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17 September 1965. Thought for the Week: "In the battle against Communism, there is no substitute for accurate, specific knowledge. Ignorance is evil and paralytic. The best intentions allied with the most sincere motives are ineffective and futile if they are divorced from adequate knowledge."
Dr. Fred Schwarz in "You Can Trust The Communists."


Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, predicted in a television interview on September 12 that Communist China would defeat America in the cold war in Asia. Mr. Lee said that while the American politicians are "calculating in terms of the next presidential elections," Mao Tse-tung "is calculating in thousand-year terms". It is clear therefore, that the "dedicated Socialist" in Singapore is convinced that Communist China is going to win in Asia, and that the sensible thing to do is to shift to the winning side away from the defeated side.

Lee Kuan Yew's frank assessment of the situation in Asia is going to have a tremendous impact upon the morale of the Asian people. Australians and New Zealanders might ponder on the fact that the Chinese Communists regard them as part of Asia. Time is running out fast, and only a major shift of strategy by the Western nations can turn back the red tide in Asia. Australians should be campaigning for such a shift in strategy. But, they cannot hope to influence the Americans and the British unless they are prepared to set an example. Greater Australian military defence is necessary. And economic blood transfusions to the enemy in Peking must be halted.


In our issue of July 30 we referred to the long pro-Communist record of Mr. Arthur Goldberg, asked by President Johnson to leave the US Supreme Court to become America's representative at the UN. Mr. Goldberg lost no time in making it clear that he intends to pursue his pro-Communist policies in his new position. Now comes the news that President Johnson has appointed Mr. Abe Fortas to take Mr. Goldberg's place in the Supreme Court. Mr. Fortas also has a long pro-Communist record. He has established his legal reputation through defending identified Communists. One of these was the notorious Professor Owen Lattimore, described by a Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee in 1952 as "a conscious, articulate instrument of the Soviet conspiracy."

On the night of the Kennedy assassination, Fortas was at the White House assisting his old friend President Johnson. During the first three weeks he handled "everything from Cabinet appointments to the waste-paper baskets". It was Fortas who, in 1948, was primarily responsible for having Congressman Lyndon Johnson elected to the Senate in spite of the fact that Johnson had been defeated for the Democratic nomination in Texas. The incredible story of corruption which set Lyndon Johnson on his road to the White House, is told in the best-selling book by the American historian, J · Evetts Haley, "A Texan Looks At Lyndon" (available from The Heritage Bookshop, price 10/8 post free).

American students of the Communist conspiracy see in the Goldberg and Fortas appointments disturbing evidence that President Johnson is strongly influenced by the forces of the revolutionaries in the U.S.A. For this reason alone, they caution against accepting American military intervention in Vietnam as being a genuine effort to defeat International Communism decisively in South-East Asia.


We have constantly warned that while the American policy makers keep on insisting that American military forces are not in Vietnam to achieve a military victory, but to force the Communists to negotiate, they are openly telling the Communists that they have no fear of defeat. The Communists are always prepared to negotiate when they cannot reach an objective by military methods. To the Communists, negotiations are merely another method of waging revolutionary war.

Reporting in the London Times of August 12, the Washington correspondent for this paper states that the situation in South Vietnam "is far more desperate than most people imagine." One of the main problems is the lack of any political stability. It is ominous that the Left wing British Labor supporter Lord Brockway reports that the North Vietnamese Ambassador and a representative of the National Liberation Front in South Vietnam have informed him that North Vietnam does not now insist upon a complete American military withdrawal before talks. A token American force could remain in order to preserve American prestige. This report suggests that the Communist conspirators are satisfied that they have the situation under control in Vietnam.
Perhaps Mr. Richard Nixon, former American Vice-President, had this in mind when he warned while in Australia about the dangers of negotiating with the Communists.


"Time & Tide", the British weekly, was quoted in "The Sun", Melbourne, of September 14, as having offered the opinion that the world was better off under the British and other Empires than under the prematurely independent states into which they have been split. "Is it not time for the human race to ask if in the past 20 years we have not taken the wrong road"?

The magazine cites the India-Pakistan war, the Congo bloodbath, and the Communist dictatorship of Sukarno in the former Dutch colony. It makes a suggestion similar to Sir Roy Welensky's, that the British Commonwealth should centre on Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with other countries being taken in as they qualified. What is not pointed out, is that the whole anti-Colonial campaign, which plunged the world into its present chaotic horror, was a deliberate strategy formulated by the Communist conspiracy to pave the way for world conquest. This strategy has required the assistance of the world's press and traitors in high places. But it is encouraging that at least one journal may have a fleeting glimpse of where the liberal socialist road has led. Cause and effect may be shining through the ideological haze.


With the former Yugoslavian Foreign Minister, Mr. Popovic, being mooted as the next President of the UN General Assembly, the stage is being set for the complete takeover of this international organisation by the Communist forces.

Under Marshall Tito, Yugoslavia is still regarded under UN terms as a nonaligned nation. The farce of this is demonstrated by the fact that the Eastern European group of Communist-dominated nations and Russia are ready to support Popovic's election.

Unless an awakened West gets out of this international Communist front organisation, it will be used to complete the task of subjecting the whole world to Communism. This is the purpose for which UN was designed. The exposed Communist traitor, Alger Hiss, and other Communist agents, helped to establish the organisation and to draft its charter.


One of the most significant aspects of the debate on the reserve wool price scheme is that the Labor-Socialists are strongly supporting the Government. After a thorough examination of the issue, we can only express astonishment that apparently intelligent people can be so gullible. As leading spokesman for the Opposition, Mr. R. Pollard claimed that Australia would this year receive about £369 million from wool, but that "This would have been £450 million if a reserve price had been operating." Mr. Pollard claims, therefore, that wool prices would be nearly 25 per cent higher under the proposed price reserve scheme. He did not explain how buyers are going to be forced to pay such an increase. Neither did he explain how he reached the figure of £450 million.
The truth is the wool price scheme, as it stands at the present time, could prove to be the thin edge of the wedge for increasing Government control of the one independent industry left in Australia.
The problems of the wool industry can only be solved free of Government control.

One of the major problems is the increasing financial cost of production, this being the result of Fabian Socialist financial policies imposed by the Federal Government. It is encouraging that a group of Government back-bench Members has forced the Government to agree that the case for and against the proposed scheme should be submitted to every wool grower along with the ballot paper. It is interesting to note that most of the members of this group are the same members who have been consistently sound on other issues. There are definite signs of the development of a conservative group of back-bench Members who are acting as watchdogs for the community.


In his TV session last week, Mr. B. A. Santamaria of the National Civic Council, made some excellent comments criticising the subsidisation of Australian wheat sales to Red China. It was unfortunate, however, that he should have said that "there is no harm in a limited amount of normal trade with Communist China, so long as it is for cash, and at an economic price." Communist China is at present paying in acceptable cash credits.

In our view it is criminal madness to supply even dear wheat, or other production, to the enemy so strongly backing the war in Vietnam. But our view is based upon an acceptance of the stark truth that the international Communist conspiracy is waging a world-wide revolutionary war, which the Communists are determined to win. The strategy of "containment", which far too many anti-Communists support, leaves the initiative always in the hands of the enemy. There is no substitute for victory said General MacArthur. A programme for winning is wanted. Under such a programme, the Communists would be completely isolated economically.

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