferno.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159