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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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8 October 1965. Thought for the Week: "Civilisation can only revive when there shall come into being in a number of individuals a new tone of mind independent of the one prevalent among the crowd and in opposition to it, a tone of mind which will gradually win influence over the collective one, and in the end determine its character".
Dr. Albert Schweitzer


In his address to the Melbourne Anglican Synod this week, the Most Rev. Dr. Frank Woods, Archbishop of Melbourne, fostered the most dangerous of the many fallacies concerning the true nature of Communism, that which postulates that Communism is primarily the product of physical poverty. This is generally known to matured students of Communism as the "empty-belly" theory. His Grace is reported to have said, "Poverty is the seed-bed of Communism". Poverty is, of course, a relative term.

The Australian pioneers did not possess motorcars, refrigerators, washing machines, electric power or other amenities, which today are regarded as essential for a reasonable standard of living. Compared with their descendants, these pioneers lived in poverty. But they did not readily accept revolutionary doctrines aimed at the undermining of the foundations of society. The history of the Communist conspiracy reveals that from the time of Marx, the son of a well-to-do German-Jewish family, and his famous collaborator and financial supporter, Engels, a wealthy "capitalist", down to the present day, the overwhelming majority of the leaders of Communism have never suffered poverty. Even the leaders of the Chinese Communist tyranny are products of the wealthy Chinese merchants class, not of the peasantry.

The great architect of Communist strategy, Lenin, did not teach that the leadership of the Communist movement should be recruited from amongst the waterside workers, but from the student intellectuals of the world. Millions of human beings have known hardships without feeling that this justified traitorous activities against their own nations. One of the leading traitors involved in the Canadian spy trials just after the end of the Second World War, Dr.Raymond Boyer, was one of the wealthiest men in Canada.
Communism is a type of disease, and its so-called philosophy of dialectical materialism makes a powerful appeal to those who reject all religious values, and who see themselves as Gods sufficient unto themselves.

It is a great pity that Archbishop Woods apparently does not understand the real nature of the Communist challenge, the result being that he thinks that Communism can be halted primarily by economics. People suffering real physical hunger, or some injustice, can certainly be manipulated by the Communists. Christian social and economic programmes are important. But this truth should not be permitted to divert attention from the diabolical nature of the Communist conspiracy.


At the time of writing the situation in Indonesia remains confused. All the facts about the attempted coup last week are not known. But it is premature to suggest that there has been any setback to the long-term Communist strategy. It is known that if the Communists cannot take complete control of the central government in Djakarta, they propose to fragment Indonesia.
In recent years the Indonesian Communist Party has been sending thousands of selected members to China for special training in guerilla warfare. Right throughout Indonesia there are well-equipped Communist cadres prepared to take advantage of chaos and confusion. There is little doubt that these cadres are already testing their strength and tactics. But it is extremely unlikely that there will be any immediate attempt to achieve total victory. What is more likely is a state of indefinite civil war, with increasing fighting in the numerous islands, which make up Indonesia.

The West is now paying the price for past policies of appeasement. Only a show of strength by the West can halt the general deterioration in the whole of Asia.


No fair-minded person will doubt the sincerity of Pope Paul's dramatic appeal for peace at UN. It is the duty of the Christian Church's leaders to explore every possibility of helping the cause of peace. And there must be admiration for a Church leader like the Holy Father who says that he is even prepared to go to China to appeal to the Communists for peace. But Pope Paul was badly advised to say "The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace". Well might the Communists at UN applaud the Pope, feeling that his visit would add prestige to what they know to be their most valuable "front" organisation. Anyone doubting this should make a close study of the thoroughly documented book, The Fearful Master, by G. Edward Griffin (price 10/8, post free, available from The Heritage Bookshop, 273 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.).
It is true, as the Pope, says that there must be international co-operation between nations and peoples. But genuine co-operation is impossible with Communist criminals whose every effort is devoted towards enslaving the whole world. True peace will never be possible until the Communist conspiracy is defeated.


By the time this comment reaches our readers, it is probable that a decision will have been made concerning Rhodesia's future. The Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr. Ian Smith, has stated that the current talks with the British Government must be "final and conclusive." He has also made it clear that he favours a unilateral declaration of independence if the British Government refuses an agreement, which ensures that civilised government, continues in Rhodesia.

Mr. Ian Smith is one of the great leaders of our times, a leader of comparatively small group of Europeans who are determined not to become the victims of another Congo. Mr. Ian Smith has had to proceed in the face of vitriolic opposition from the same "world opinion" which pushed British Governments into delivering other African peoples into the hands of criminal and Communist-controlled elements. That South Africa was forced to leave the British Commonwealth, and that Rhodesia may be left with no real alternative but to follow the South African lead, makes loyal British people everywhere sick with realisation of the treason and corruption amongst Western leaders. There are, however, healthy signs that many people in Britain, having had a glimpse of some of the problems associated with the members of races further down the cultural scale, are seeing through the haze of public misinformation and downright lying, which has hindered a calm appraisal of realistic solutions of race relations.

It is a sorry state of affairs if one of the most loyal and uncorrupted members of the British Commonwealth is to be forced out of the association. If this should happen, the shock may precipitate much needed action from their kinsmen in Britain.


The rapid expansion of the Australian League of Rights, and its effective educational and other activities, is resulting in yet another intensive smear campaign against the League. Communist smear techniques, which rely upon non-Communists to carry a false story, were brilliantly outlined by Whittaker Chambers, the top Communist agent who exposed Alger Hiss. Chambers called it the "conveyor-belt" technique. One of the standard Communist smears is to call effective anti-Communists . "Nazis" and "anti-Semites". It doesn't matter whether the person being smeared fought against the Nazis, or may even be a Jew.

Bearing the above comment in mind, let us briefly consider the incredible allegations made at this week's Melbourne Anglican Synod by the Rev. D.J. Pope, who stated that members of the Australian League of Rights "are secretly entering the churches and, through subtle means, are giving the impression that the Jews are trying to seize control of the world."
This story was featured in the Melbourne morning press of October 6. "The Age" carried the sensational headline, ANTI-SEMITISM ACTIVE IN CHURCH - VICAR." There is not one iota of truth in the allegations by Mr. Pope. Why then did Mr. Pope make these allegations?

In order to answer this question it is important to bear in mind Mr. Pope's background. Mr. Pope was last year closely associated with the visit to Australia of the former South African Communist leader, Mr. Solly Sachs. He strenuously attempted to deny the Communist background of Sachs. In correspondence with the League Mr. Pope revealed an appalling ignorance about the famous Rivonia trial in South Africa. This year Mr. Pope attended the Communist-inspired Helsinki Peace Congress. He also visited Moscow. Mr. Pope has shown an increasing interest in pro-Communist activities. As well might be expected, he has made his position clear upon the sending of Australian troops to South Vietnam.
When Mr. Pope was invited to meet Mr. Butler on radio and TV last year for a discussion, he declined to do so. He was, of course, not prepared to support his allegations in public where they could be tested. But in a very sneaky manner, he and those briefing him decided that they could use the Melbourne Synod to spread a filthy smear against the League of Rights and its members.
But Mr. Pope will find that in the battles ahead to save Australia, the truth will prevail. The smearers will find that Australians do not appreciate their gutter tactics.

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