Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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24 September 1965. Thought for the Week: "It was ... the 'best people' who were for Alger Hiss and who were prepared to go to almost any length to protect and defend him. It was the enlightened and the powerful, the clamorous proponents of the open mind and the common man, who snapped their minds shut in a pro-Hiss psychosis, of a kind which, in an individual patient, means the simple failure of the ability to distinguish between reality and unreality, and, in a nation, is a warning of the end." - Whittaker Chambers, the former top Communist agent, who exposed
Alger Hiss, in his book, "Witness."


Every matured student of the Communist conspiracy predicted that it was only a matter of time before the Chinese Communists staged a major diversionary tactic in Asia. At the time of writing it is still doubtful whether the Chinese will launch a major military assault upon India, or whether they will content themselves with minor border incidents and a "war of nerves". But irrespective of what tactics the Chinese use, the stark truth is that general Communist strategy is being advanced at a frightening rate. Only a major shift in Western strategy can halt the threatened major disaster.

Whatever tactics are applied by the West within the framework of its present strategy can only aid the Communists. For example, Western military aid to India at present can only result in the whole of the formidable Moslem world being forced into a closer alliance with Peking. But failure to support India could encourage the Chinese Communists to intensify their pressure on India, the ultimate objective being the fragmentation of India as a preliminary to a Communist take-over of the whole sub-continent. The present "containment" strategy must be replaced with a positive strategy of winning.

Those who know nothing about Communist dialectics are accepting at face value the Sino-Soviet "split", with the result that the headlines announce that the U.S.A. and Soviet Russia are now the "closest since Stalingrad". What is not mentioned is that even while the battle for Stalingrad was being fought, Stalin was working on long-term Communist strategy to betray his allies.

Any offer of assistance to India from Moscow is designed to expand the Communist Empire. But the mindless politicians of the West are being brainwashed to accept the view that salvation can only be achieved by a closer alliance between the West and the Soviet against Peking. One of the most dangerous of the brainwashers in the West is America's chief policy planner, Mr. Walt Whitman Rostow. Described in America as father of the "Soviet-are-mellowing" policy, Rostow is one of the high-ranking State Department officials named as having "questionable security backgrounds" by veteran State Security Chief Otto Otepka. Rostow's incredible record is traced in some detail in the American best-seller, "Lyndon's Legacy", by Frank L. Kluckhohn, veteran journalist and a former adviser to the First Secretary of Defence.

Kluckhohn shows how Rostow has been working vigorously for years to sell the American people the idea that the Soviets were mellowing and that if the Americans were nice to them the Communists would drop all their "suspicions" of the West. Rostow is on record as stating that a vigorous campaign would be necessary to sell his policy to Congress and the American people.

We stress the vital importance of grasping the significance of Mr. Walt Rostow's activities, because he is at this critical moment in history America's chief policy planner and is, according to press reports, working around the clock on the type of strategy necessary for the developing situation in Asia. A number of highly competent American experts on International Communism have warned that Rostow teaches that both the West and the Soviet Union have been responsible for the Cold War, that some form of international socialism should be established, under which all nations will lose a substantial degree of their own sovereignty.
It has also been shown that Rostow is one of those who have carefully fostered the nonsense about the Sino-Soviet "split".

Senator Barry Goldwater strongly condemned Rostow's theories, and bluntly stated that they were a threat to America's survival as a free nation. Rostow not only teaches that the Soviet Union is ''mellowing" but that Communist China will also eventually do likewise if the West adopts the Rostow doctrine. Both Peking and Moscow must be delighted with the activities of Rostow and those who support him.


Following a Commission's finding that there had been serious graft and corruption in high places, Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson decided that rather than recall Parliament to permit the Members to debate the Commission's Report, which reflected so seriously upon his Liberal-Socialist Government, it would be safer to have an election. This is to take place early in November.

The Canadian election will be of tremendous importance, not only for Canadians, but for the free world. Under the Pearson Government subversion of all types has been prevalent in Canada. The fragmentation of Canada is being master-minded from Castro's Cuba, as part of International Communism's strategy of encircling the U.S.A. Pearson has steadily given ground in the face of mounting revolutionary pressures. He has led the attack upon any hard-line policy for holding Communism in South-East Asia. The Communists and their dupes constantly quote the Canadian Prime Minister. Mr. Pearson has created widespread consternation with an announcement that three of the most notorious fellow-travelers of the Communists, all from Quebec, are to stand as Liberal candidates. One of them, Pierre-Elliot Trudeau, graduate of Harvard University and the London School of Economics, has been a long-time supporter of Castro, and in fact was arrested on the high seas a few years ago by the U.S. Coast Guard when attempting to reach Cuba from Florida.

The Canadian election will test how far the rot has gone in Canada. We can only hope that there will be widespread revulsion against the type of policies, which the Liberal-Socialist Government at Ottawa has been pursuing. The Pearson Government was a minority Government kept in office by a strange combination of the small Socialist Party (NDP) and the small conservative Social Credit Party. Although the Social Credit leader, Robert Thompson, created a favourable public image, and has often been mentioned as the man who might lead a new, dynamic conservative movement similar to the Goldwater movement in the U.S.A., he has failed to give the necessary leadership. His group started to disintegrate last year.
Reporting from Canada where he was lecturing at the time, Mr. Eric Butler predicted that the disintegration of the Thompson group would continue. Recent reports confirm this prediction. The most able of Mr. Thompson's Quebec supporters, Dr. Marcoux, has decided to contest the elections as an Independent. Three other former Thompson supporters have also announced their intention of standing as Independents.

It is predicted that Thompson and his supporters in Western Canada will all be defeated. The major Opposition group, the Progressive Conservatives, led by former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, will therefore have to make substantial election gains if they are to form a Government.

A victory for Diefenbaker could be a first step away from the disastrous policies pursued by the Pearson Government. The Progressive Conservative leader has recently made two encouraging statements: He has stressed that the Communist thrust in South-East Asia must be halted by military force. And he has also said that the West cannot wash its hands of the victims of International Communism.

Australians and New Zealanders would certainly welcome a change in Canadian policy from one of the neutralism to one of positive resistance to Communist aggression.


We have previously reported on the disturbing appointment of William Wieland, the former U.S. State Department official who played such a vital role in bringing Castro to power, to the position of American Consular General to Canberra at the present critical time. We are not encouraged by the news that Mr. Lester Pearson has appointed one Arthur Redpath Menzies, born in Changte-Ho, Honan, China, as Canadian High Commissioner at Canberra. Mr. Menzies was educated at Harvard University and was a friend of the notorious Herbert Norman, who committed suicide when his Communist activities inside the Canadian diplomatic service were exposed.
Norman was strenuously defended by Pearson.
Mr. Menzies has previously served in Tokyo, Malaya and Burma.

Still holding the sensitive Tokyo post, as American Ambassador is Edwin Reischauer, who giving evidence before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 23, 1961, lied when he claimed that he had never been connected with the Communist-front organisation, the Institute of Pacific Relations. Reischauer was closely associated with the IPH over many years. The late President Kennedy personally appointed Reischauer to the Tokyo post. Reischauer's number two assistant in Tokyo is John K. Emmerson.

In his famous report on China, Lieutenant General Albert E. Wedemeyer listed Emmerson as one of those working for a Communist victory in China.
In September, 1951, a US. Senate committee learned that in April 1945, Emmerson had recommended that Japanese prisoners of war in American stockades "be turned over to Japanese Communists in the United States for indoctrination."

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