Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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1 October 1965. Thought for the Week: "Delegations (to Communist countries) are the source of dangerous delusions indeed. What we see with our eyes is limited. Observation is no substitute for understanding. A man can learn more about Communism in an hour by taking a book like 'How to be a Good Communist' by Liu Shao-chi or 'Problems of Leninism' by Stalin than he can in a year as a tourist who sees nothing but what the Communists show him. Observation may be minutely accurate and interpretation completely erroneous."
Dr. Fred Schwarz in "You Can Trust The Communists"


The Rev. Father Pedro Arrupe, head of the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, has caused a stir at the Ecumenical Council with his claim that a "Godless society" "holds almost complete sway in international organisations, in financial circles, in the field of mass communications, Press, cinema, radio and television". Press reports state that Father Arrupe's remarks were described as "extreme."
A fellow-Jesuit "indicated he doubted the Jesuit Order as a whole agreed with Father Arrupe's remarks."

We have not the slightest doubt that every effort will be made to smear Father Arrupe, or to "play down" his criticism, because he has in effect charged that the United Nations and its associated international organisations are controlled by a "Godless society".

A study of the history of the United Nations reveals that all attempts to base this international organisation upon any religious or moral principles were defeated. The UN is completely devoid of religious symbols, the "meditation" room having been aptly described as "a nightmarish cross between an ancient pagan temple and a Picasso modern art exhibit."

Societies that ignore the eternal moral truths and attempt to make man his own God inevitably end as tyrannies.


We have previously reported on the long pro-communist record of Mr. Arthur Goldberg, America's Ambassador to the United Nations. It is not surprising, therefore, that Alistair Cooke should report from New York this week
"With reluctance and circumspection the Johnson Administration is beginning to consider a new outlook for American policy towards China ... Despite her place as a huge power and her ambitions to be all-powerful in Asia there is suspicion China is about to receive the full treatment of 'policy review' in the White House." (Vide "The Australian" September 29)
The 'policy review' will be justified on the basis that an increasing number of UN members support the admission of Communist China to the UN.

Mr. Goldberg is clearly billed to attempt to prepare the American public for what is proposed. We have no doubt that Mr. Alistair Cooke's report will be well featured right throughout Asia. It will help to convince Asians still further that Peking is correct is assessing the West as a spent force which constantly retreats in the face of Communist pressure.


Organised crime has as its objective the domination of decent law abiding citizens for the benefit of the organisers. The parallel between the objectives of organised criminal groups and Communism is not coincidental. At the international level they merge. Communism is Gangsterdom triumphant. The rivalry for power leads to gang warfare, which in the political field leads the shallow thinker into assuming a difference in aim; Observe the Moscow-Peking "split".

While the competing gangs should be encouraged to eliminate one another, it would be childish to place ourselves at the disposal of one gang in the hope that such friendly action will convert them to our viewpoint. If someone were to suggest that we deal with crime by setting up a body in which the criminals are given equal or predominant power to arrange the achievement of their objectives by non-violent means, he would be regarded with grave suspicion. If in addition this person were to propose disarming the forces of the law to provide a more even balance with crime, we might be excused for regarding him as a criminal "plant". Politically, the U.S. representative in the UN is such a man.

Bearing in mind that the UN, with the affiliated International Atomic Agency (IAEA), was designed by Western Communist collaborators, and endorsed by the Soviet hierarchy, the views of Mr. Arthur Goldberg at the UN Meeting of September 24 are most significant. After a mild attack on Red China for seeking to "change the world order by force", he voiced no criticism on Soviet Russia, which by force and subversion has already enslaved hundreds of millions of people in furtherance of the same Marxist-Leninist aim as that of Peking. Mr. Goldberg offered instead to transfer large quantities of US nuclear material to IAEA, if Russia was prepared to donate a lesser amount. He further stated that the US, while still insisting on inspection to check on disarmament was "not inflexible" on this issue.

As the international plot develops, the "plants" are becoming more obvious.


Communist infiltration and control of the Waterside Worker's Federation was the subject of an address to the House of Representatives at Canberra on September 23 by the Minister of Labor, the Hon. W. McMahon. Mr. McMahon said that the Federation was being used as an instrument of Communist Party policies. Three of its five fulltime Federal officials: Mr. Docker, industrial officer, Mr. Roach, assistant general secretary, and Mr. Wallington, Federal organiser - were all members of the Communist Party.
In Sydney, the branch executive was under Communist control. In Melbourne, 6 of the 16 branch executives were Communists.

Bearing in mind that crypto-Communists outnumber official party members, and that the Communists boast that 5 percent, of an executive is sufficient to give them control the position in this "key" union is alarming. Another aspect brought forward by Mr. McMahon was the introduction of criminals into the union.

Links between communism and crime are known to mature students of politics, and Mr. McMahon's further comments are of serious importance:
"There were suggestions that men sponsored by waterside workers in some ports who were known to be critical of branch executives were not submitted to the authority, and that in some branches men with records of assault, thieving and receiving were being submitted."

Mr. McMahon said that a check of 990 names submitted recently for recruitment in Melbourne disclosed 260 men with criminal records. In Gladstone 3 out of 12 had criminal records. This is in an industry where pillaging is a serious problem. Some of the men whose names were submitted were actually facing criminal charges when they were nominated by the Federation. Mr. McMahon also disclosed that men who had previously been deregistered were being nominated under false names.
At the present critical time, the Federal Government has adopted a most realistic attitude in attempting to deal with the problem raised by Mr. McMahon.


It is significant that many of those advocating the abolition of the right to appeal to the British Privy Council because it allegedly casts a slur on Australia's independent status, are in favour of setting up an overriding legal body either in the UN or on a Commonwealth basis. The fact that these bodies would have negligible Australian representation, and would be staffed by a large proportion of people either ignorant or contemptuous of the principles of British justice, is apparently not important to these enthusiastic wreckers. Confusion and demagoguery are the instruments, which the world planner uses in place of logic and traditional proven values.


"The New York Times" of September 26 reports a Western European diplomat as likening Russia and the U.S.A. to " a couple at a party holding hands under the table and hoping no one notices." This may be a fresh observation to "The New York Times", but it will be readily accepted by many loyal American public men who have proved both in and outside the various official investigating committees, that the love affair between the State Department and the Soviet Union has been continuous over more than 20 years.
Without the loving care lavished on the Soviet and its expansionist policies, the colossal inefficiency of Communist production would have long since resulted in the defeat of the Communist Empire.

From the time of the enormous economic aid to the Soviet Union before the Second World 'War, and the massive war-time assistance under Lease-Lend (partly exposed by Major Jordan in his "Diaries"), to the present haste to succour our enemies with sufficient food to overcome their agricultural failures, the treacherous pro-Communist element in the US Administrations has enabled the Communist hierarchy to keep enslaved the 1000 million under their yoke.


Introduction of a type of incentive system into the Soviet Union's economy will result in a new wave of propaganda around the world, designed to convince the gullible that the Russian Communists are ''mellowing'' and that ''peaceful co-existence is becoming a solid reality.

Most people are not familiar with the Communists' concept of dialectical progress, of taking steps backward in order to go forward. Early in the twenties Lenin was forced to reintroduce private enterprise under his New Economic Policy (NEP) in order to save the Russian base of the world revolution. But he never said that he had given up the objective of a World Communist State. The present Communist leaders are still wedded to the same objective.

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